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what is the most fa phone
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iPhone 5/S, SE
Anything but an iphone

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Whats the point of trying to be effay if ur ugly
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a noose
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>be a genuine 4/10
>obviously attractive person refers to themselves as the ugly one of the crew
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>tfw so close to being decent looking if it weren't for my gorilla fucking huge bottom lip


payday today, looking to cash out on some interesting graphic tees.

not looking for big brand tees, i want to get something not many people have.

pic related - already policed this today
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>gosha on a budget
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T shirt in my pic is from the brain dead x dsm collab
op here, not a fan of this brand at all. very lazy designs, clearly just cashing in on the gosha trend but not doing it well. also the sweaters on their site are aliexpress

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is it possible to pull off the akira aesthetic irl and does anyone have any tips/examples?
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Vintage bomber jacket + biker jeans, nice glothes and boots is about as close as you're going to get without looking like you're cosplaying.
The all red getup definitely doesn't look good irl though with the resurgence of souvenir jackets going on right now it's easy to find some really loud bombers that are akira-esque.
Please don't get a pill patch and put it on the back of a jacket though, so ridiculously weeby
this is gonna rule

Talk me out of it
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you smoke because there's a little something in your life that you feel the need to fill. find that something and focus on fixing it. stop dodging it, cigarettes are a temporary solution to a bigger problem
listen to this guy faggot

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Didnt see a techwear thread so decided to make one

Excuse my ignorance since i dont usually browse techwear threads

But what is an affordable techwear jacket to start off with? Any brands to look out for?

Discuss below
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You are not a ninja
of course im not i said i dont browse techwear threads

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Outfits like this

Would you describe this attire as smart-casual?
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for you
This is called Contractorcore or Operator. Usually its the style of CIA Operators, Contractors, Mercenaries, etc. It looks alright but its not so much /fa/ as casual.
This kind of clothing only looks good if you're a big guy.

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Is this the best watch? Y/N
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yes, it is the best
confirmed patrician choice of watch

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Is barbour /fa/?

pls validate me and say yes
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It's all in the execution famalam.

If you have the skill of your average WAYWT//mfa/ lurker, could go shit pretty quick.

If you're competent and have enough confidence and the aesthetic to fit it, sure why not
somone post that pic from the City Boys Go to London issue of Popeye of the guy w/ a Bedale, Danner Mountain Lights, and glasses
my favorite fucking inspo pic ever
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What are your thoughts on this aesthetic /fa/?
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fearofcucks lmao

Too played out where I live (Los Angeles)
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well it looks like an even uglier trashier version of kanye's already ugly trash style if that's what you're asking

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I'm a nature fag and I really like stuff like pic related, but I haven't been able to find anything else like it without stumbling into shitty tye dye (idk how you spell it) old age hippie clothes. Could you please show me some styles of clothes similar to this? For instance I have no idea what I would wear for pants or shoes.
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I'm a guy btw
you can only style it with crusty wear, unless you gunna go full crust dont buy it
Just stuff that appeals to me. Soft colors, thick fabrics

Yeah I considered that, but I'm not sure what full crust would be

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Prove me wrong.
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Ecce Milano

Where can I order a pair of non counterfeit black Mali's? Are they an okay fall/winter boot?
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the sole is shit
bought mine on amazon for cheap, they are cool, the sole is ok, leather is very thin.
But size down, they run big.
They're more of a spring/summer boot, as they're unlined and not water resistant at all.

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Pic related
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Theorema Casablanca
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How do I become a model? As in not some low end, no name model, but as in be on magazine covers, adverts, billboards etc. type of model?

People talk about getting scouted and stuff but is that stuff just a rare occurrence, I'm pretty sure stuff doesn't happen like that in the areas of my city I'm usually in.
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be good looking
People have told me im good looking/not bad looking. But I don't really believe it.

>inb4 post pic
lol im not posting anything on 4chan for shit m8.
You have to be 6-6"1 and you have to be decently toned.

Take some shots with some friends of the week and build up a binder and then go to your local agency's open call

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