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My hair is a lot like the style on the left, perhaps a little too long at the back but I'm going in for a haircut tomorrow anyway. How do I style like that on the right whilst keeping my hair like it is on the left?
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fuck wrong picture lol
lmao do you not preview the pictures before you post? Also I'm going to guess those two pics are from different times because of the drastic difference. p.s. that hairstyle is fucking gay(right one)
Hahaha I forgot I just saved the Duriel321 pic so I was certain the most recent one was that hair pic -
Hm thats a good point I guess, idk I like it, I just wanna be able to slick it back and style it at the front at other times too

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hey guys, /tv/ here. someone mentioned the sweater that best girl here is wearing. what can you tell me about it?

do you think she dresses better in the show or in real life?
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comme de garcon, probably 3 seasons old.
You can fuck off back to your /pol/ sub-board now.
Comme des Fuckdown by Rei Ayanami.

Super rare, very stylish.

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ITT: ugly shoes that you like
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ITT: Really awful, irredeemable opinions get flaunted like it's acceptable.
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What does your style say about you? Does your military inspired clothing show off that you are manly and honourable? Or are you just a huge poser like everyone on /fa/ and in the prep general?
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I literally wear Straight-fit jeans, all black sneakers, and a solid color v-neck

it says I am a heterosexual male that doesn't want to look edgy?
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this is my outfit, it says i am a clown because i have big feet :^)
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That I like colour? That I'm 'matchy-matchy'?

I surely doesn't tell you that I like comics and old school hip hop.

Style only tells you so much.

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post effay anime characters
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kill urself my man
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Are these any good?
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pretty standard
that fucking vans logo is hella gay

w2c this shirt or something really similar? you can get a better look at this in this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs8RVDoErNs appreciate the help

this can also be random small questions thread, feel free to ask whatever

btw similar shirts are called revere collar, bowling shirt, hawaiian shirt etc whatever, i already know. i want to find that exact one or something almost the same
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you can find one like pic at Uniqlo x Lemaire, but not same color
nah the only sizes they have are too small, i'd need at least xl for it to look that voluminous
also seersucker is too rigid, it needs to be rayon or something
please assist

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It's not fear, it's fuck ass little fuccboiis shittin' this board with every-day basic question instead of contributing new ideas and critical thinking.
budget vetements
i like it
I like you.

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My eyes are a really dark brown, almost black.
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depends, if youre caucasian maybe
Unless your very pale naw. It's actually like the worst eye color. You thought of implants? Also hazel masterace reporting in.

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My air force ones smell like dick and are scratched to shit. Is there anyway to save them cause they're my favorite beaters?
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pic isn't me before you call me a retarded mong who can't zip up his fly
you can toss them into the dumpster
get some paint to put on em. idk if you need some special kind of paint/primer deal, thats all you can do about the scratches, as for the smell, leave em for a few days to dry out completely and then spray some shit on them. ive read on the internet that vodka with lemon in it is good for that but ive never wasted any vodka finding out.

Russian streetwear thread?
Russian streetwear thread!

>Gosha Rubchinskiy

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Copped these boots today, what kind of pants should they fit with? (Not punk/skin core pls, something rather casual)
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maybe the pants that were made for them
Good idea but I'd like to tuck the pants in the boots themselves.
or slim cargos...

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Old one dead, time for a new one.
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this is what happens when retards don't put the word "WAYWT" in the OP, fs
Lets start a new one anyway, last one is full of b8

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ITT: we post clothing we diyd and rate.

I'll start with this jacket I made out of a pair of old jeans, the jacket and a patch.
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Made these yesterday
Nice, these actually look wearable.
How? bleach?

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>Nike still trying to be relevant in fashion

just stick to runners kek. shia boots look much better than this crap
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File: nike-air-carnivore-1993.jpg (41KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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dont sleep on nike
Those would probably be pretty neat for lunarcore desu lol

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