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So i just ordered these for 200€.
Are these worth it?
How do i care for them, do i need shoe trees?
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You could have gotten these cool shoes called Clarks Desert Boots.
The creases are terrible, ruins them desu
Looking good. Price is fine. Getting the 10% discount would have been nice I guess. I like visible serialing honestly, one of my belts has it and I want more garments like that.

Yes, you need shoe trees. And polish them up with some protective shoe polish every other month/week depending on wear. Avoid rain. That all is if you want to keep them looking as closely as possible to new.

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rich owens.jpg
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lets have thread with jokes only /fa/ understands

ill start

rick owens
more like
rich owens
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this thread
my friend name Reme i say hi to him i say sup Reme (supreme)

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What is the most effay laptop?
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Most will say the Macbook Pro, because it's minimal in design, the color scheme isn't flashy and it's popular with artsy/effay types.

Personally, I think Lenovo's are underrated. They have the same utilitarian design they inherited from IBM, matte carbon finishes are sleek, and they're a PC. I might be biased because I see them everyday, but X-series Carbons are the way to go.
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Why does /fa/ get such a hard-on over CPs? I understand that you identity-less internet nerds need a default """high-end""" shoe to fall back on, but really

>toebox unproportional to rest of shoe
>mid joins toebox at an extremely awkward position
>distasteful branding. 1 step above a direct logo, but babies still not ready to drop logos altogether. (need to impress the other nerds)

Not to mention the terrible reputation they have with memery and internet culture. Why would anybody buy CPs and associate themselves publicly with this embarrassing meme?

>inb4 leather quality
>inb4 silhouette

CPs leather quality is on par with a 200$ sneaker. The silhouette is nothing new either.
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who cares
>CPs leather quality is on par with a 200$ sneaker
thats why you buy them for $200 on grailed

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Is this an acceptable outfit for an interview? The interview is for a research position at a medical school. Thanks!
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Looks fine to me

Nice tag btw

I was debating between a tie or no tie. The environment is business casual. The tag is long gone now. :P
It's fine, would be better with a blue blazer tho prep boi

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Haven't seen one of these in a while
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Sans titre.png
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and 9 too!
9. Great blue

9. love the brows

hard to tell but they look good. Nice shape.

How do I take a good pic of my eyes?? Is there anything to it?

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Are there any girl trends that are automatic turn offs for you?
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High waisted pants that flatten and elongate the ass
it might not be fashion, but I retch everytime I see a girl's selfie with those fucking snapchat dog ears and mouth. Jesus fucking christ.
Oh god, so much this.

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post girl inspo
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about time theres a thread for us

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fuccbois are asleep, post /loose/
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>i definitely look cooler with a cigarette
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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last Thread: >>11483719

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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breakfast:oatmeal and blueberries
lunch:tuna sashimi with miso
got home and made coffee

my roommate made oven pizza and it's stinking up the whole house, I want a bit ;-;7
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helo famile daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u tanks bye

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lets go /fa/

time to pick out a qt from this years icelandic yearbook

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File: icelandic qt 3.14.jpg (431KB, 600x800px)Image search: [Google]
icelandic qt 3.14.jpg
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id 2287 and 2274 in the url and >>11488610

Cop or not?
I want some pricey shoes so I can flex on niggas and I don't know whether to cop these or save up for some resale Yeezys.
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Pretty bad dnc. Terrrible silhouette. Don't wear clothes for other people.
Get something that doesn't scream "my parents never gave me much attention"

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Post stuff from the 60s, or just stuff with elements derived heavily from the 60s
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File: yjbYPQQ.jpg (755KB, 2200x1472px)Image search: [Google]
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that's not "60s stuff"

that's YSL, he's his own time period
it's from the 60s
makes me think of the 60s
never hurts to post something even if it's not exactly right, its just inspo

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Pants Levis.jpg
3MB, 2340x4160px
Hey guys, i've dressed like shit all my life, and only wearing white and black because it was easy. This week i've started browsing /fa/, and started using clothes i didn't think were good or were too edgy, and got good results, comments from people and that.

I have these levi pants that i never use because i don't know if they're good, or what to use them with. I didn't find any topic talking about pants like these nor info about this in the sticky or suggested link. What can you tell me about them? With what do you wear these? If they're bad, why? i want to learn. Thanks!
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they don't look nice at all
Because of the color?
delete this

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cos melange.jpg
265KB, 720x1080px
w2c some nice wool melange trousers?

I'm thinking dark grey or black, something which I can turn the bottom up on

pic rel is from cos but I was wondering about any other options out there
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I got a gray pair I can sell you for pretty cheap
All wool, made locally, really nice quality and slight taper

nah im good brah

Where are you located?

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