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How would you; using modern fashion, make an acceptable outfit based on a revolutionary soldier?
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post dylan core
nigga what
Rick knee high shoes
Ann d jacket
Engineered garments best
Acne ace
Generic designer scarf
Undershirt won't really matter
Surplus hat

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Fucking 4dimension have run out of the r9-1 in all sizes bar small. I'm 6ft so no way it will fit. My question is, where can I get affordable tech outer wear now that I can't get this jacket?
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Uniqlo blocktech
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What do those big stupid techwear pockets look like with things in them?

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I'm thinking about going with something pic related but feel like its not effay enough?
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Reebok Club C Vintages are good
youre about to get a shitstorm of people hating on superstars.
Don't worry about that being effay- streetwear both exists within and without the bounds of effay.

That being said what is the fit of the black pants? White shoes can go with black pants, but consider the fit of the jeans before you pick your shoes

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Fashion Advice:

Im a guy, I won a cardigan. But I don't have a dress shirt for under the cardigan. Would a white t shirt look good under it? Maybe even a black t shirt? What should I wear under a dark grey cardigan?
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will always look better with a collared shirt underneath
drop trip
Wish I had a dress shirt, I kinda wanna wear it but have nothing to wear it with.

File: 20110530_1948740.jpg (70KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you find better jacket?

you cant
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File: efynr58ewbvhxv1hkkr9.jpg (4MB, 4180x2536px)Image search: [Google]
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hey man that's a bullshit jacket
welcome to /fa/
did Jun get any flack for ripping off Helmut

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Daily Fit.png
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Cav empt denim button down - 1998 collection

Burberry glasses

State-of-the-art cut

Great fit
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great fit
great fit
Truly great fit

What made early 2000s fashion so good?
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but it wasn't

But he didn't know

as close to objectively as possible.
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ok r8 me
is the opinion of a D list model supposed to mean something? fuck off to the other thread
That guy is nothing exceptional, I haven no idea why you people praise him so much.

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/fa/ I need your help, I'm doing a speech for my public speaking class that has to be persuasive, and the topic I've been assigned is why men should wear pink. I've got some ideas, but what are some things you guys would say?
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looks good, and also refute the counter arguments that pink isnt masculine (its a shade of red) and that masculinity matters in modern fashion
I'd get into the fact you were even assigned the topic speaks wonders on how the education system effeminates men.
we had to pick random topics out of a box.

how faggy is bleaching hair these days? Assuming I have a face to pull it off, is it worth?
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Girls - it works for most girls hair styles, generally not bad
Boys - no unless you're gay or an emo
is Sunday the day where /fit/ and /k/ come here to pretend they can be effay?
How is this even remotely related to /k/?

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I live in Sweden and in like two weeks I'll be freezing my face off out here, gibsmedat inspo

Preferably not wallet breaking expensive yes please
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håll käften äckel
kys famalam
Asking for inspo for a reason kuksugare would it be better if I put a Thrasher one in pic instead?

File: IMG_0698-e1381342554668.jpg (715KB, 3456x5184px)Image search: [Google]
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Crazy socks thread, post your craziest socks
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Those socks are hilarious! see you and the kids next summer :-)
Love Grand ma
is it possible to wear anything other than straigh-up black/white socks with a pair of vans and skinny jeans? i've never tried otherwise, always thought it would look weird
Mark certainly thought they were lol, he kept trying to tickle my feet in the staff lounge when I wasn't paying attention

File: Military-wool-glove-liner1.jpg (19KB, 480x425px)Image search: [Google]
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Can I wear glove liners as actual gloves without looking autistic? Would it still be warm in milder weather? I saw some interesting ones (pic kind of related) in a milsurp store. I like the text on the hand.
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I can see it working, op. That print on the glove might look way cool.
thats my thinking. my other worry is using it with a phone. it might be thin enough to work, but if not, is there any simple mods to make a glove work with your phone?
There aren't smart glove liners?

File: 819888a7f6aa8dd[1].jpg (10KB, 400x275px)Image search: [Google]
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What are your suggestions for a pair of black minimal sneakers? These Keds look kinda good, but I only find women's sizes.
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Also, what do you think about all black stans?
File: 81pc-TjVw+L._UL1500_.jpg (146KB, 1500x808px)Image search: [Google]
146KB, 1500x808px

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Just picked up some black rit dye on sale. Any ideas? Also general DIY thread
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is it possible to darken my faded black pants with this?
I had a bright orange cableknit jumper I dyed with this, now it's kind of a very dark blue bordering on black. I never wore it (honestly have no clue how I even got a bright orange jumper) and now I wear it all the time.

I can post a pic if you want me to.
Pls do

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