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Discuss winter boots. Must be inexpensive, great quality, toasty, unique, not yet adopted by hipsters and plebs (as the ducks boots, pseudo-vintage hiking boots, etc). Go ahead.
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i wish i could find the mickey boots somewhere locally to try em on

But anon, cheap shit you end up paying double for eventually.

igor is a broke degenerate he doesnt have money he steals his clothing

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So, this was discontinued, right?

Where can I find a parka that's as similar to the ECWCS as possible?
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other companies make ecwcs parkas as well
AI re-released their version, which was technically improved a ton than the earlier version, which isn't surprising considering it was designed in the 80s
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>other companies make ecwcs parkas as well
I know, but the NYCO ECWCS is a hybrid between an ECWCS parka and M65 iirc
>AI re-released their version
What? I can't find it anywhere

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>finally got rid of acne
>already have wrinkles on my face
why I didn't have a chance of being pretty?
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Retain A, peels, filler, Botox. That's how it goes sometimes.
>finally clear acne
>hairline starts receding
nothing means anything
>Acne starts clearing up
>I was always ugly so it doesn't matter

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How do you carry your keys?
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in my pocket. hate seeing your key shit
I use to put them in my coin/watch pocket and I've attached some string to the keychain and tied a slipknot in it, that is hanging out the pocket, so I can grab them easily.
On a lanyard like a retard

I locked myself out twice in the past 1 1/2 years, so it's not gonna happen again

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Tell me, are these pilot boots fa?
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lol those are German Paratrooper boots, I was just looking at them.

front silhouette looks like a hotdog

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Hey, do you guys know any good vegan leather jackets?
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"vegan leather jackets"?

are you eating the fucking thing or what?
its ok you can say fake here
Why do you think vegans wouldn't be okay with killing animals for food but it would be perfectly fine to kill them for a fashion accessory?

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ceo in office.jpg
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how2fash as blue collar worker?
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bumping for interest
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Coveralls seem interesting.
Coordinate ur blue collar to match the color of your pbr cans

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These things are so goddamm ugly and stupid, yet hipsters and other fags insist on wearing them and claim they look good...
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Jesus this
You should have seen /fa/ in 2009
You'd be too embarrassed to respond
Looks better than most of the coats or jackets that make you look like a bloated fat fuck.
Still better than Rick lmao

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Post fakes and reps of items that are too rare/too expensive for poorbois

Reminder that there is literally nothing wrong with buying fakes as long as they're good and not a hyper-recognisable piece
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Looking for good reps of
>Julius gas mask cargos (or similar)
>Pod shorts
any thoughts?


these are sold out everywhere etc and these fakes actually dont look too bad
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How are Puerhomme jeans compared to let's say Acne?

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Old thread nearing 300. post fits /fa/gs
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Trust no one........not even.....you're self!!!!!!!111
I'm embarrassed that you thought this was funny and good enough to post
I like the outfit but get rid of the knife

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What does /fa/ think of ponytails on dudes?
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Gay as fuck.

Do not try without godly facial aesthetics, with sharp cheekbones and a jawline that could cut diamonds.
But assuming one does have these?

would they just look better overall without long hair, or long hair without the tail

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al pacino in hot.jpg
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Who here /custom tailor/? Got a couple in my area, thinking of checking them out. Seem weird not to buy branded shirts or suits

What does /fa/ think?
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>What does /fa/ think?
It's the best but most expensive option.
That's not Al Pacino.
The most expensive option would be getting some fucking ready to wear Tom Ford pieces for 600+ per piece

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vintage /fa/ for you, found this from 2010
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when Igor sees this he's gonna flip out
peacoats were cool like 3 years ago but they come and go
File: 1449537978493.png (234KB, 500x400px)Image search: [Google]
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>Never dress like an anime character
vintage /fa/ sounds lame as fuck

File: PicsArt_11-14-05.53.35.jpg (552KB, 1968x1107px)Image search: [Google]
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Just got some comfy ass wool shoes but unsure how to style them. Live in San Diego (spring/summer weather only) so can't wear too much layers.
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Absorbent socks and let them air well between wearings in that climate first of all or they will get gross. Otherwise, style as you do casual shoes? If you want specific rec's, what is your current wardrobe like?
Let's call it non existing.
I have some selvedge jeans, some really weird stretchy jeans from American Eagle that I tend to use more cause slim really are tight on my crotch. Also have a mustard type pants from h&m, cause on sale and poor af college student.

As for tops I have been mostly wearing solid or patterned t-shirts. Though I do have a nice olive green slim fit Polo.
post a picture so i can asphyxiate from laughter

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>trying to find a pair of jeans without the 1% spandex/elastane
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I hate that shit but I never see it unless it's in full nut huggers, wtf kind of jeans are you looking for
Levi's 505s
Dickie's Slim Straight Jeans
clearly you're fucking useless and want to spoon fed where to find a pair. google for 5 min asshole

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