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Sounds like a crazy question but how well do you think the new nike special field boots would be able to skate in, also do you prefer the newer sfb over the old ones?
>inb4 meme shoes
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Nike supported Obama and TPP

Now, New Balance on the other hand support the Dahnald! Don't buy Nike cuck shoes for niggers and wife's sons!

stop trying so hard
So. Are the newer sfbs better than the older ones? I know many of you have them. Also i know these are not at all meant for skateboarding in. But could you, i mean they look easier to skate in than say.. timberlands

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Anyone else completely terrified of aging? I'm 22 and a half and I think about getting old every single day, about my face drooping, about not being in the "know" or considered cool anymore. Idk what to do about it, i'm more afraid of aging then I am dying, I feel ancient right now at 22 and get so anxious when im around people younger than me.
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If you are a woman then yes you should feel worried. If you are a man then embrace aging. Aging for men is the best thing that can happen to us
I'm a man, age is only good if you have perfect genetics. Look at people like Ricky Gervais or Micky Rourke, hell even Chris Pine is going down the shitter. I even think dating women 4 years below me is creepy, and with age I have less and less societal room to just fuck around.

This. If you take care of yourself, you'll be slaying in your forties, maybe even beyond that

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How to look classy and well kept but also give off a hint of authoritarianism?
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Necktie, natural/high-waisted pants, suspenders (or shiny belt) and balmoral boots.

It's a start. It helps alot if you work out and get a good physique


And nice haircut. Hitler youth, crew cut, haircuts with short sides and somewhat stable on top if that makes sense. take good care of your hair.

Have a good jawline and good facial features.

Don't be fat or a skinnyfat (being skinny but all you have is only fat.) Having Ottermode bodytype is very effay, so look up online on how to be ottermode (can be achieved by light weights, cardio, and bodywight fitness)

Yah workout

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Hey /fa/....

Um, do you want to go to Winter Dance with /r9k/?
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You already know the answer
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literal autism isn't very /fa/. plus i bet you robots dress like shit, why would we go with you?

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anyone own a pair of redwing
particularly pic related, the 9197 boots
they look v high quality and have a dope silhouette but idk if theyre worth the price
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I own a pair, they have a long break in period and squeak. Also they're more bulky then I wanted them to be.
so not worth the price?
are they more or less bulky than the doc martens boots, cus i cant stand doc boots
Went to a store the other day and tried on the iron ranger model. Probably the most comfy shit i've ever had on my feet and thats before breaking them in. Gonna defnitely cop some soon

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inspo thread?
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My God, it's Chuck Taylors reissued in their classic form, using a mold that replicates the CT from the 1970's! The shape, materials and comfort is superior to their modern day counterpart! Built with a heavy canvas upper, polished chrome eyelets, original stitching pattern, polished foxing and toe cap, topped off with the vintage Converse black license plate!
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Wow! Converse© is seriously upping their game since they joined the Nike© family! Speaking of Nike©, have you tried on the brand new Nike© SB Dunk High Premium Red Velvets? What a pair! These shoes features the responsive cushioning and powerful grip you expect from the classic SB Dunk, while adding a high-sheen (and beautiful, if you ask me) red velvet upper, giving you an edge on the board, the court, or the streets while still looking fresh af senpai!

Still undecided on these shoes? Well, it's like Nike© always says: JUST DO IT!
Fuck off shill

i legit want to buy a pair now, good pitch

What sort of coat is this and what manufacturers should I check out for one? In particular I'm looking for a men's and probably in beige. I feel like I saw a good amount of them during a stop in a German airport, but never in burgerland.

None of my local stores seem to have anything of the sort, so I guess I should be looking online.
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any old bong brand
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duffle coat.jpg
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Don't get white, these jackets are made to absorb shit. Duffles are really nice though, they're different without being try hard, so they look good on most people.
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I know no brands.

I'm pretty much an outsider, and so far it feels like shopping for clothes as a guy is like being stuck in a game with really poor customization options. This is one of the few cool things I've seen that looks acceptable in public.

At least I know it's called a duffle coat now, thanks famalam.

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Are band shirts /fa/?
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Only if you saw the show/tour. Duh. That's always been the way it goes, how do you not know this?
Exception: if grill and stole bf's shirt to wear.
Is metal merch with graphics on the arms effay?

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zara-leather jacket.jpg
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>fake leather jackets last as long as real leather jackets
>visually cannot tell the difference
>1/50th the price
>feels just the same
>looks just as good as real leather

Just admit it. People who buy real leather jackets are just brand whores. Synthetic leather jackets nowadays are crafted just as good as real leather jackets. 99% of people can not even tell the difference. The only reason people buy real leather is because they got tricked.
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Perhaps if you plan to spend $50 at whatever store.

Once you get into the actual price range of decent leather then you can immediately tell the difference.

hell even look at dress shoes, fake leather shoes always look shitty.
Pleather doesn't cut the wind on a motorcycle like real leather does.
agree. there's a reason every high end fashion house out there have a faux leather option

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>tfw it's easier to dress when you're a manlet
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My inseam says otherwise
32x32 master race here.
27 x 34 here

life's good until the wind gets too strong

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R8 my hair, /fa/
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go to /soc/ obnoxious faggot
literally shititest fade ive ever seen in my life

Thanks /fa/!

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can you guys sauce more outfits like this? im currently building my inspo folder
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Black pants, sneakers and a tee
What an outfit
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Look at me, I'm so fashion
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>wear chinos, tshirt and sneaker
>"wow look at that pleb and laugh"
>pinroll said chinos
>"all hail to our new /fa/ god"
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Is it 2012 again?
nothing wrong with pinrolling, its a decent alternative to cropped pants and joggers, and having a visual break at the ankle makes you appear slimmer and taller, it also shows off your shoes.

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Is this /fa/ or borderline cringy?
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its a little tryhard, unless you're at a twink party in weho
It's not borderline cringy, just cringy.
I guess it's okay if you're 16.

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