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>tfw you step back and see how much money you spent on clothes in the last few years.

Ugh, all that money...
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I'd be pretty pissed to have spent that much on tacky shirts also OP.
a low price for selfesteem
No choice. That's just the office uniform nowadays.

is it hard to maintain a haircut like this ?
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No cause it's a wig

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Hello, you may be aware that the annual 4chan Winterball is approaching, and the good folks over at /MU/ would like to ask to take y-you to the ball with us. We really don't want to end up with /o/ again and we feel that our boards will look cute together. Either way, t-think it over and report back to /MU/ whenever you are ready. Raf simons, Rick owens usually what im dressed iiiiiiiin!

h-haha-ha, right guys?!

/mu/ <3
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You know what /mu/? I'd love to.
We're already going with /fit/.

We have a Beatrice and Benedick relationship.
/fit/ is going with /lit/

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Heading to Chicago for the weekend, any reccs on obscure/interesting shops to visit? is Magnificent mile really worth it
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St. Alfred
mag mile is fun for tourists; there's a pretty cool Adidas store in Water Tower Place too, especially if you like sports gear
The Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park is decent. There's also a designer store across the street from there that's pretty decent. Idk if Notre in Andersonville is open right now, but if it is I'd check it out, if Notre isn't open its still worth going to the area because Rad Vintage down the street occasionally has some nice shit. If you have a lot of money, RSVP gallery has everything that /fa/ loves, but if you aren't fucking rich enough to cop an entire rack of Rick Owens and you go in there the workers will stare down their noses at you like you're fucking swine. Went there to cop some Cps last year and the workers were legitimately openly judging me to my face because I couldn't afford to buy more than what I came to purchase.
I think it also has to do with how you're dressed when you go in
If you have on broke ass shit from h&m they're gonna assume you're a lame hypebeast
If you are dressed like a regular human being they're generally cool as fuck

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Do you think I could pull this off wih curly hair?
Has the 1400s made a revival?
pls be bait

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& a pair of dark brown dickies
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recent 13-11-16.png
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1. Raketa Copernicus - I saw someone else had copped one and I really dug it
2. Casio world time - pulled the trigger on a meme watch that I can beat to shit at work
3. Our Legacy terry melange shirt - A bit off the wall but I think it will be great in the colder months and can work as a shirt jacket
4. Commoners Linen shorts - I've been trying to work more linen into my wardrobe due to the heat hopefully these go alright.

Weird cops in retrospect but whatever
I bought some gray gazelles to go with earth tone fits. Buying some black derbies soon, thinking about some brown ones as well.

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Last Thread: >>11947971

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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Don't lose hope during holiday season, /thinspo/! You can make it!
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Boots skirt_thin.jpg
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Holiday season is when I have the most hope. I gotta fit into all the clothes I'm buying/being gifted.
Just need to keep on track a little longer. If things go well I should reach my goal weight in five more weeks!

tumblr thread

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>Muh aesthetic
I don't know where else to turn

For nearly two years now I have had an intense sexual fantasy of capturing a young male model and feeding him every day until he is very fat. I don't want to rape him or hurt him or anything like that, I wouldn't want that at all. I just want him to stay put in some sort of cage with little to no clothes on while I feed and feed and feed him all sorts of confections.

It started off as an entertaining fap-material thought but I really am having a hard time at nearly all hours of the day keeping this off my mind. It is distracting me from my work and I have been warned that if my rate of output continues to decline at my office job they're going to let me go. I can't guarantee that all that loss of production is due to the fantasy but I really can not think of a single other thing I could attribute it to.

When I first started, even though it's generally vague, I would imagine Matthew Noszka as my captured fatty. A few months in my fantasy was more frequently focused on Jordan Barrett, then Abel Van Oeveren, and most recently I haven't been able to stop picturing Anders Hayward in the role ever since I saw him in H&M Studio Collection Men F/W 16. Still, I have to stress that on the most part there is no specific male model the fantasy is centered around.

What do I do, /fa/? I've been too scared to talk to anybody about this out of fear of being ridiculed and losing my only friend. This was completely manageable until a few months ago and now it's really getting out of control. The mental image of beckoning my little prisoner closer to the bars of his cage so I can use a spoon to scrape drips of soup or whipped cream off his chin and feeding it too him so he doesn't miss a single drop is just impossible for me to ignore anymore.

If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it. These tears are real.

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Show me some cool prep shit bois.
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Fuck it, i'll post some shit
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that's not even prep

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o shit yo do you guys knoe some good all white sneakers?
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all white sneakers are a meme
usually partnered with too-black shitty slim bombers and too-tight black jeans
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Yea i feel like I've spent so much time on white low tops i could prob help you out.

Achilles Low Alternatives:

This is going to be the best in terms of 1:1 to cps. Kinda weird to buy, you have to fund them and they wont come for a few months.
If you really want cps tho just save up and check grailed a lot.

Some other options


(they also have gats)


Stan Smiths, i would get navy or green, Court Vintage, Superstars, etc



Look on amazon fashion they have a ton of leather low top white fashion sneaker heres a copuple examples

I would also consider retro reeboks to be pretty trendy atm, but honeslty idk whuch model so do ur own research.

http://www.hm.com/us/product/48938?article=48938-A&cm_vc=PRA1 cheap asf

for a more norm core approach you could also just get like nike sbs, white chucks, white old skools, air force ones, etc

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File: 1451809773810-2 copy 3.png (1MB, 2000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
1451809773810-2 copy 3.png
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File: 1451809773810-2.png (2MB, 2000x1500px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2000x1500px

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I found a Gucci hat some stoner left at a party that stinks of weed, naturally I stole it, can I get a legit check?
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go fuck yourself in the ass with a sledgehammer you subhuman degenerate piece of shit, go return it, preferably face to face and apologizing but if you wont do that return it anonymously.
Return it you fucking wigger

Thieving, nigger, degenerate; kill yourself.

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Every year 4chan has a winter ball its an old tradition.
Who are we going with maybe a board we have never gone with.
A nice friendly board or a sexy one.
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We should take /lgbt/ to the ball with us or /int/
For anyone who doesnt know.
Each board votes on who they want to take to the winter ball.
And we drew lewd pictures of the pairings.
/fa/ is a male board.
So far a few other boards have made threads about this.
The current painrings are.
/pol/ and /o/
/x/ is going with /v/ last i heard
/s4s/ along with /c/
Others are still choosimg and we should decide while we can
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If the little whiny fuck comes in here we will delete the thread and start over, I swear to god

CHECK THESE LINKS BEFORE ASKING "what are some patches"

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too many chiefs.jpg
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Ay how long is that Stirnir patch going to take to get out
So far, no plans to order. I'm hoping to make the money back from the Chernobyl patch first

But Union of Egoists patch and the glitched NASA one are the ones I'll focus on next

Are tattoos effayy ?

Show us what you got.
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They're not effay, and that's going to look like shit when your huskyass motherfuckerself grows hair back.
>Oliver Hibert tattoos
colored tattoos are not effay

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