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ITT stupid runway fashion
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>left picture
What is that from wtf

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>go to club
>wear shia style tan military boots w/ rolled up jeans and a blue v-neck matching my eyes
>rocked a cross necklace and a wood bead bracelet thing from h&m
>smell like cocoanut soap and tropical deoderant
>girls looking me up & down all night and coming up and talking to me

I wouldn't be suprised if I see other dudes rocking this look after seeing me with it. It's the shit

I actually stood out from the fuckboys and looked masculine af while doing it
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Nice blog post faggot
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>go to club
>get denied at the door for not wearing leather shoes and a collared shirt


>go to club
>girls can't help but stare at all that autism

Your choice OP

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New one since the old one died.

Anyone looking at any purchases for the coming Autumn season? Some of the Tilak Poutnik pieces are really catching my eye.
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Can anyone with an Acronym 3A chime in on their experience with the product? I'm interested in getting one the coming season but have no clue how they are in real life.
What do you wanna know specifically? I owned 5TS, but sold it because it was too big for everyday use and was pretty much useless when i need to carry lots of heavy items. 3A-3TS is nice when you need to carry around few items, but again, no so comfortable as backpack. Straps look cool, but thats about it.
Some of that poutnik gear looks good, you can see the Errolson influence

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OLD >>11483775

>Sale finds
>Runway talk
>Recent purchases

>Season list, Fabric and leather product code list, Leather jacket guide

>Notable Interviews

Sizing FAQ:
Footwear: This is all foot shape dependant, if you have high arches or are flat footed sizing may vary.
>Geobaskets and Cargobaskets
Size down 0.5 to 1 whole size
>Ramones (Highs, Lows, DRKSHDW Lows, DRKSHDW Highs and Vegans)
TTS, High top Mainline Ramones can accomodate sizing down 0.5
>Ramones Socks
Size down 1
>Basket Creepers, Sidezip Creepers, Limo/Spiral Creepers and Combat boots
TTS, old season limo creepers may require sizing down 1
>Adidas Tech Runners, Adidas Vicious Runners, Adidas stretch boot, Adidas Springblades (Lows and Highs)
TTS or down 0.5, Adidas stretch boots should be sized TTS to your UK sizing

>Drawstring pants
Size down 1
>Suiting Pants and Denim
>Blazers and Leather Jackets (Numerical sizing)
Size up
>Leather Jackets (Letter Sizing)
>Tees, tops and tanks
TTS, Sizing should take into account how garment is wanted to fit. Silk blend garments may need sizing up
>Knitwear, Hoodies, Sweaters and general Outerwear

This is only a guide, trying things on in store is the only sure way of knowing if it will fit. Sizing does also vary season to season.
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This is the most inspiring picture of geobaskets I have ever seen. I might try to lace mine like that but I don't think it will look as good in practice.
i can't tell what type of pants the dude os wearing. any ideas?
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Women's pieces that you love?

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Who is Lukas? I only see him every once and a while on here, but would like to know where i can find further inspo of him so, last name? Insta? Tumblr?
(Sorry about shit pic quality, its a thumbnail from archive)
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some autist the batties on /fa/ fawn over
Hes not real
Leave the poor boy alone
He doesnt deserve this
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He is real
This is true, I'm one of them.
This is his newest look.
His ig |||>lkaus

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No arguments about traditional or non-traditional.
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Old one almost at 3 hunna bang bang

Post you in your clothes fags
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Late night fits

Coat - Undercover (But Beautiful)
Button Down - Thrift Pendleton
Shirt - Blackmeans Japan
Pants - Number Nine D Ring
Shoes - Ann D lace ups
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Picture 31.jpg
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post yours and rate others
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Already shaved the face pubes btw

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What are the most effay black hairstyles?

What products do you use?

What is the objective meme hairstyle for black dudes?

Don't forget to post inspo!
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hahahahaha what the fuck is under his chin
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This is the new meme

I hate it
I think this is pretty dope desu

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What /fa/ thinks about nose ring (female)?
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can be hot, even septum piercings... but of course the girl has to have a good looking face and a certain aesthetic to pull it off
It's slutty and trashy but I like it as long as the girl is more hippie than edgy.

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bape is for artists btw
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wow black people are disgusting
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anyone hyped about the new y-3's coming out next year?
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y-3 just pre-released f/w 16. Didn't really like anything, hoping the qasa boot gets released during the fall.

ITT: We post only truly next-level shit

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do u even understand what post-modern is

just say futurist or avant garde
im pretty sure you dont understand what postmodern is senpai

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Hey /fa/ I'm going to be in China for a bit, Beijing in particular.
The sticky didn't have much regarding shops in China and most websites just talk about markets for knockoff haggling so I was wondering if you guys knew of any good stores over there.
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getting deals overseas is a dead meme

you'll still see the same old brand names probably priceier
The era of cheap /fit/s in China is at an end. Branded stuff is the same price as it is overseas.

Cheapest stuff is local brands. I think tailored suits are still on the cheap in Beijing, my British friends both got theirs made in Beijing.
I fucking hate western linguists for using ch to represent our q sound. PINYIN NOT WADE-GUILES.

China is a top tier sounding country name tho so they got that right.

Daily reminder that ugly males and females can never be effay and you should end yourselves if you are 5 and below.
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feels bad.jpg
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>tfw no nao gf
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