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what kind of shirt is this?
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Turtle neck??

dem feet though


ID on that bitch pls
I want to savage up her ass

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Dear /fa/ how do I get rid of these stains if I can
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back of a sponge
Using dish soap and a scrubber/toothbrush/scouring pad on a sponge should be enough to get that out. Magic eraser is another option.
Also what are you doing wearing high-top sneakers with shorts? Come on man.
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>clean vans

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If I'm left handed should I still wear my watch on my left wrist? I'm not sure if left wrist is a fashion statement or just a simple fact that there are more right handed people so therefore it appears as though the watch should be worn on the left wrist.
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You always wear you watch on your non-dominant wrist. The point is that when you're writing with a pen or pencil and watch won't be dangling around or weighing you down

It's also less likely to get damaged
get a left handed (mirrored) variant and wear it on your right wrist.
Okay cool thanks guys. Didn't wanna look weird with it on my right hand but if anybody asks I'll just say I'm left handed lol

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id on boots
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The bottom of the boots is very telling, and immediately I could tell what boots they are
I will tell you however, that the ones in the picture are the heavier variant
not op but this does absolutely fucking nothing to help the guy
the fact the water comes all the way up to your boardwalk is disgusting. Anything coming from where you live should be lit on fire.

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>120lbs on a good day

is there any hope for me guys? a-am i gonna make it
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i mean ian connor fucked sarah snyder
but he probably never wondered whether he was gonna make it
Hi Kevin Heart, how are you?
nah i saw kevin hart im a solid 4 inches taller than that dwarf.

well some of my favorite designers are rick and yohji so how fucked am i

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>gay men dress the best
When will normies let go of this meme? They dress like shit most of the time
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they spent too much time in the closet

lel, u are so original
I've never thought of this before, but you may be onto something. Out of every person I know who dresses well enough to notice, only one of them is gay.
I'd say that gay guys seem to be more willing to step outside of boring clothes, though, and they tend to have a slightly better grasp on fit.

Where did we go so wrong?

Where did all the cool colors from the 80s go? Why is everyone dressed like a colorless zombie?
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no one wants to dress like a fruity faggot
i know youre trolling but have you seen this board
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Alright faggots listen up, I see pic related at my college, and I hate it. Colorless shitty windbreakers.

These people have NO style whatsoever. Nothing unique, nothing that even remotely stands out.

It makes me fucking sick. It makes me ball my fists in rage at how utterly incompetent people are at expressing themselves.

I wish for a time that was envisioned long ago. The 80s future we never got. The future of color and style.

Now all we have is plain, black and white, monochrome garbage that needs to be thrown away and burned.

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Most effay dog race?
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Only Cats are effay. Dogs are gross and anoying
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Muslim detected

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Any and all things watch related posts here.

Previous thread: >>12081666
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Whatever faggot!

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cp derby.jpg
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happy new year edition
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4253c8 (2).jpg
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Noko edition
Don't cop those. First wear they will crease really really bad and no amount of shoe trees will ever reshape them

What are some fa backpacks/messengers?
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Depends what you really want to look like.

Kanken is kind of a good fit for most casual looks.

More low-key stuff try Knomo.

There are lots of other options though. Do you have any particular requirements.
wrong, the second you put on that kanken abomination you lose at fashion
What's this particular backpack?

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Do it yourself/ re-purposing general

why the fuck were they two threads last time edition

Anything about making your own clothes, customizing and/or tailoring goes here. Talk about your projects. Ask Questions. Share information. Help each other out.

(if you think the pastebin lacks any information, just ask)

Last threads
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would this look dumb on a green parka?
you'll need a higher res pic to screenprint it, but otherwise no it doesn't look dumb, it just looks like text that no one has the time to read.
I was thinking of buying a shirt from the music label it's from with it printed on the back. Is a lot of text though...

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Tattoo thread.
Bonus points if they are your own.

I will be posting my favourites and what I think are the best tattoos, some of them might even be my own.
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Will be visiting this artist in three weeks time and will post what I receive.
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Double exposure writing
File: image.png (923KB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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How i can get from pic related to fa?
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Wish your legs to become longer.
- Cuff your chinos

- Get a fancy belt

- roll your sleaves up

- undercut

- tuck your jumper into your chinos to show your new belt

- unlace your shoes or lace them on the ankles like Nike SFBs

And here you're already set with this fit to discover fa's dimension.
Lmao, you're a dolt.

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http://www.wetstore.jp/ How do they get away with using Akira in their shirts, this is literally a magazine rip from the 80's. Is this just a case of the owners of the trademark not being aware? Is there possibly a loop hole that is going on due to it being from a magazine. I am curious as I have been looking into my own clothing line and would like to use likeness from stuff such as Akira.
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>some irrelevant brand printing anime t-shirts how the hell could this possibly happen
Thanks for the snarky quip, but I am looking for some actual advice.
>i have been looking into my own clothing line
>i have been looking into screenprinting post-grunge/psuedo deep/internet references on gildan tees
are you fucking retarded
can you read between the lines

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