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Even though men's fashion is getting more broad, a lot of clothes are still off-limits or can only be pulled off by models. What are some items you wish were acceptable for your gender?
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long skirts mang
so I could look like a legit spooky grave wraith dungeon wizard ghost
>long skirt
Thats called a dress

I wanted to cop some Combat Boots for upcoming winter. Dr. Martens are pretty shit for their price, any better alternative in price range up to 300-400€?
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rick owens made some good ones.

or u can try looking at ann d or kriss van assche
I'm from Germany, don't dig current Bundeswehr Boots, too bulky.

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most /fa/ cartoon characters
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London Fashion Week September 2016
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I'm not seeing it.
>having cankles
>being /fa/

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Does anyone here wear an ushanka during the winter?

Are they /fa/?
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is that you habibi jack
I own three hats just like that one. One from arctic-store, that looks exactly like that one. A grey one from fursource. And one I made from coyote thats even nicer.

They're incredibly warm, and I get tons of compliments from people. Ranging from "that hat is amazing" to people begging to know where I got it and how much it was.

How does this quote from Rick Owens Make you feel? What do you think of what he says?
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>anime reaction pic
>calling anything autistic

I still find it funny the way he said 'Dont talk with your clothes' yet is photographed wearing a snapback which says 'IMA READ' as well as producing graphic tshirts.

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What is this exactly? A sneaker boot, very high tops, or whatever. Also, where can I find more like it but not the Alien Stoppers exactly
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Semi-related futuristic shoes

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w2c similar sweater?

also sweater general, cardigans ofc not welcome
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Why would you want a sweater that looks like cheap carpet
this looks like a burlap sack with arms
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>burlap sack
Have you ever seen wool in real life?

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Show off your fits by posting 5 pics of yourself, will use you as a tinder catfish
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Is it a bad idea to make my friend a piece of clothing for Christmas if she has a boyfriend
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yes, being a cuck is not /fa/
Depends on the article of clothing.

>yes, being a cuck is not /fa/
I thought most of you were cucks?
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says the one buying gifts for or having anything at all to do with a girl that youre not fucking

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Is medivalcore the next trend

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quite possibly, who would tell you otherwise while youre wearing chain armor
I mean, yeah.
Varg is incredibly/fa/ and he doesn't even know or care. That's what makes him so

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This is how people see you when you tell them you like fashion

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he photoshoped his thumbnail lmao
is it wrong to dislike this type of gay?
It's not wrong to hate any type of gay.

wanted to ask this in the replica general but it is gone.

anyone ever had problems concerning replica's and customs?

i once ordered vans from a chinese website. i'm usually not a fan of replica's but the original ones were unavailable for international shipping on all websites (limited edition), and vans are not of a splendor quality anyway, probably made in the same factory.

after a month or so i called the post office to ask whether my package got lost. the lady told me the package had been confiscated because the shoes were fake. not a big deal, hardly cost me money and china shipping is free as we all realize again when we frantically try to cut through the three hundred layers of cheap tape.

then about half a month later i suddenly get a note in my mailbox saying a package has arrived. i go to the post office to pick it up, wondering what it is. turned out to be my fake shoes. the package was all fucked up and clearly been thoroughly inspected, but hey, i received my shoes eventually.

so here is my question: anyone ever had any problems with replica items and customs? what decreases the chances of replica clothing being intercepted beside not ordering visually badly copied items from china for prices which seem too good to be true? did i just end up with bad luck because my package was from china and looked sketchy?
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nvm thread was named counterfeits jfc ignore me and low iq
lol motorcycle toy.
Yeah, you cant really do anything about it

Please post androgynous clothing, hair, skin and tips in general to reach an androgynous look. I actually want to start moving my wardrobe more into that spectrum and to strive to reach that look in general but don't have much ideas on what to do.
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try to become David Bowie. He had character, unlike most current androgynous muddles.
why is this a thing? if you're a straight male trying to go for this you need to question your life.
I hate his face so much, especially since he's good friends with Stephen Joseph

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Post your favorite fits
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Keep it going bae
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>no slavs
but slavs are born to pull off tracksuits

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