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I'll start
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How bad is my haircut
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more like how bad is your hairline
would be easier to tell if you'd posted a pic with hair on your head
err... [spoiler]i like it - there's nothing bad here[/spoiler]

>dark eyes
> extremely oily acne prone skin
>bags under my eyes
>thin hair
>tfw only 18
>tfw not allowed to dye my hair or get piercings due to parents
is it possible to become more attractive as you age or is it downhill from here?
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idk dude, sounds like you have dietary problems or don't care of yourself very well.
also read the sticky on grooming
most people look their best in their mid 20s imo, have some hope op. however it only goes downhill from there

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post your grail/s
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CCP Dead End Jeans.jpg
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I swear I just copped the incredible steal of the century or a pretty fucking good rep.
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post pics
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ITT: Words that immediately make you ignore a /fa/ post

I'll start:

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>Is "x" effay
> white person in the picture
White people are memes on /fa/, but ethnic people are cool

Is a high facial width to height ratio the key to being /fa/

Is there anything else as important as this
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You're like one of those terribly insecure dudes that obsesses over neck width and shit like that, aren't you? Not very /fa/, brah.
none of them as as the ideal ratio is 1.618

This isn't reddit. Talk like an adult or go away.

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Is Joji /fa/?
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no fuck off twelve year old
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You fuck off

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which chusk should i cop im indecisive, poor
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tips on catching assc drops? not trying to buy at 200% markup but also always tend to miss the drops by like 2 days.

inb4 gildan and hypebeast trash
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come on now.jpg
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>wearing overpriced literal gildan
>being a hypebeast brandwhore

Who exactly are you trying to impress with your hypebeast faggot attire?

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Would you say it's possible to look relatively "effay" and feel comfortable in clothes from Walmart and Winners?
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Look good in basics. You could probably also find at least one thing that looks good in most stores
yeah most of the men's clothes in Walmart are very unassuming
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>shopping at walmart
>actually going inside walmart

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What are your thoughts on them? Do you have any and how much did you pay for them?
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Good with a plain tshirt,nothing too bulky or your gangsta wannabe,not goo long or short as it looks stupid,a nice simple pendant that's unusual and your good to go,and by unusual I do not mean a juden star with a cock in the middle
I feel that style.
Supreme sold their 14K chains for like $350 retail.
Do you know much do 14K + pendant go for if it isnt supreme
Roughly and this is an estimate but you will be looking at $80 and up,not including pendant as that will also vary is weight and make

what are some /fa/ video games? preferably for pc.
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mr mosquito is pretty much chillwave the game

wish i wasn't too lazy to get an emulator going
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Oldschool RS

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I'm new to /fa/, and I really dislike all of closet because it's all normcore/basic bitch wear. I usually wear a t-shirt with leggings and flats. I have a hard time trying to find clothes that fit me because I'm rather small (5'0 90-100lbs) and I don't know where to start shopping. I thrift a lot, and I probably shouldn't ask for some low-end stores to shop at but if anyone could help me out that'd be wonderful.

tldr; i'm a basic cunt how do i fix
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Are you still trying to determine your style?
Post a pic of you in your panties first with timestamp
fuk off

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Is this a thing /fa/? turtle neck and hoodie combo or do I look like a fucking faggot?
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An0ther pic
the latter fosho
Update me on this lingo what do you mean anon

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