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Post whatever this is-core
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Masculine gay core
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Are wrestling shoes cool? Does /fa/ approve of them
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absolutely not
are you wrestling? No? Then fuck off
I'll hit you with the double leg take down and cradle you faggot

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Most effay military fashion moments? I like the Yugoslav Wars
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I fucking love Stalins style
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world war 2 was also pretty effay
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The first Chechen war had some effay looks.

lets go into lesser explored territory that will complement the mission of /fa

how do we train our voices for clarity, confidence, pronounciation or even projection

and eliminate quirks and odd phrasing

better yet, dealing with accents, or lack of one if you really want to try to adapt one
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I've never thought about it before. Can voices be /fa/?
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I think its about /not/ sounding like a fucking nerd.

Like, if you dress yourself up real nice, but if you sound like a fucking stuttering Peter Griffin, then there really isnt a point in dressing yourself up in the first place.
I feel like a lot of people think poorly of me because of how I speak, im fairly shy and take time to put thought in my words but they usually just think im slow. This in combination with having abused pills for an extended period of time makes me slur or teeter off rhythm mid sentence. I don't want to sound brain dead when having a conversation anymore. :(

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to the anon that posted these boots a couple days ago pls tell me where i can buy them they are perfect

i apologize for making my own thread but i've had no luck in W2c after i get my answer i will happily delete the thread
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look like CP combats. sole might be slightly different.
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i like the cp combats but they are not the same shoe

i think the cp's have a zipper on the side too

ty though
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These look very similar. I got them for 30 dollars. They're Canadian army dress ankle boots with lugged soles or something like that from a surplus store.

Been looking everywhere for this shirt anyone know where to get it?
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only a lowlife would wear that
[spoiler]I hope someone gets this pun[/spoiler]
Heh, you're the highlight of my lowlife, anon
Bump because im quite curious myself, I would like to wear that too. Poppy has some nice outfits.

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is this /fa/ approved?
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Get me off this fucking ride
if you're a cuck, yeah

>captcha: edge 1600
its really embarrassing when you leftists say cuck

What does /fa/ wear when they go for a quick run to the supermarket or liquor store?

Pic tangentially related
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Whatever I'm currently wearing at the moment? Who the fuck changes just to go grab a carton of milk
i think he means you're in pyjamas at home or something and you need to go out quickly

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Is Palewave entirely seasonal? I use to always dress in a grungy and bleak fashion style and ever since I picked up on pale I shaped it into my new style, is it wrong?

Pic related but not me
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w2c sweater?
god this dude's pictures are cozy
Depends on the individual pieces. Leo's (?) fit is definitely a/w because of the long sleeves, layering, and socks. A pastel tshirt and light stone wash jeans is also palewave, but more suitable for spring summer.

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Is it a waste of time to put effort into how you dress if you don't have an attractive face?
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People don't judge the cards you were given but how you deal with them.
Not trying to be a dick, but this seems flat out not true?
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ellie shopping list.png
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Alright /fa/ I need some help.

I'm buying panties for someone I know, and I need to know a place to get some cute ones.

Currently I've got my eyes on Victoria's Secret, they've got a great deal where you can get 7/$27 and they have some fairly nice designs on that offer.

I'm not looking for extremely sexy or sassy lingerie, more looking for cute/patterned stuff.

It also needs to ship to Australia.

This is gonna be a Christmas gift.

Pic related is current shopping list
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1st and 6th one aren't the right pictures for the specific design I selected, just in case you think they look plain or whatever.
The only time I knew of a guy buying a girl underwear it was incredibly awkward, being given to her in a public place. She left it somewhere.
The person I'm buying these for and I are... close...

When I asked her what she wanted she said either underwear, makeup or games lol...

Games too nerdy, makeup too complicated so I'm going for underwear.

This isn't like some random friend or whatever xD Thanks for the concern tho man.

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What do you call this kind of t-shirt?

Inb4 ugly
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one more pic
It's just a t-shirt with a logo
It's like 2 tshirts stitched at the collar that you can wear both ways, don't have an ID on the piece

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>Why are rioters so/fa/?
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You're not the only one OP
you might wanna consider looking into /terrorwave/
/fa/ riot
>When people actually need to overthrow the government for a chance at livelihood

un/fa/ riot
>American college students mad that they don't get free shit.

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Most coats nowadays have press studs to attach the fur to the hood, can I order just that fur part online?
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press studs can come in a lot of different sizes. you could probably get a good tailor to change them though.
I'm not worried about the studs but the furt.
meant fur

hey, im going hitchhiking and camping for 15 days in about two months and im looking for some footwear that will prove comfortable for it and at the same time i can wear it casually in the city without lookin like a retard.
I suppose they have to be confortable/aired more than anything and a bit resilient cause i will be getting into woods and stuff.
Any particular suggestions on what should i get and/or avoid?
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anon youre gonna get killed hitchhiking
black military boots, german made, world war 2 era
nah its fine, its common to do it where im going. thanks for the concern btw

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