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So, I just got a job finally.

Judging by the attire of my interviewers, it's smart/casual dependent on the position you hold.

All I have is a suit, some trousers from uniqlo that give me a ridiculous bulge, and cheap office shoes that give me blisters every time I put the fuckers on.

What would you recommend me to wear? I have difficulties buying shirts, as I have broads shoulders but short arms, so it's either too small for my neck or too long for my arms.

Any advice on where to cop sum shit, London preferably, would be great.

Pls not shit like pic related...
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something like this maybe
Uniqlo pants were definitely not made for Western privileges in mind.
Dress sweaters are the answer though. Heather grey, dark green, wine, navy, black. Cop what you can from thrift, otherwise buy small now and then a bigger black Friday sale.
Might be worth it to just play it safe and go to something like Joseph A Banks for some standard classic stuff. I get my shit from there for office wear and get all the "modern" fit stuff. It's safe because even their modern fits are pretty conservative compared to uniqlo.

Do they have Banks in London? I'm not even sure lol

Besides Uniqlo, H&M and Zara, what fa places should i visit?
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abandoned west world
Acne, beams... japan is shit.

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we're getting comfy in this thread, post inspo of comfy rooms.
>tfw not as commf as pic relaat
minimalism aint comfy btw
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another one of these cuz i like them smb

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determine if people's faces are effay or not. looking for suggestions
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You'd make a good trap
You're like if a handsome person was melted in a Salvador Dali painting. Go to the gym.

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look better from a low angle? Seems like everyone looks better from a top down perspective.
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You just said two conflicting things
No he didn't
>Does literally anyone's face

Hmm.. what did he mean by this...?

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Buzzcut is still the undisputed most /fa/ haircut right?
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No, it's the undisputed only reasonable way to deal with male pattern baldness.

Until ancient egyptian male side ponytails com back in style, that is.
I can't think of a haircut that looks good on so many different people though.
its quantity over quality. almost everyone looks good in a buzzcut but everyone looks better than that in something else.

>quads tho

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Would these compliment raw denim?

Would natural or white be better?
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both are nice, cons are great
Raw denim will stain them.
good luck, they'll be blue by the hour

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2MB, 750x1334px
Rate my fit /fa/
Tear me up please.
Also what shoes could i wear with this i opted for these comfy loafs cuz fukk it thats why.
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if u didnt care why should i care
well its not that i simply didnt care i think that it still looks alright desu so i said fukk it i can wear them and get away with it.. thats how i meant it.
I don't know the core but it looks pretty good

File: LC.jpg (427KB, 725x1715px)Image search: [Google]
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Was he /fa/?
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yes and he was also from my city
Im pretty sure Dustin Hoffman is still alive senpai.
That's bob dylan dumbass

File: VANS MEME.jpg (85KB, 781x722px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/ mems
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File: fromtheback1.jpg (302KB, 991x1762px)Image search: [Google]
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the slip ons are legitimately girl shoes, authentics and eras are best
From the back?

File: Free-Falling-Money.jpg (529KB, 1000x664px)Image search: [Google]
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So I won $400 ($600 because I got the money I bet back) because of Trump's victory on Tuesday. I voted for Clinton but figured if Trump won I would at least have some free money to ease the pain.

So I have $600. What does /fa/ buy?
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Obviously a 4chan Pass :^)
>Voted for Clinton
Isn't it obvious? Get to buying some rope for yourself
What was the right choice then, faggoop?

File: Enlight1.jpg (113KB, 750x672px)Image search: [Google]
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Fix my hairstyle

Sides are shaved and growing in

Middle hairline wtf???

Mcswirly (One side goes down and one side goes sideways)
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I'm tired of the stupid idiots on this board who think they're balding when they just have a shitty hairline.
I never said I thought I was balding

They will improve by themselves.

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Robot here, could I pull these off? I've been wearing the same sneakers for the past two years and the sole is worn down to fuckall. I like the Beatles and I do a lot of walking, so I figured this made sense.
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No Dr Martens are notoriously hard to pull off, really no point even attempting unless you wear the exact high fashion designers that work with Martens and even then you need specific body type.
This is great chelsea boots, you should also look at dr martens victor, sole is smaller and it's less bulky. (btw i wonder if pic related are not victor)

File: Black-Mirror-Assalto.png (241KB, 700x400px)Image search: [Google]
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>lose out on sick, rare piece on ebay and will probably never see one again in your lifetime

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preaching to the choir

olympic track and field gear, my tearjerker.
File: 1347091207_9a27c1a6f6_b.jpg (238KB, 1024x464px)Image search: [Google]
238KB, 1024x464px
I used to get adidas country rips from ebay but I think the deadstock's all been depleted.

I remember copping that trainer for $20 at Zellers in high school. HG shoe.

File: IMG_6230.jpg (108KB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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Got this shirt as a gift. I don't know what bottoms and shoes to wear with it. Help
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haha you look like a bottle of cloudy bay
It's too 2008 pacsun, get rid of it
no pants and flip flops

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