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or this

File: XDDD.jpg (2MB, 3264x4928px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 3264x4928px
where to get good quality sweat shirt similar to this.
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ASKET - good quality loopback fabric consisting of Egyptian cotton and made in Portugal
Wow, can't believe I've never heard of this brand. Very similar to Everlane. A little bit pricey but I'll definitely check these guys out next time I need some basics

File: 75637.jpg (31KB, 570x377px)Image search: [Google]
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Should I get these?
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Get leather ones at least

I like em if you can't get those X
File: V004KYJSF.jpg (48KB, 691x691px)Image search: [Google]
48KB, 691x691px
I have these, they are pretty tite
File: 373 nb.jpg (46KB, 960x546px)Image search: [Google]
373 nb.jpg
46KB, 960x546px
which ones should i get? 1/3

Since I don't skate, will I be viewed as a poser for wearing these?
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Lmfao you try skating in them
why would you though, they look awful
The best high tops are the simplest ones.

File: IMG_20161010_125722.jpg (64KB, 540x538px)Image search: [Google]
64KB, 540x538px
What is up with dudes using long tees under their other shit in every fit? I feel like every fashion Instagram dude dresses the same.
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>Long boots
>Long tee
This shit is retarded, do these monkeys even have a brain? Both of these items make your legs appear longer, wearing them at the same time fucks up your proportions.
>B..but muh streetwear
That's why it's bad.
I don't like it either, it just looks silly, like pic related.
>make your legs appear longer

...you mean shorter?

File: IMG_0194.jpg (57KB, 720x468px)Image search: [Google]
57KB, 720x468px
How should I size if I wanna buy a pair of Breds? I wear a 45 in Geobaskets, 11 in Converse, a 12 in Sk8-Hi's, and a 13 in Old Skools.
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Nigger shoes
2015 shoes
just saw them in some nigger video what a loser
hahahahaha nigger shoes

File: 0005_black-600x416.jpg (85KB, 600x416px)Image search: [Google]
85KB, 600x416px
>tfw deep dark eyes
>tfw literally the most unappealing eye color
>tfw you'll never be effay
I don't even believe in the "brown eyes are ugly" meme, I've seen beautiful brown eyes, but dark eyes like pic related will never be appealing. I want to fucking kill myself. Cope that with dark hair and you're as average and bland as they come. Is it possible to make up for it with clothes or am I fucked forever?
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just get surgery if you're that insecure about it, eye color alone isn't a big determinator of aesthetics anyway
>just get surgery
I don't want to go visit my parents and have green or blue eyes suddenly, I feel like that would be insulting to them.
File: FullSizeRender.jpg (515KB, 1849x1358px)Image search: [Google]
515KB, 1849x1358px
>tfw piercing blue eyes
>literally the weirdest defect where the black oultine of my eye just disappears
>tfw my eyes are the most effay thing about it
I like my eyes, it's just nowadays I've just noticed my weird vanished iris thing I think they look slightly weird

File: IMG_6396.jpg (142KB, 750x891px)Image search: [Google]
142KB, 750x891px
Why the fuck did I do this, was it worth it? general hairstyle thread
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File: IMG_7541.jpg (518KB, 1609x2220px)Image search: [Google]
518KB, 1609x2220px
ah fuck; looks like the barber fucked your shit up, just wait until it grows out again I think i prefer it long and wavy but the side profile don't help you
It's only hair, it grows, it doesn't even look bad you look average.
Just don't let it grow all at once or you'll look like a hobo, cut the tips every now and then

And get your teeth cleaned, that's more permanent than hair

File: Raf Simons AW 2016.jpg (164KB, 1050x1443px)Image search: [Google]
Raf Simons AW 2016.jpg
164KB, 1050x1443px
What did he mean by this?
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Looks like a bee
File: raf0126025_blk_00.jpg (139KB, 1050x1443px)Image search: [Google]
139KB, 1050x1443px

File: IMG_4681.jpg (138KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Lose weight.
stop posting on /fa/ already

l always thought that these puber posts were ironical but l don't think they are anymore, it's full of them

Either pretend you're 18 either fuck off you know all too well that this is 4chins
File: fels.jpg (24KB, 550x550px)Image search: [Google]
24KB, 550x550px
I wish I still lived with mum and she cut my hair; she used to cut my hair so well. If only I could tell here that.

File: img-thing (1).jpg (20KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
img-thing (1).jpg
20KB, 300x300px
Where can I find black leather boots for <$100 that don't look awful?
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poorfags please go
Leather costs money
You don't get quality leather boots under 100usd

Settle down Mr Shekelstein we all wanna look good

Cheap vaporwave fashion? I have a budget of about $100 tops, would prefer to have multiple items rather than one or two expensive garments.
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fuck off
How about you save all your money and don't spend money on dead memes

Wtf are white people doing?
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File: QFJHMzy.jpg (59KB, 541x1024px)Image search: [Google]
59KB, 541x1024px
I mean seriously
File: 1471612452974.jpg (211KB, 736x1104px)Image search: [Google]
211KB, 736x1104px
nigga shut the fuck up, white people do this whole fashion thing way better than a brother could
Black people are far worse.

File: Jojo.jpg (195KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
195KB, 1280x720px
Are they effay?
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they look gay enough, so I guess so
Jojo is easily the most effay anime.

My nigga jotaro had some sick fits

File: hmprod.jpg (108KB, 972x1137px)Image search: [Google]
108KB, 972x1137px
ITT: we post underrated H&M pieces
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This is literally just h&m jumping on a shitty trend and year too late
please go somewhere else to discuss this garbage
H&M has enough nice pieces but NOT THE MEME SHIT.
This is awful

Kill yourself

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