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how would you dress my gf

Serious question, her fits are mostly garbage (besides this one) and she's looking for ideas
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she sure serves up them momcore looks

I'd make her mommy if you know what I mean
check out the whorecore thread

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/fa/, help me! I don't have enough money to buy the Ramones in the picture shown. Find me a cheaper alternative to the Rick Owen Ramones!
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Chuck II you twat
ccp drips
>ccp drips

Nice one dude xD XD XD


$1300 bucks. OP is looking for a CHEAPER alternative.

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where can I get the best plain white t-shirt?

I have one from Armani Ex and I love it. But I cant seem to find something like that one anymore.

PS no V necks pls
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I like the J.crew broken in t-shirts
uniqlo or fruit of the loom
h&m basics, 5 euros

wooden or plastic?
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Plastic prolly flimsy as fuck.
yeah i was thinking that too.

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What are some /fa/ movies?

Pic related.
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anything fellini or godard
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Truly a great movie, good taste op.

I know these are tv series based on a book, but pic related and Moomins have always done it for me. Atmosphere wise, they're both outta this world. It even seems like some of the sceneries were drawn intentionally to emulate some sort of artistic value, coz hell, I've had my mind blown several times watching these because of those visuals.
me and the mrs still watch the moomins occasionally, so sick

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smug anime girls.gif
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>he doesn't get 8 hours of sleep
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>he drinks anything other than water
>he eats junk food
>he smokes
>he uses drugs
>he doesn't at least get 1 hour of exercise
more like
>he sleeps more than 4 hours a night
>doesn't have /fa/ circles
>doesn't drink organic, young coco water post-workout

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You figure out what youre going to be dressed in the next day

you wake up after a perfect nights sleep, eat an amazing breakfast and dress in the most perfect outfit

you go out, and see these two standing right out your door

>what do
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horrible thread op
purge yourself from the earth
theyre too far below my eye level for me to notice them.
I just walk by.

Shout "FUCK THE BLM MOVEMENT", and then run desu.

So is it impossible to find a replica of ozweegos?
I'd appreciate it to find a used pair too, i saw a few on grailed but they werent the colorway i wanted.
So any websites that make reps of these or have them in stocK?
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taobao/aliexpress have the cream/pink colorway
Bruh dont cop they look terrible
Anyone you are trying to impress with these is instantly going to know they are fake
Stick to your yeezys or some shit

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what do you guys think of Herm├ęs?
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I have a belt of them. Lets keep it at that

nouveau riche bullshit

"but it is high quality and will last a generation"

ok cool bro but your family has only had money for like 7 years
looks like shit dogs would use to have flees and salvia and dog dirt on

im a human being i don't want to use a dog blanket

Anyone know anywhere online where they sell pants/jeans like this? Thanks!
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Let me know when you find out.
For sure.

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post what you have
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Is this the most effay album cover?
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File: future-islands-cover.jpg (655KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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raf swerve.jpg
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post some of your favorite fits

pic is related
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Literally black sweater black pants and some white shoes. Yeah, god tier
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this one even tho its a shitty pic

Hey everyone, recently shaved my head and was just looking for opinions. The image is the least to most recent hair from left to right. I wear hats most of the time anyway but was just wondering if it looks decent enough to wear with just the glasses. Also what should I do when it grows out? I don't really want an undercut again, but whatever. Also hair general.
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Did I fuck up?
I honestly feel like that style works with mostly curly hair. Or something that's not super straight. That angle is kinda fucked, maybe post a picture with a different angle.

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Skin Care tips:
>Specific products and application
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This shit is a godsend you guys weren't kidding
if anyone has any treatment tips or remedies for seborrheic dermatitis i'd appreciate

i've used topical shampoos and medication, only minor improvements, keeps coming back
this looks sus as fuck

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