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Post big cartel/ small stores you like

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who is this seed force feed?

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How the fuck do you wear Common Projects, Acne Adrian or Stan Smith BAREFOOT without getting blisters? How? Are some people just blessed or what the fuck is going on? Me wearing Common Projects for 10 minutes and my feet look like I climbed the fucking Kilimanjaro. Fuck.
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Try no show socks dude
I wear mine with Ninja Sox. They work really well.

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Bought this Tommy Hilfiger jacket for 5 bucks and the sleeves are kinda messed up. Is there a way to repair this?
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Other sleeve.
keep them like that
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There is also a lot of this from the velcro scratching the material.

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Never really seen one of these around. (For good reason) But each of us need an arsenal to make fun of each other with. So plz contribute so that we may burn you later on.
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Cn u Fasin.jpg
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2014 Palewaver.png
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Bum boy.png
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http://imgur.com/a/qr3GF just leaving this here

what the fuck
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this is just as much a shit post as the ones in your screen shot.
>not filtering 'effay'
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Going to London in 2 days and want some recomendations. Plan was to stay away from tourist traps and concentrate more on night life and lesser shopping. Already checked RA, but events that are happening are countless. Looking for more of personal input if you like.
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Thanks, but I want /fa/'s opinion as well.

What does /fa/ think of Toms? I need something comfy to wear around the office, but I feel like these would look weird on someone with size 13 feet.
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They're trash.
I only see basic white bitches at Starbucks wearing them

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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Summer Goals Edition

Last Thread: >>11358422

FAQ: **NEW**

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>love lizzie and her llamas
>make america thin again

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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helo fwends daly remindar to stay hidhratted tank bye luv u
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Does anyone else here have a redbubble shop? Post links and pics
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I have a Society 6. Is Redbubble better?
I used mine once like months ago as a joke
How is the quality of their shirts?

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Thoughts on skinny guys in tank tops?
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They can't pull them off unless they're gay bottoms and own it.
you're fat
Fat people also can't pull off tank tops.

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Looking for a formal backpack that goes with office wear.

Is this /fa/ enough?
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"formal backpack"

Get a fucking briefcase you cuck
was about to post this.

step one: get a yellow kanken
step two: get it a bit dirty
step three: profit

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Aka post your snapchat to have random guys add you
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no homo
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Just went trespassing hmu.
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check meowt

What's the next big hair trend, /fa/?
Protip: [spoiler]It won't be buzzcut because it relies purely on facial aesthetics and a well formed skull to look good. Many people aren't able to pull that off.[/spoiler]
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>it relies purely on facial aesthetics and a well formed skull to look good. Many people aren't able to pull that off.

so like literally any other haircut?

nothing looks good on an ugly face or misshapen skull
longer hair can cover some flaws, especially forehead
doesn't matter one bit if the rest is ugly

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Is the American Apparel aesthetic still /fa/?
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bump it
The question is who cares.
was it ever?

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whats bad about wearing replicas?

A good fake Rolex is still a $1000 watch. You'd have to be staring at it a foot away to know, and the really good ones you'd have to be a jeweler to know and it would be by the movement only or the hard pieces to make like a 120 click bezel.

If it's for style.. then why does the quality matter.

I'd never buy replica speedmaster, but I still want one with a pepsi bezel.. the movement is the only complicated piece of engineering in a watch. Any good cnc machine could do the rest. And a good 3d printer can print the dial mold. If I don't care about the movement what difference does it make.
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most people don't give a fuck as long as you don't act like hot shit and pretend its real.
Nothing. Just don't lie and say it's real. People on forums will go on about how you shouldn't buy replicas, but almost no one irl will give two shits.
Its easy to spot its fake because the rest of your outfit will look cheap compared to your multi thousand dollar watch

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