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where can a short guy get pants that fit!? I need like a length of thirty at most but every site has a minimum of 34 length. Is tailoring worth it? Doesn't taking 4 inches off change the shape of the pants?
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You hem them and then taper accordingly.
How short are you?
I am 5'5

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How can you tell if one would be able to pull of the buzzzzz??
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Ask your mother about your birth. If she got a c-section, you can buzz. If she went the natural route, chances are she clenched her kegels too hard when pushing you out and deformed your soft skull and your head shape today is shit and unbuzzable as a result.
Is there truth to this ?
I fucking lol'd

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Cringe Thread
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The fact that you took a pic of them just so you could post it on an anime image-board is cringe.
Are there any YouTube channels of people buying really expensive clothes but having garbage fits?
Yeah, and this IS the cringe thread.

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Can we get a black pants/jeans insp thread going?

What are you favorite pair?
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>inspo for black jeans
lmao nigga just like wear them lol

Which ones do I wear? I'm really looking for good recs here.

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Are sherpas a good winter jacket?
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>winter jacket


when buying a winter jacket, the number one question to ask is: is this warm?
no it's a fall jacket
They look nice, but I imagine that a denim jacket would get soaked through easily by water or snow and wouldn't offer much in the way of warmth.

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Please put this chart in the wiki. This is the official /fa/ watch chart now.

Refer to it everytime you want to purchase a watch.
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>Thinking the wiki is still being maintained
montblanc in shit tier?

>Watches that were nominated in the grand prix d'horlogierie in the "watches you should never buy" category

Whoever made this list has no clue what they are talking about

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Post your Squad
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“Love your haters - they're your biggest fans”

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Interior and comfy thread
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If you wanna get a thread going, at least post 4-5 pics yourself, faggot
macbooks on comfy beds make it look instantly more comfyer
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Thinking of getting ears pierced, is there a type of earing that doesn't look too gay. Was probably just gonna get simple black studs.
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got mine pierced a couple weeks ago, I just got small hoops. would like to try some more dangly kind of earrings eventually, though it's probably not lowkey

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Go back to 2002
Christ, I remember this shit
Try cryoflesh.com
I got a $200 pair of knee high boots that split the zipper maybe the 4th time I wore them. Never even tried to get it fixed, just sorta said fuck it
These people are the absolute worst.

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A load of degenerate anti semetic, racist neck beards. Just extremely hateful people. I would avoid it.
Time to shitpost
shane koyzan or however you spell it is not redpill tho

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When this is my budget...

Tees - £5
Shirts - £10
Jeans - £15
Jackets - £20
Shoes - £25

Is there anywhere I afford to cop an outfit other than Primark?
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h&m is better and about the same price. With these kinds of places it's about choosing the good clothes within the store, not so much teh store itself

i was in hm yesterday. managed to get a hoodie for 15 and a jumper for 20 (cheapest in shop so not a lot to choose from). quality is indeed better than primark but it's a little more.

other than that you could check out zara, top man for deals or just go to even cheaper shops like burtons or peacocks and see if they've got anything that isn't absolute shit.

why is this even a question. thats your only solid option with this budget

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can it be any more perfect?
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Sweat pants and a long sleeve???
But anon he's wearing Brick Ovens globalbuckets, it's avant-garde!
This is a good fit and quite different to what is usually considered MFA

i wear this in public everyday and nobody says anything

i thought the jews owned me
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the jews know that death in june is led by a gay man
Because you're not in Europe, pussy
Most people don't care enough about trivial shit to get mad if they see a guy with a button of a band they've never heard of that isn't actually Nazi

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