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What color shirts (besides white) would match this hoodie?
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depends on your skin color desu
ghostly pale cracker ass
I think it might look alright with any palewave color then, baby blue or light pink

Or you could try black shirt/jeans maybe? Like a monochrome thing

Sweatshirts like that always remind me of lazy college students, I'd try to wear something on top of it if I had to like a raincoat or a sweater

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my kit.jpg
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Is my style /fa/? I recently forked out about $300 for this outfit (and extra $250 for the jacket below) and wanted your opinions about if it was worth it. Thanks in advance guys, you've given me some good tips so far.
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my kit 2.jpg
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Here is the jacket.
Jesus H Christ
pants looks terrible and the fit emphasize your frankly pudgy face
jacket is fine except that the sleeve is a tad bit long also the shoes looks woefully elongated

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Where 2 shop in London? I want to buy some thin rounded steel frames and some nice basics. Are there any thrift shops that sell old designer stuff?

Also looking to cop some basic chinos for summer because jeans are fucking killing me.
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bumpi rumpi
camden markets lad
tell me a single place in Camden market that isn't shite
Brick Lane area + Old Truman Brewery are worth a look. Favourite shop of that type is Blitz

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Im a size 30 in most jeans (levis, weekday, cheap monday, uniqlo, nudie) got myself a naked and famouse size 30 skinny guy i cant even put the jeans past my crotch. wtf am i doing wrong?
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lot of makers lie about the actual measurements to make the buyers feel better
>wtf am i doing wrong.
being skinny
Are they raw?

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how do you think guys is the right way to to wear nba jersey and looks fashion not a nigga , and what is the most effay team jersey?
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God those jeans
at most you got to be light skin or you'll look like riff raff

probably just the nigger in me but isnt drop crotch based off of sagging? to me while the pants look crazy could see the proportion being cool in a different outfit

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What would you wear if you were the opposite gender?
I would wear this:
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Dark colors and oversized clothes, and men's shoes

cringe as it may be I might even try to pull off the goth look for a while
The same exact clothes since they're unisex, and really tight fitting, except for a long skirt.
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Sadgirl tumblr shit I guess. I'd probably try and whore myself out on IG too desu.

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Tell me about: American heritage brands

Pic related; Red Wing Iron Rangers
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red wings are really overrated and at this point coast on their brand name more than anything else

sure, they'll last a while if you take care of them, but 90% of them are ugly as fuck
well made, decent boots. I get a lot of (you)'s from normies when I wear them. worth a cop if you like the look, they'll easily last you a decade
No, I'm asking about "American heritage brands" in general. Red Wings is an example of one particular brand! I'm sorry that I didn't make it clearer!

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/fa/ what are your fave effay youtube waifus? heres mine
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every tumblr girl at my school
but they cute desu
>>Don't ever wear fake hats. Especially if it's a fake Gianni Mora hat. That's a double fashion cringe


Gonna cop some New Balance 574s, best colorway or nah? First sneaker I'm getting, really getting into sneakers.
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You should've bought them a year ago senpai.
Bump, I need some good colorways.

Yeah, probably. Is getting NBs worth it now or should I get something else? I really want a good sneaker that sort of goes with everything.

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What sites are having ss16 sales right now?
>Mr porter
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Mr Porter isn't having any sales rn
The only sales on farfetch is the left over shit they've had from last sale which has been there all year
I know ln-cc and the corner are having sales though

File: Royale-Court-Dust-Product-02b.jpg (30KB, 700x470px)Image search: [Google]
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hightop shoes, boots included and w2c
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Someone post the y 3 white hi tops
File: 1388625270603.jpg (314KB, 1280x853px)Image search: [Google]
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I got you senpai

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What are some cheaper alternatives to American Apparel? I just can't afford $56 for a 5-pack of underwears.
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I thought American Apparel was already pretty darn cheap?

But ok, I guess Costco has some pretty good prices for Calvin Klein underwear.
>I thought American Apparel was already pretty darn cheap?

It is if you get a paycheck rather than an allowance.

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I'm looking for a pair of pants like those in the picture, Also the same style of stockings would be nice but i've already found a few kinda similar. It's the panties that i really want so if you could link me to some sites with a similar style or give me some names to search for that would be great thx
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you have a penis, don't you.
it's called muh dick core or whorecore
my dick!!!!!! wow!!!!

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Post /fa/ cargo pants, preferably slim/skinny fit
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is it possible to tailor cargo pants that are loose fitting? it seems like a dumb question but i'd rather cope with that here than in front of a professional.
File: cargos.png (497KB, 500x866px)Image search: [Google]
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Bump, I'm looking for a good pair of like tapered cargo joggers -
are you retarded? why would it not be possible

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summer rick owens style 0.jpg
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If you saw me wear skinny fit pants day after day, and suddenly I wore some extra baggy pants would it be in bad taste?
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if i ate an apple day after day and suddenly i ate a banana would it be in bad taste?

if i had to ask the internet for approval on every one of my actions and suddenly i thought for myself for once would it be in bad taste?
changing your personal style is not relative to what is in good or bad taste. you should instead ask if you can pull off both skinny and baggy pants and if what youre wearing looks good and fits you.
No one would probably care desu baka senpai.

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