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ITT opensource effay advice/prompts/guidance

That's pretty much it

Here's what I have so far (it's just banter from around the place, not necessarily rules) -

0. The entire purpose of dressing well is to give positive impressions to others, and to leave them with connotations about you that incentivises them to want your company. Aside from aesthetics, appearing well-dressed also tells people that you have good judgement, contemplate yourself in a social sense, and are motivated. This rule, Rule 0, should be at the center of your entire fashion taste.

1. keep an inspo folder

2. if it's an eyesore to you, it's an eyesore to everyone

3. if it's a meme, don't wear it. On that note, don't bring any meme into real life in any way, ever

4. people can tell from appearance when jeans fit you horribly (too slack etc.) and this makes them instantly not effay

5. flannels are nearly always not effay, especially if they have busy colours

6. navy blue denim becomes lighter blue over time and this reflects age; it will start to show in photographs

7. don't be a walking advertisement.

8. "You can wear whatever the fuck you want but if you want to look like shit and call it self expression it's up to you"
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just b yurself
This is all bullshit btw, except 7.
9. Don't try to dress cool if you're not cool

10. No one on this board is cool

Is it acceptable to wear a belt a different width than the belt loops?
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>is it acceptable
here's the answer to every question like this: if you have to ask, the answer is no you can't pull it off
posting while PROUDLY wearing socks & sandals
No and having mismatching widths looks bad when you sit down.
Of course it's alright, your thinking way way too much

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Is it /fa/ to wear your wrist watch inside your wrist?
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Personally I think it´s cute when girls do it.
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idk heaps of tumblerinos did it after matt smith did it on dr who

personally i think it looks cool tho

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No you keep them clean
>keeping $100 shoes, if that, clean
too chunky looking to blend in with a lot of fits depends on what you wear i guess.

Where I can find this exact shirt? I like these little stars all around the dark colored shirt, but I've never seen something similar in the local shops. What brand it is?
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>Wearing that shirt.
>Using pic related as inspo.

I don't like his haircut, I just like his shirt. It isn't an inspo.
That's a male? That's a human being with testicles producing testosterone? That's a gerber baby looking bitch

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Has anyone ordered from Hi Fi FNK in the US before? What's shipping like? Did you get hit with a duty fee or anything?
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Kill yourself you retarded egg
Stop shilling this garbage
The shipping is complete rape, IIRC its 50 dollars. Not worth it.

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idk why but i love beaten up shoes, anyone got any inspo?
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Me too anon. These are my favorite kicks, lost them to dried rubber soles :(
File: IMAG0443.jpg (3MB, 3024x5376px)Image search: [Google]
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Rest in piss
File: IMAG0445.jpg (4MB, 5376x3024px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 5376x3024px

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What does /fa/ think of this
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I like it but I'd rather cop something a little less normie-core like prAna or patagonia
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kill yourself you fucking gay nerd

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Running Gear.jpg
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What gear is the one depicted in this image inspired/derived from?
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Gyakusou, the collab between Undercover and NikeLab.
unrelated, but is there one for julius?
Thanks for the quick and informative reply anon, do you know anywhere I can cop?

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is there effay vidya clothing?
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Don't have image but Mass Effect jackets were sold at one point.
Other than that, pretty much nothing, graphic tees are garbage.
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s-l1600 (1).jpg
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this desu

all playstation merch is sick af

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Do you guys Tuck in your t shirts?
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yes - proportions look better esp with jacket
+gf digs it
don't do a clean tuck though, looks goofy af
scrunch it up and into front left/right so the back doesn't droop eh
only with high waisted pants

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if /fa/ existed back in 2007 what would it be like
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fyi just 90s jpg
I'm cringing at both OP's pic and OP's attitude. If we're going to be cringing at anything from today it's niggercore shit like what Migos wears, not Rick Owens (except for the balls thing).
>that necklace
>those glasses
>that fucking hat
The shirt isn't bad to give you credit

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It's been a while since the last thread.

Let's post any questions you may have about the Achilles Low or any other shoe by Common Projects.

Post inspo and fits if you have any.
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Those pink Common Projects are the blush color 2015, right? They are fucking nice.

Anyone have pictures of pink sneakers and what to wear with them? I'm thinking black jeans and white tee/dark blue shirt.

How do I not look like a fag if I decide to cop a pair?
avery did a video with them

even though he's annoying some of his fits are decent
I'm a poorfag college student and I need a non-shit alternative to the achilles low for the summer until I can get the money for a legit pair.


/JDG/ is a place to discuss general Japanese designer fashion from designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe (Comme des Garcons), Issey Miyake, Takahiro Miyashita (TheSoloist and Number (N)ine), Jun Takahashi (Undercover), Chitose Abe (Sacai), and such. Note that we do not allow discussion of Y3 and CdG Play as this is a fuccboi-free zone.

