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No posting shirts that are commonly posted. I'll dump some finds that I've saved a while ago. Looking to add more graphics to my wardrobe as I've been buying too many plainclothes lately. Other graphic clothes are welcome and encouraged.
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My girlfriend lost her necklace (it was a gift from her dad who is dying from cancer) and I need help finding information about it so we can either 1. find it, or 2. so I can secretly replace it.
its a black cross with a Fleur-de-lis charm.
pic related, its the necklace
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it also has a squiggly black line on the back of the cross

This close enough?


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I'm from Texas, and cowboy boots are popular down here (chicks love them).

What do you think is the best style of cowboy boot for casual everyday dress?

Square Toe?
Medium Toe?
Round Toe?

Snip Toe is a little fancy for t-shirts, etc.
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I like these too.
You should honestly get a medal of bravery for posting COWBOY BOOTS on /fa/. Statues should be erected in your honor for your boldness.

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How do I obtain this style?
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Just become a derivative moron with no personality. Contrived demarco-chic will howl to you from the depths of your local Goodwill. Answer its call.
Something about this fit makes me really angry. I just can't quite tell what it is.
You look like you don't care
But you really do care really badly
In other words you look like shit and you get no benefits of not caring about how you look either
Just give up my mans

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What's the big deal about these balls of yarn with a wedge of cheese cake for soles
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you're welcome
Yarn and cheesecake ya dingus
I love cheesecake
Real late at night time
Real late at night

Is there a more perfect sneaker?
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silhouette is pretty shit, other than that no

yes ramones and geobasketss

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Would going aushwitz help me with my jaw / lose double chin? 6' 165 lbs
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oh my god
Fuck is it that bad haha
it couldnt hurt

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Want to buy but not sure if I could pull off
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only if you have been locked up for 15 plus yrs.
just get real overalls ffs they're so much cheaper and more durable

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So who is this chick? She seems way to young to have a job/afford all these clothes, daddy's money?
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she fucks memerappers for a living
dunno but shes qt
Wouldn't that be stagetory rape?

Can we get some skinhead inspo going?
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henry rollins in SoA
or just henry rollins when young
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Dress shirt and tie without going full fadora outfit?
Does this ever work without slacks, a sweater or a sweater vest?

Let's face it at some point you grow up and realize you hate jeans and a band tshirt.
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You don't wear a tie with anything except a full suit or you end up looking like some retard graphic designer.

Just wear slacks or dress pants with a dress shirt, can add a sweater and that's good enough
my vagina smells
I don't want to buy slacks, I got a dress looking pair for occasions. Plus then I have to wear dress looking shoes. At that point I might as well stop pretending I'm not going on a shopping spree and get a vest or jacket to go with it and why didn't I just buy an entire suit while I'm at it?

What is his skin color?
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Why Mongolian?
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n e w f a g

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W2c high waisted jeans like Lukas'
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rick owens
they aren't "high waisted" they are just regular fit...

try on a pair of 501s or Lees riders or literally any straight normal pair of pants
get some jeans hemmed

but you won't look as good as him in them unless you are tall as fuck and bone skinny

if you're under the height of 6 foot i wouldnt even bother honestly

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how does one achive this hair
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Just fucking let your hair grow and shower every 3 days
Yeah shampoo then conditioner if you only use conditioner you will have a lot of build up of shit in your hair

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Wise quotes about fashion. It could be yours too : )!
Slogans that could describe a fashion business.
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All things are nothing to me.
"niggers were meant to stay in the jungle" - vogue

Interesting tidbit: Your mom's college nickname was "The Jungle".

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