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quality thread
can anyone convert that to something like this

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What would you do if you saw someone wearing vaporwave clothing in public?
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I would try my best to avoid eye contact with them.
id kms

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It was my birthday today.

My father took me to a gathering at an archery club nearby that he runs. They have around 500 members, however only around 40 showed up to this gathering.

"Dress appropriately." he said.

When we got there he introduced me to people I had not met before. I had met many of these people prior and they were all kind to me. They liked my father and liked me as well.

I study at the highly esteemed school here in Canada. A member of the club, a female two years younger than I, studies there too.

She was wearing our universities sweater, poorly fitting maroon sweatpants, and her hair in a bun. She looked like shit but I was immediately infatuated.

"It is my son's birthday today."
"Happy birthday."
"Thank you."

My dad walked off and left us to talk.

"You don't actually wear those to look good, do you?" She asked me.

"Wear what?"

"Those boots. And that sweater. Are you kidding me? Are you a retard?"

"I am not a retard. We go to the same school."

"You dress like shit."

I was so mad. I put a lot of effort into my attire today for two reasons. One, it was my birthday and two, I wanted to look good for my fathers friends.

She grabbed her bow and quiver and walked to her car. I began to think of a lot of mean things to say to her but she drove away quick.

Was she right in telling me I look like shit? It was an outdoor event so I dressed appropriately.
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You should have got mad at her, sounds hot
Yeah those boots aren't good for the outfit, neither is a sweater with shouts.
You type like you're autistic. You dressed like you're autistic. Do you talk like you're autistic?

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ID on these jeans?
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jeans by pants

Pissed Jeans
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cut it out with the shitposts

different angle if this helps

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How to stop caring about what people think? I'm terrified of buying clothes because of dozens of specific insecurities and I'm tired of living like this. What do you recommend? And if you don't want to answer that, which would be 100% understandable, just post shit you like? Recommended websites besides Grailed? Inspo? Anything you want?
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Being insecure is effay

Just remember to wear full Rick to church

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this is going to be the summer of ponchos
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even goth ninjas can join

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is there any type of vehicle more /fa/ than late 80s/90s japanese streetbikes? The color patterns on them are miles ahead of the color patterns on bikes today. Their designs were nicer too, they feel like they have more character than bikes do today, if that makes any sense, not to say modern street bikes look bad, but it just seems like they've lost something they used to have.
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can we get a white/beige inspo thread going on? preferably military inspired fits or some shit like starwars, I guess
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>inb4 there's already a military thread
didn't say strictly military but it's preferable, anything anyone has with white/beige colors pls
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What designers are you really into right now?
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JW Anderson
Jil Sander
Raf Simons
Dries Van Noten
Helmut Lang
Top Man
Cotton On

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are these meme shoes?
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Stupid fucking heel is very uncomfortable. Why can't they make em flat?
They're good shoes desu. More comfy than flyknit and gel lyte

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I've been lurking this board forever, I mostly hang out over at POL.

Call me newfag or whatever, but I never have anything to say here even though I work heavily in the fashion industry. People don't talk about trends, they don't predict trends, they don't talk about what is selling right now, they don't talk about new designers, and they don't talk about how large portions of the fashion industry works. It feels like mostly, general tips I agree with to dress well and a lot of russian hate / hot girls. Both those things are alright, but I'd love to actually talk about /fa
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lmao dudde
i have no clue what you are trying to say
this doesnt make sense at all
Sorry if I was unclear.

I mean to say, this board doesn't seem to be about fashion at all, besides the most broad watered down sense.

Is there some overarching joke here I don't understand?

Or is this just about posting our thin girlfriends and the same jokes as all the other boards?

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Hey FA

Ausfag here looking at getting an automatic watch.

Initially I wanted the Junkers 606 but found out the miyota movement was horrible and made noise constantly. The Junghans Max Bill is still a very viable option just dont know where to get on retail here.

Another watch that has been recommended and I believe is actually really nice is the Tissot Visodate. What do you guys think of this watch? Any experiences with it? Any alternatives? I would also be interested in a good quality diver or chrono - anything under $1,000 AUD.

Appreciate the help!
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for the price the ETA movement is good i guess..
whats their price range>?
Daniel wellington, automatic is dead m8 they need to be wound up, mantience, cost more and and are more fragile

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Where can i get real Lacoste polos cheap?
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does /fa/ hate these?
They look shit quality
what polos are best?

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What the fuck is that ultra boost ripoff? Disgusting.
No. Why would you say that? Are you a nike shill?

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so i just got the offer to trade my only worn once stans for these brand new sambas. should i do it?
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why not
but aren't sambas a lot cheaper though

sambas go on sale a lot, stans dont
i think theyre like 5 dollars cheaper.

but honestly i dont wanna sound like a hipster or whatever but every asian girl an her mom and brother has stans. i think id rather wear sambas anyway

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