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Is it possible to be white and wear pic related?
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>Wearing symbolism without being aware of connotation or elite meaning.
>being white
>degrading yourself to shitty ovo shit
Only if you're an upper middle class Jewish guy who thinks that shit is dope, yo.

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I have a shoot on Wednesday where I have to bring my own clothes.

It's 'street' style, whatever that means. Any edgy/ya/h&m core fits ?
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can fat people be /fa/?

i see allot of threads on skinny people here but none on fat people, why is that?
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typically anything that looks good on a fat person looks much better on a thing person

except for high test thicc chicks
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stop posting.

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/fa/ I have really long legs and a short waist so whenever I tuck in my shirt it looks really fucking weird. wat do?
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Basically me on left
Get skinny and rock SLP maybe
Don't tuck your shirt in.

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Hello fa you can try all you want but you will never be this effay
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are you a girl? if so be my gf please
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Naturally effay what can I say

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Shoe collection rate?
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Would you happen to have a complexion that is not that of a Caucasian?
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I've long been an observer of various trends in fashion but none
have had the same sway across various industries that streetwear does.

I think streetwear is great, it incorporates functional clothing
and I think of it more as a style that incorporates various others
and works them into the streetwear name which allows for various
subsets of streetwear.

The problem, I think, comes from the fact that there are too many
well-established hypebeast brands which over genericize streetwear as whole
by being the "go-to" brands while not featuring much, if any, deviation from
any of their looks. In my opinion, this is only one of the problems plaguing streetwear
and preventing it from being taken seriously on any level that matters.

Another issue is the demographic. Many streetwear fans typically follow trends
and that means following what everyone else is buying (see above paragraph) which
prevents people from experimenting with different types of fits within streetwear.
A related issue is the over-classification of styles and trends. Nowadays you can't
deviate too much from one style with any number of statement pieces or otherwise without
your fit being recognized as belonging to anything other than streetwear.

How do you think, if you think it's possible at all, we could reinvigorate streetwear as a whole
and make it more respectable and creative?
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Bump for non-b8 content

first define what streetwear is
>the three bars on the bag
>Sacred geometry socks
>Father's name for daughter, mother's name for son

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Last one hit limit
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Hello from /tv/.
Why do you always post the same outfit and why do you post everyday? I saw this same thread on /b/ and it 404'd quickly
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Tell what you want, but Iphone 4 is still most effay Iphone.

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>Guys wearing skinny fit pants
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>caring about what others are wearing
Get lost fatass
>his wardrobe doesn't consist of many different cuts of pants
wew, top pleb

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Oldfag here, popping in for the first time since 2010. What is the best casual way for someone who's 30 to dress? Nigga can't wear suits 24/7, and business casual hasn't been fashionable since I was regularly on here six years ago. Is something like pic related doable at such an age?
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I'd say ripped jeans are for people in their 20's or around 16
yeah, that's the part I'd negate from it. What about otherwise?

Dump your saint laurent aesthetic inspo, discuss slp and similar brands with a rocker aesthetic and post your fits.
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I dont particularly like this but it has a strange appeal. What do you guys think?
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sorry for bad quality but am I thin enough to pull this off?
>inb4 messy room bc its a friends room
daily reminder hedi is the biggest hack of them all and you are just buying upmarked vintage clothing for people too lazy and uncreative to search for their own
this look he has created is straight out of 70s rockstar photos because he is too much of a hack to come up with something original so instead needs to repopularize an already done, preconcieved style through intense marketing and rebranding too clueless faux-fashionistas
supporting this brand highlights your lack of personality and individuality, these clothes are safe, bland and highly appealing to those who are too afraid to push the boundaries, which is why this stuff is flying off the shelves

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So I recently saw that the developers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games had a prototype line of clothing designed, inspired by the games.

Now what caught my interest is that the designs weren't typical cosplay neck beard shit, but actually looked pretty awesome (depending on what you're into).

A quick look on their site (stalker - shop dot com) showed that everything is out of stock, or otherwise unavailable.

So my question is, is there somewhere (designer, shop, brand etc) to find similar designs or styles? I'm not sure what to look for and thought you guys would be the best to ask
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do not wear this stuff if you want to be taken seriously by literally anyone
>So I recently saw that the developers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games had a prototype line of clothing designed
anon it is one thing if you live in donbas and have to fight paramilitary groups and mercenaries for your daily bread and a totaly different one if you drive to chucky cheese for your daily portion of lard.
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Copped one of these in grey from Austrian surplus recently

Was Bowie efay
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2011 fa
>never wear black shoes, brown is more versatile. you don't want to look waitercore. the 90s are over, faggot

2016 fa
>never wear brown shoes, black is more versatile. you don't want to look reddit.

what changed?
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Are you fucking stupid? The board culture and fashion as a whole changed nobody wears brown shoes anymore
literally who said this
you understand fashion works in trends?

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What's this type of jacket called and where can I get one similar?
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Also what type of shoes would go well with it?
probably burberry or something. lots of the bond gear is burberry of other high level english fashion brand clothing.

as for shoes, i dunno dpeends on the rest of your fit.
Is there a specific name for not having a cuff around the bottom edge?

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