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how to pull off russian XIX and XX fashion in the contemproary world? dumping a few pics
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Started doing this with all my belts. Is it autistic or stylish? I kinda like it.
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You look like an autist just tuck it into your belt loop
Autistic af
Buy a smaller belt you colossal retard.

Polite sage.

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Post 50s and 60s fashion, hair and makeup inspo here!
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reviewbrah fittings.jpg
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What is the closest modern equivalent to the 90s yuppie?
I want something that says unapologetically professional. Something that makes people think "this guy didn't dress like this because it appealed to him, this guy has an almost sociopathic detachment and only dressed like that to further his career".
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Same as before.
The suit is navy (or black, wtf is going on?) and not brown, the football shoulders disappear, but it's the same Patrick Bateman neurotically just right and nothing more than that uniform.
what if you're a wimmin?
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What's the practical use of fur on the hood.
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Ask the igloo people I remember there was a doc that explained.
filters wind, feels cozy when it touches the neck/face, helps the hood stay "put" without tying it

Heading to Melbourne, AU for a week over NYE. What are some /fa/ shops and spots that I shouldn't miss? I was there about two years ago and know most of the well known stores but I'm sure there are some I don't know about. What about /fa/ bars, cafes and restaurants?

I'm not interested in themed hipster dives that sell long necks of Carlton, vegan burritos and have overcrowded balconies full of smokers that aren't dancing because the music is shit.
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don't come we don't want you here
There's no point of even going to Melbourne if you don't go to culture kings

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ID on these pants? was posted in a thread earlier. ty
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if anyone can direct me to similar pants..., that would be dope.,,
think these would have originally been hifi fnk, no way to get them now tho if they were.
also want to know w2c some that look like this, hifi only seem to sell slacks now, which i just dont like as much
That's literally a black pants, you fucking piece of shit. Your fucking thread could have been posted on the fuccboi thread, moron. I can't believe some people still don't know what a fucking black pant is. Just give up, moron, you will never be effay, and you know why ? Because you're a fucking retard. You are literally mentally retarded. You're the kind of piece of shit that asks stupid questions all the time because you don't take 10 motherfucking seconds to read or make your own research. You are the reason why our western society is falling apart. You are a fucking plebeian, you don't even deserve the right to vote, motherfucker. I don't even want to make a godwin point, but you know exactly where you belong.

You just fucking ruined my day with your stupid question, i am shaking right in front of my computer right now. Fuck you.

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It's not the meme one, you retard
why did you start a thread if you clearly could have asked in the fucking THREAD devoted to german flecktarns

Thoughts on these?
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Me gusta, cop
If you aren't black don't even think about it
They look nice tbf but I'm not going to buy anything some rapper has stamped his name on

super noob question, what's the name of this kind of shirt where the sleeves are kinda flared out as opposed to dropping down?
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oversize tee, shortened sleeves?
Why? It's not like you're planning on wearing them... right, Anon?
I believe it's called a french terry OP

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I set up two profiles on a dating website called pof.com.
One has conservative but fashionable photos (button up, trousers, nice shoes in outdoor environments in social situations).
The other is just me topless in a selfie in the mirror (I have a six pack).
I made a generic 1 line message and sent 20 women in my area the message from both accounts.
50% replied to the topless profile, 0% the nice conservative one. In addition, the topless photo is getting cold-call messages from women I didn't contact first.

If you want to meet women online you need to get fit guys. Fashionable clothes are a meme.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood fitizen. :^)
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Nigga, did you misclick /r9k/?
No one is effay for the women.
yeah sure if you register on to fuckwomenintheasshole.com or whatever of course youre going to get boring sluts
>One has conservative but fashionable photos (button up, trousers, nice shoes in outdoor environments in social situations).

post pics

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What are some good alternatives to SuitSupply for people who don't have the tall, Aryan build their suits are cut for (e.g. Korean)?
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koreans are among the tallest people in asia

face it: you're a manlet even among your own race
I'm 5'10.
>wat are proportions
is it bad that almost all of these fits look awful to me
like theres always some nuance with the colour palette or textiles
maybe its the no-socks meme
or the pocket handkerchiefs

who here is denim-core?
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The right side of the image (lol they should have reversed it) is counter-culture, now.

Trump won. What's depicted on the right side of that image is no longer the mainstream. Hence, it really is the left side of that image that most closely aligns with "normies."
>popular culture changes overnight
i like how 4channers are experts on third wave feminism because they learned all about it on 4chan

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Help /fa/, need some new shoes. Down to 5 options, of which I can probably get 2.

1 - new balance 574, pic related (http://www.newbalance.ca/en_ca/pd/574-leather/NB574-GL.html?dwvar_NB574-GL_color=White#color=White&width=D)
2 - new balance 580 (http://www.newbalance.ca/en_ca/pd/580-re-engineered-jacquard/MRT580-RET.html?dwvar_MRT580-RET_color=Black_with_White#color=Black_with_White&width=D)
3 - timbs (http://www.softmoc.com/ca/mens/timberland/casual-boots/combat-boots/10061/mns-icon-premium-wheat-6-work-boot)
4 - superstars (http://www.softmoc.com/ca/mens/adidas/athletic-shoes/sneakers/b27140/mns-superstar-blkwht-fashion-sneaker)
5 - baselines (http://www.softmoc.com/ca/mens/adidas/athletic-shoes/sneakers/aw4617/mns-baseline-blkwht-stripe-sneaker)

wat do?
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File: mrt580jr_nb_14_i.jpg (72KB, 960x546px)Image search: [Google]
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pic related, #2
not these
neither. new balance supports donald trump. don't give your money to a company that is in favor of global climate change. there are much cooler sneakers out there.

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