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Exuberant patterns, contrasting colors, religious imagery, gaudy accesories.
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So where did all the Malissa threads go? Is she not /fa/ anymore?
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Idk but is she really 23?
i love her so much. where can i find more of malissa?
She looks like a standard asian. Did she have good fits or something?

I need some Vans like shoes for summer but I don't want Vans because I dislike Vans, what are alternative brands?
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buy vans and then rip off the label
cp lel
I considered that but I thought it would make me look like a complete douche. I'd rather not give that company any money either.

Black wear thread
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>couples drive to watch the sunset before fucking all night

>hipster couples think staring at a walls close range is romantic
it´s like a matrix parody without cool silhouettes, trophy black guys and leather
Chill out dude, this photo is just a kind of artistic vision

Done a thousand times but wtc Long Sleeve BURZUM shirts?
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gtfo cancer
>le 'some of you guys are alright dont go to church in norway tomorrow' man
it's fucking awesome. Dont' listen to those faggots >>11491631

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Bikini or one piece?

Hi, I'm going to buy a new bikini but I'm just bored of every year the same. I was thinking to cop a one pice, probably black. Do you recommend me some brands or models?

Also summerwear inspo
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easy, Adidas one piece

one piece
post it, please

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What happened to lunarcore bros?
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cosplaying is for girls
lunarcore was a fucking joke of a style perpetuated by a single autist and a few idiots

it's spread to the rest of /fa/ now in the form of (insert whatever)core and (insert whatever)wave
people couldnt afford it so at one point the threads just didnt get any posts anymore. lunarcore is not easy and not cheap to do well, and i doubt anyone who is not familiar with /fa/ or reddit fashion would realize the similarities. i still wear it from time to time though

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Is this fedora tier?
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you even need to ask?
I think it looks nice.

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Do you wear clothes you made yourself?
Im interested in getting into DIY stuff, but I dont know where to start/ what to make, besides of sewing patches onto a jacket.
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If Robinson Crusoe could survive for years on an island thanks to his rationality, you surely can find answers using a search engine.

Anyway, I suggest you take up sewing classes. Not only a good place to learn, but also to socialize.

Also check the archive:
and search on the username 'intern'.
start with something simple, like a hat
I think a hat is still quite difficult. Start with a t-shirt or underwear to get acquainted with the sewing machine and sewing techniques.

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>above average face
>born with dark hair and really dark (almost black) eyes
>everyone in my family had beautiful clear eyes except me
fucking kill me
if i had clear eyes i'd be 90% more attractive and color contacts are for faggots so i guess i'm fucked
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pic related, its me
I'd feel worse about those thunder thighs, chubby.
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>ugly without facial hair
>facial hair too patchy to grow out and hide my face

Jumpsuit inspo
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he needs an orange one to fit the look
I don't fuck with rapists

Planning to buy my first ever leather jacket. I've looked on hundreds of them and I think this one is the best. Thoughts? Anything special I should pay attention to? (not something I could read on google)

Do you have any other options I should consider? Must be brown.
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You should buy it irl, so you can actually test the quality of the leather
where'd you find it? It's an unwritten rule you shouldn't buy anything shown on a black mannequin with that pose.
nigga is actually contemplating buying black mannequin clothes, you think he'll be able to distinguish leather quality?

Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last Thread: >>11490419

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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lmao what you faggots dont understand is its not being skinny what makes you attractive..


you all crave a long frame that you cant do anything about and will never have, so you starve yourselves thinking youll look good but end up having huge heads, narrow shoulders, short arms etc.

if your shoulder width is 12 year old boy tier GO TO THE GYM AND LIFT WEIGHTS YOU IGNORANT FUCKS
so what is good proportions m8
>tfw you have a naturally broad back & shoulders
>tfw you're a girl

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C/N thread
ill start
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you wont

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Post your Instagram username and a picture of your feed with a little description of what you post. Follow others and recieve follows!

Name: JoeOaten

I post food, clothes and nature. This is a new feed as my other account is messy af
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What phone do you have OP? The pics are v nice
What editing apps do you use?
File: ss+(2016-07-07+at+09.45.24).jpg (702KB, 1493x1468px)Image search: [Google]
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my shitty feed of my shitty life
i hate this account but the only one i'd like to make public

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