This thread is for discussing japanese designers and their work not the moral repercussions of people reselling clothes on the internet save that shit for another thread
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>Where can I view japanese designers works?
It generally depends for different designers but the big three (Yohji, Rei, Issey) have a substantial archive at firstview.com, and catwalkpictures which is a paid archive has it's entire photo archive on europeana.eu (just takes a bit of savy searching to find) for more recent shows, NowFashion and Vogue has them.

>How do Japanese designers size?
For pants, japanese designers generally have a size range. It's size 28-30 for S or 2, 30-32 for M or 3, and 32-34 for L or 4. When going for pants, pick the size whose upper bound is closest to your actual size in US. For example, if you are a size 30, get S and not M.

For tops, its 1 for XS, 2 for S, 3 for M, 4 for L, and 5 for XL. Note that shirts tend to have slimmer cuts and are shorter in both sleeve length and body length.

For shoes, it's based on cm 28 = us10 or aprox. 28cm

As always when buying online, ask the seller for measurements. Also note that different brands size a bit differently but most follow common industry standards. As Japan doesn't use Freedom Units, they measure in centimeters.

Also, Japanese designers tend to cut smaller being, you know, Japanese.

ZenMarket has a rough guide here: http://zenmarket.jp/sizetable.aspx

>Where can I buy these?
Generally, its recommended to buy items directly from Japan via a proxy as they are much cheaper there (excluding shipping fees) and release exclusive stuff there. Yahoo JP and Rakuten are for this

If you are from the US, SSENSE has a good collection of these brands excluding TheSoloist. Other stores are Farfetch, Totokaelo, and La Garconne.

>How can I learn more about these brands?
Buy books, ask around the general, and lurk other fashion forums, Better yet, learn to read in Japanese. Some brands with an extensive history such as CDG require heaps of reading time and others which are heavily focused on Japan

>What are the lines of CDG?
CDG has two main lines - the ones designed by Rei and the ones by Junya. Wikipedia has a good reference for each lines: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comme_des_Gar%C3%A7ons#Comme_des_Gar.C3.A7ons_lines

An important note is that for Junya, if it doesn't say Junya Watanabe MAN, it's for women.

>How does CDG size?
CDG mainline menswear generally skews oversized in its fit. It's pants can have a looser seat area compared to other pants and tends to cut with very little taper. However, being a brand with a huge history, CDG sizing is really inconsistent so it would be best to ask the seller for measurements or try it on in person.

>How can I learn more about CDG?
Nobody actually knows anything about CDG other than Rei herself. The brand is massive. Good thing however, there is no shortage of resources on Rei despite her being a recluse in terms on interviews. Dozens of books have been written about her so go check those out on Amazon.

See the Yohji Yamamoto write up on StyleForum: http://www.styleforum.net/t/280641/yohji-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-looser-fit-yohji-yamamoto-thread
>What are the lines of Issey Miyake?
Issey Miyake's main line is Issey Miyake Men and Issey Miyake (Womenswear). They offer the stuff you see in runway shows. His other lines are Pleats Please which is a womenswear line that focuses on his innovations in pleating, Homme Plisse which is a similar to Pleats Please but for men and uses cutting-edge waterproof fabrics, HaaT offers classic Issey Miyake garments which are generally oversized, me Issey Miyake focuses on prints, Bao Bao Issey Miyake focuses on accessories such as bags with a geometric tile pattern, IN-EI Issey Miyake focuses on computer-generated garments that can be folded like an origami, and Reality Lab Issey Miyake is the brand all of Issey Miyake falls under. there are also a number of defunct lines that we will not touch on in this sticky

Technological innovation is a recurrent theme throughout Issey's work so no wonder all of his lines are focused on it.

Their official website has a great page on the history of the brand and their lines here: http://www.isseymiyake.com/en/corporate/history.html

>How does Issey Miyake size?
1-5 numerical sizing, for sweaters everyone can fit a size 3,
2 in outerwear is supposed to be a small-medium but tends to fit like a 48 mroe than it does a 46
as for everything else ask the seller for measurements

>How can I learn more about Issey Miyake specifically?
Two books I would recommend are the books about Issey Miyake and Irving Penn and the book Issey Miyake by Taschen. You can buy both for less than $100 in Amazon. FirstView has a good archive on him and YouTube has a couple of old shows of his as well as a documentary on him.

Where do I start with Gronkcore?
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I know I need to get fucking huge first
Gotta eat big to get big
File: gronk-gq-0616-05.jpg (468KB, 1600x1207px)Image search: [Google]
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I am jealous of his perfectly hairless body

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