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hey /fa/, i have a really big problem. my friend just asked me if i was wearing "double u tap" when i was wearing a tee with this design. do i have to stop talking to her? thanks
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Are you asking if it's a big problem that she said double u tap instead of double tap?
ok not talking to her is harsh. but shouldn't there be some consequences or something?
Murder her

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Hey /senpai/s, i want to talk about studying Fashion Design.

Since i've been always interested in art, and i'm moving to Florida the next year, i'm watching the possibility of taking fashion design.

I have some interesting manual skills and a decent sense of art, in addition to this i took a three year graphic design course.

So here it is, do any of you actually got into this? if yes, it is a good carreer? is there any opportunities of getting a good job? it pays well?

Let's talk about it /fa/
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I just finished the 1st year of my fashion design program ama
Hey! that's nice, congrats.
where are you studying at?
how it is going so far?

I'm studying at a community college in Canada, so nowhere fancy.

It's been going pretty awful - for many reasons, alot of them personal. I've done my best to prepare myself before school as I knew it was going to be difficult, but once I started I soon realized it was way, way different than what I thought it was going to be like.

But I'm sticking it through, it's a 2 year program so I got a year left, hope I make it without failing.

I can pretty much talk about anything, I'm (pretty) well versed in what's going on in the industry and fashion right now, although my experience and knowledge of the industry at street level is quite limited right now but I know people who work in it so I am aware of some of the basics I guess.

Any ideas for a /fa/ birthday present for a girlfriend? Not super expensive but not cheap either. I cant seem to find anything.
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A turntable and her favorite album on vinyl
Rick Owens, bitches loves Rick
Ask her what sort of pieces she wants to add to her wardrobe.

Buy it.


What is a good price for a pair of VNDS Milk Geobaskets? Worn twice with no visible wear.
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What about shoes that are worn three times?
nothing. they are worth nothing.

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Is there any way to make this fashionable?
What can you wear with this?

Will fashion have to take a backseat with this one?
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Could you please stop being obnoxious.
I'm just asking, m8.

Honest question.
w2c in Europe for a good price

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>have job interview
>"oh by the way you can't wear jeans lol"
>glance out door
>every bitch is wearing yoga pants

why is this allowed?

also w2c cheap pants and shoes now that i have to go buy a bunch of shit
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and agreed yoga pants are the most disgusting piece of apparel to exist, when not being used for their intended purpose
but what about the shoes senpai

all i have are some old sperrys and those have been ruined by highschool prep faggots
Just wear whatever you need to so you're not fired. Look into getting some basic black or brown bluchers/derbies, they work with anything you put on. Sperries won't work because they're seen as too casual. Just go into a DSW and get some cheapo shoes to start with.

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CP Alternative
UK store

This store makes reasonable quality stuff.
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looks garbage
state of that

looks mad different to CPs doesn't it

literally nothing eachother

white shoe not the same as white shoe

fucking americuck

tyrone fucks yo bish

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The modern day fedora
people still belive receding aint genes, look at that fat fuck, he has better hairline than 80% of the male population. fuck this gay earth, trigger fat fuck.

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Got a 970 on my SAT. Feel like buying myself some Giorgio Armani sunglasses as an early birthday gift to myself and as celebration. Should I?
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buy persol you faggot
is persol also owned by luxottica?
if so - yuck
lmao armani is owned by luxottica

if you want something different get cartier sunglasses

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opinions on men with long hair?
topic related: growing my hair out atm
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don't do it if you're ugly because it will kill the trend
good thing i'm not ugly, thanks anon
He makes a good point.

There are some people who are so good looking that they can basically do anything to their hair or outfit and they will still be good looking, Are you one of those people? Then try long hair. If not, you may need to tailor your haircut to make yourself look better.

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ITT: Post your every day carry and we will tell you why it's shit and you should kys
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>eu passport
You need to make this thread around 10:00 PM EST so the American kids can sneak their dad's gun and pretend they carry it around like a mysterious badass who totally has to defend himself from niggers

Heh yeah I say niggers on the internet because I totally say it in real life all the time especially to their nigger faces lmao what are they going to do I have a gun after all :^)
I get to enter 156 countries without a visa, compared to 155 with your US passport :^)

also it's literally called a kingdom, how effay is that

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do you guys like streetwear?
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streetwear is for filipino manlets and gay swagfags
streetwear and rap are marketing tools designed to sell crap to impressionable teenagers.
I like streetwear

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Are hoodies acceptable to wear over 25?
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I see no point in wearing a hoodie unless I plan on wearing the hood. All hoodies I own are deliberately designed for cold or rainy weather.
That type of hoodie is never acceptable over 13.
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stop making this thread u shithead

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Hey /fa/ is this guitar effay?
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get a mustang, those lipstick pickups are low output AF and sound like glass up a cats anus
only if it's a good guitar anon

craftsmanship and a dope tone is effay

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/We post our cores/
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