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Are bandana's effay?
Do I pull it off?
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god damn indians not rotating the god damn pictures the right god damn way, swear to god
File: ss+(2016-05-01+at+01.26.10).jpg (71KB, 594x589px)Image search: [Google]
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like this
File: donnie wahlberg bandana.jpg (39KB, 615x409px)Image search: [Google]
donnie wahlberg bandana.jpg
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is wrapping it around your whole skull acceptable?

>tfw you'll never dance to New Wave during the 80s with effay 80s people

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Why did you create this thread, retard?
>Hurr durr sick jewtub vid chek it aut itz sooo efffay gulp
I'm bored. And why should I care what you think ? I'm anonymous, you're anonymous.
damn dude let the guy live, maybe you'll find something new you closed up butthurt retard

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How often do you guys replace your socks? My friend today acted like I was nuts because I throw them away 4 wears. He said he keeps them until they have holes...
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are you retarded by any chance
I have 5 pairs of socks, 3 ankle 1 dress 1 no show

They're all wool and I wash them maybe once a month
Do you wash your feet?

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What's an effay gift I could get my high school friend? His birthday is this weekend and I don't know what to get him
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a bj
two bjs and a rim job

How does /fa/ feel about Southern Gothic fashion?
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white hipsters being white hipsters

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how ahead of trends are you in your opinion? do you pick up on shit months before /fa/ like me, or do you find yourself into things after they've been memed online for some time?
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I don't pay attention to trends
I don't care if what I wear happens to be trending
Wtf is the origin of this image? I keep seeing it.
>i wear whatever is the current popular aesthetic but pretend I'm not easily influenced

what are your favourite jeans?
i want to get some new jeans and i'm interested what styles/brands you've found work the best
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Right now my favorite are my olive and navy 513s
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cheap monday skinny spray are amazing
not too tight in the thighs, flattering in the calves and the material is really good
>tfw most of my jeans don't fit me anymore after losing a couple of inches off my waist over the last few months of going to the gym
Levis 501 ct is GOAT btw
I hate low rise jeans. So many times I've tried on jeans that would be perfect other than the fact they have no dick room and sit too low

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What are the best basic tees/sweatshirts for poorfags?
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kirkland white tees aren't bad if you're not looking for a thin tee
This thread pops up all the fucking time and ends with the same fucking answers.


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he's back at it
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>le shouty paki man

fuck off
>his skin is a different shade than mine, therefore I feel better about my pathetic life.
>I'm going to post the same video other retards have attempted to post because this time it'll be different.

No one here watches your little YouTube cartoons. grow up.


File: sweden-2016-away-kit-1.jpg (209KB, 1600x1579px)Image search: [Google]
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The Euro is about to kick off. Opinions on kits? Do you think a team shirt can be part of an acceptable fit?
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France will win it
How is Finland so fucking shit at football? Even Iceland got into the tourney. I'm glad I didn't play football as a child. Not my fault we are shit.

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what can I wear with these?
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Light wash or black jeans.
Light wash tapered/skinny jeans, white shirt

How hard is it to come up with a simple outfit, my man?
tan suede is shit

literally the only 350s I like. These are roshes on steroids.
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Holy shit these are fresh mah nigga
the z in yzy would look better w/o the dash in the z
File: 1464624818170.jpg (118KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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These arenice too

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Why are they sitting, /fa/?
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Price tag and most people don't like the shoe in general.
Look like uggs

File: 1341634402961.jpg (22KB, 320x287px)Image search: [Google]
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>mfw I have to take so much shit for only wearing monochrome
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Don't give a flying fuck, anon. You look great.also post fit.
I can never take people's criticism of my dress seriously. The worst dressed humans I have ever met in my life are always the first ones to try and talk shit. This comes from a place of insecurity. They know they look like shit so they feel intimidated by someone who looks like they put effort into their appearance.
lol no one notices my monochrome decisions at all anon, the only time I've gotten comments is when I went all black

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My daughter is having a birthday party (My wife invited literally every single person ever. Work, School, etc) and this is what I'm wearing. I.. erm.. do I look approachable?
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Oh and black JOGGERS with my brown dress shoes. She told me not too but it's comfortable
Non-white = unapproachable imo

I'd tolerate your presence but I would never engage you and would probably politely excuse myself if you engaged a group of people I was with. Your wife had better not be white, either, otherwise you and I have a problem.
My wife is Caucasian and my daughter is mixed. I'm a pretty nice person and they're both beautiful. I value your opinion though pal

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