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Fuccboi General.
Ask questions here that don't deserve their own thread.
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Anybody know where I can get a decently thick black T-shirt with a nep texture?
why do people call themselves fuccbois?
Shouldn't it be an insult?
What "runner" style shoes are effay? Need a more sport looking shoe as I don't have any

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choose 1
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I cant believe that in just ~5 years fashion has gone from runway shows and authentic italian made leather to fucking chinese made mesh trainers and arguing over which sweatshop tier brand appeals to normies more. Society truly is regressing
They will be made in germany soon m8;)
gotta put all those unskilled sand nigger migrants to work somehow, ay?

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The new Palace x Reebok ad is actually fucking amazing:

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your late as hell faggot, plus it wasnt that great

>"fucking amazing"

standard adult swim quality ad and dead creps
i laughed, out loud

best part was just the chromakey walking sequence
i want to make1h40m of bad chroma walking

brb gonna get into biennale

ITT: Post your aspirations in beauty

If I can look like this I could die happy
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The aesthetic drives me wild
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Its gotten so fucking bad
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saged and not signed, if those arent allowed how will i know if something is effay or not
>Its gotten so fucking bad
I don't know what's more annoying, this or having multiple waywt threads at the same time.

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Let's see some
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Currently listening to Initial D mixes while doing homework

I know nothing about cars but I like vintage 60s/70s convertibles and 90s cars like in initial D


Real life Initial D culture in Tokyo with supercars, /fa/ as fuck.

Also would love to cop a motorcycle but I really don't have any idea how that would fit into my lifestyle, and I don't even drive I can't fathom me having to operate vehicles I'm terrified

Someone in Russia decided to start making soviet chucks again
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>soviet chucks
>thinking Russia has produced literally anything better than the United States
>being "American" while they are made like shit in a Chinese factory

I'd prefer Slavshit desu
US Chucks are actually Chinese Chucks.

Which is better, China, or Russia?


I am a mess. I can hardly ever find clothing that fits due to my height and ridiculously long arms.

This is the best I could come up with. Where the fuck do I find clothing for tall/lanky men (I'm located in southern Germany) and what style would suit me, anyway?

pic related, me, yesterday, trying to find something that does not look complete shit on me. i swapped the tie for a black one.
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Lurk more and you will get better m80
Dump the tie and get higher rise pants and it'd look p siq
>get higher rise pants and it'd look p siq
Fucking impossibru. Those are the tallest pants in the entire fucking store (H&M) and I am too poor to afford anything else.

im thinking about copping these lebrons as a workout/casual shoe. what do you think??
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french empire.jpg
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How can I increase facial hair growth? Rogaine on the face?
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Become less beta
How do I become more alpha?
If you can't grow a full beard on your own, there's not a lot anybody can do to help. That's just genetics.

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Did I get memed? The hold is alright but it leaves your hair with this disgusting dry, sticky, and stiff texture. /fa/ used to recommend it and it has good reviews on amazon. I think I fell for viral marketing.

Hair general, I guess.
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Hanz de fuko Claymation, alternatively for a lighter hold and more texture, quicksand.

you're welcome.

Word of warning though, both smell like playdough
where did you see any marketing for Gatsby? it's hard to find stateside...you basically have to go to a Mitsuwa or Uwajimaya to find it
I bought it without knowing it was a "thing" when i was in japan. It was worth it.

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Is this jacket /fa/? I need a summer jacket and want this one, but I've no way of indentifying it. Any of you sweethearts recognise/know where I can get it?
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where do you live that this is possible?
>summer jacket.
is dis a new meme?
Steve Burns is pretty /fa/

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Did you cop?
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Only got this tee
you guys are dressed by the internet in the worst possible way

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How's this for a normie?

Greyscale/Bluescale with a bit of camel

I feel like it needs something a bit more interesting/more footwear
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Basic as fk. Not that it's bad or anything.
If you like it then np.

But yeah I agree, you need something more interesting. Maybe stuff from scandinavian brands would fit well with your current wardrobe?
Acne, Our Legacy e.g.
you have no pants to go with those dress shoes
>all those dress shoes
>one pair

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Kendall Jenner is best Jenner, but that's like asking which kind of tumor is my favourite.

Would still bang.
not as hot as their mom caitlyn

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