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how are you still a virgin when this exists?
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What is it?
Some type of lighter
Is this malt or the coffee one? I can never tell the packages apart. That being said, this is cloying plastic nihilsm.

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at least twice a week girls from my school tell me they love how i look
hit on three times last night at a concert, chose the best
people constantly try and befriend me, ask me about music, my clothes
everything i wanted a year ago has come to me
so why do i feel so empty?
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post a fit
cause you will never be fulfilled by external things and people
and yet even with this knowledge i persist in trying

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is it possible to dress "plain" but still stylish / not normcore?
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this is what the majority of /fa/ attempts to do

in short, no. take a look at any of the waywts to get a better understanding of why this is a bad idea.
w2c american gothic painting
Yes it is.

What people don't fucking understand is that you don't need to dress like a flaming faggot attention whore snowflake, garbage flavor of the month hypebeast shit, to stand out and to be considered well dressed.

What's important is how the piece of clothing fits. That's it. Full stop.

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Can we get some inspo of Sambas?
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Can we get a women's fashion thread going? The stuff on /cgl/ is too cutesy for me
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who dis?

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How do I find my style without wasting tons of money? I just recently started giving a shit about my apperance and all my old clothes are horrible (boot-cut jeans, baggy pants, ugly ass hoodies)

I'm a poor student, how do I find a style I like? What do I prioritize buying?

pic related, only nice piece I own
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bumping 4 op
Lurk on /fa/
Take up a part time job or research reselling. Check out grailed.com .
I also think there is some person on youtube doing like series on grailed steals. Pick a model and/or designer that you want to mimic their style. After you find that individual, tweak things little by little then you will end up having your own style.
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start with good basics from decent brands. Slim jeans from uniqlo, tees from american apparel. Both these things you can get on sale if you just wait for the right moment. You can easily get some uniqlo selvedge jeans for $20 if you wait, and that's not even the best possible price. Follow stores for sales and then when the price is good you pounce.

Until then, just look at inspiration for what you like. Do you listen to certain music? Do you like specific styles from movies? Find elements from each thing that you hold interest in and try to see how it would look in your style without being autistic as fuck.

I doubt it would work but you could also look into grailed basic and try to find cheap basics there if you can't find any sales right now.

Also don't buy everything at once. Work slowly and realize it takes a while to build a half decent wardrobe. I've spent like a good three years and I'm just starting to think I filled all the gaps

also thrift

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Photo 2016-09-09, 4 37 33 PM.jpg
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Cop or not
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pls respond
Not a fan. Quality is top tier though. Buy it only if you have a solid plan on how to wear it.
would cop

What are some good shoes for raves? Or dancing at underground / subculture clubs?

After a night in my emericas my feet are ruined and i start to feel tired quickly.

It's very important it doesn't make you look like a fuccboi. The importance is the robust look, not it's sleak look (pic related are passable). Roshes and black janoskis are - ofcourse - out of the question.
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Stanley Smithsons
Reebok classic white/black

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Best sneaker ever made?
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Trash, there are no good Samba collabs

Buy regular Sambas if you want Sambas, these are just a waste of money
Leather sucks in "regular sambas"
They do look a lot more comfortable than Sambas. I had a pair that I wore off and on for 8 years and found that even though they're tough and can put up with a lot of shit, they staid stiff. Also they don't breathe at all.

Every time I go out these days I see teenage girls with their mom jeans pulled high up, cuffed at the bottom and always looking like they were cropped too short, with the ankle clearly showing.
They usually couple this with oversized pullovers or shirts, and sneakers.

Is this what it means to be "fashionable" today?
It looks extremely ugly, exactly the kind of thing you would expect to see in the future and say "oh my god what the fuck was I doing"
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such a dumb word

most people dress like shit all the time, i don't see your point
When large numbers of people dress in a certain way it's not just random shitty taste, they're following a trend

This particular trend is awful
Throwing on a bunch of poorly fitting ugly 90s inspired crap is what's popular now

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whats the name of that wood thing on shoes?
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shoe wood
Shoe Tree
wood of shoe

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Is this knight hoodie effay?
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as effay as having a colonoscopy

You look like a degenereate numale cuckold
So very

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post punk burka.jpg
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what's the basic bitch attire in your area?
mine is:
-Burberry check scarf
-Michael Kors bag
-Ripped jeans
-Adidas Superstars / Nike Janoskis
-newest Iphone in any color other than black
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its fucken disgusting
File: 1468809126630.jpg (15KB, 320x320px)Image search: [Google]
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>Michael Kors bag
I kinda like superstars, too bad their reputation is tainted

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Is smoking effay? What is your favourite brand?
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Well black is effay, and smoking makes your lungs black, so I guess that makes it effay.

American Spirits all the way.
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I'd say so, but not on its own, you've gotta be effay as well as smoke. smoking with out dressing well makes you look like a dirty peasant. imo.

Ohh and Camel Blues.
no, but if you're effay you can get away with smoking, up to the point where people try to imitate you by smoking

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Bout that time.
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Hoping someone adds to my collection
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