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daily reminder that qasas and dooms are the GOAT sneakers and there's nothing you can do about it :>)
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honestly the ugliest shoes ive ever seen
Those shoes are ugly as hell. Who wears that for the love of God?
looks like a dragon pussy famalam

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post embroidered pieces - caps, hoodies, tees etc.

I'll start.
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Everything itt looks dope so far, good taste op.
Looks good but too edgy for anyone over 21

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Recently got my hair cut and a friend of mine wanted me to post this in here. Personally, I feel like the jewfro was better. Opinions?
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You look like a massive faggot either way.
The longer hair would look really nice if you took better care of it, it looks like you were washing it too much.Your new haircut is fine but it's also pretty boring.
I wash my hair daily. Not sure what led to it looking like I didn't. Any ideas?

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Rate my fit mfa
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Nicolas Lopez tier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5pLRG7Jnv4

is that full rick

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Can someone explain to me why low rise is the norm for men's jeans/pants? What's the advantage?

If you want to tuck in, you need high rise pants. If you don't tuck in, it doesn't make a difference because nobody can see them. So why?
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It first started as a trend in womenswear. With slut culture, women wanted clothes that were more sexually provocative, showing bits of their underwear (or pubes or butt crack if they weren't wearing any) etc
Then the feminization of men started and the plague spread to menswear, leading to where we are today.

Low waist pants are purely a product of society's growing degeneracy
citation needed
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One of these threads
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dadcore party.png
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Anyone got any of them Techwear and Streetwear?

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What type of jeans, underwear/lingerie and swimwear would you recommend and why?
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Panties and thongs preferably
>Panties and thongs preferably

Why panties and things?

Sorry: why panties and thongs?

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So /fa/ Do you know of any video games where you can be fashionable, or vidya characters that are effay?
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the two are mutually exclusive
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self bump of shame
The new update looks pretty cool

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Where/what do you guys do on your first date with a qt?
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take her to your local techno dungeon and offer her some pills and a line of ket
typically food or drinks
have also gone for a hike

dont take my advice though, i suck with women
Bowling is pretty sweet. My city has this pretty nice one w/ a bar and decent food. The better the ally the more expensive. I paid like $100 for an hour or two

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What do you call a tank top like this that is low cut around the arm?
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gaynigger tanks
faggot tops
Fucked up t-shirts.

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Hey guys, what did you wear for High School? Advice?
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jeans and a tshirt, dressing different, as in a /fa/ggot, meant i would get bullied or teased
get a supreme or gosha tee, decent pants, and some meme adidas shoe
Look as basic as possible. Buy good and simple clothes, do not buy things you think are cool or wick3d. Supreme is a meme.

Focus on developing your personality, social skills, and take good care of your body (exercise and maintain low body fat) and SKIN. Visit reddit's /r/skincareaddiction if you have acne or whatever.

This is honestly what I wish I would have told myself as a freshman. Be good anon

This man is underrated on this sub.
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Where can I get good trucker jackets ?
The Light Levis Trucker jacket is nowhere to be found, are they even made anymore ?

Should I settle for another color ? I'm not even sure it would be useful
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Vintage lang on grailed
LVC, APC, Rag & Bone, AllSaints to a lesser extent
I bought one similar from the gap

I guess this is the most appropriate place to ask this.

I get clogged sebum glands often so I want to change that so my skin looks better. Here's what I plan on doing every few days, please provide notes:

- shower, use bar soap on face to get rid of all oil
- hot water on face directly before exiting shower
- right after shower, apply pore strip to nose
- right after removing pore strip, apply mud mask to face
- remove mask and wash face with water
- apply astringent to face
- use noncomedogenic moisturizer on face
- done

Anything else I can throw in there?
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You do realize when you end up doing skin care routines that are Patrick Bateman-tier, you end up either doing a lot of redundant shit or sometimes make things worse, right?
File: Jutkukonna.jpg (11KB, 206x240px)Image search: [Google]
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The only thing that legit does this is isotretinoin (Accutane).

true that it would stop oil production, I have good skin otherwise though so I wouldn't fuck with it. I don't break out at all, just have clogged pores

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All hail your old tripfag masters
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You're getting better
this kid has legitimate autism
how do you know hes not just a weirdo?

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