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A jacket like this but not for assholes/neckbeards
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fuck off
Doesn't exist
duffle coat

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best nipple rings? Just got mine done. Must be high quality metals that wont irritate sensitive skin
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Uranium, preferably radiaoactive. Plutonium is so garish 80s and the half life doesn't kill this faggotry quickly enough
Sorry, but we may have to see the piercings. Y'know, to match with skin tone and such.
I hope you're happy with that ring because no decent man is ever going to give you one now

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>To me, the Internet is one of the biggest disappointments. The comments that people post there – it’s an orgy of hostility. Seeing how aggressively people fight each other on the Net, I can’t help wondering that there aren’t more wars going on in the world. Well-balanced, happy people don’t seem to come up online – or they don’t need to express themselves that way. The aggressive people are just louder.

What did he mean by this? Does he browse /fa/?
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Rick if you see this ur a accultist
Holy shit he's ugly, I understand why he makes clothes to stand out, he wants people to look at his clothes instead of at his stupid face.

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>TFW I'll never move out of my parents house

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stop buying stupid shit.

stop buying new clothes. stop buying alcohol and cigarettes. stop buying fast food. stop going to restaurants. stop buying video games. stop buying shoes. don't get a new car. stop buying new phones, new trinkets, new gadgets, new gizmos. stop buying junk from amazon.

eat, sleep, go to work, work out. save money. once you have at least 5 figures saved up, move to a city with real prospects. get a cheap place. start out by getting any job you can. work at walmart. it doesn't matter, at this point you need to re-establish income. then get a job as a server or a bartender. work evenings. this will free up your daytime for interviews and a career-search.

now, do your service job and apply for real jobs. jobs in your desired field. careers. go on interviews during the day, do your serving at night.

don't fall into the traps of buying shit you don't need again. this will cause you to fail. it is expensive to live on your own in the city. you need every penny.

the only things you should be spending money on are the following:

transportation to and from your job/interviews
medical shit if it's absolutely necessary

don't go out to eat. don't waste money at bars. don't start doing drugs. don't be fucking stupid. just work and develop prospects.

sooner or later you will land a 9-5 entry level office job that pays like idk something low like 45k, but it has set hours and benefits and is enough to live on and start saving money with.

then you repeat the cycle. now you have your foot in the door, you have career experience on your resume, and you shop around for a new job. one that pays 60k. and then one that pays 80k. then one that pays 100k.

eventually you will find one that pays a very nice salary and involves work that you actually take pride in. this is the keeper job. you keep this job for as long as you can unless you find something w/ SIGNIFICANTLY higher compensation package or until you start your own business
>once you have at least 5 figures saved up

I have a lot more. I have $35k saved up but I can't just bring myself to not keep saving nearly 100% of my income.

Convince me it's worth it anon. They're driving me nuts but I really enjoy saving all the money I'm saving.
so basically, what you are saying is live miserably with a job you hate, and never spend money on things that make you happy?

im thinking of putting one on
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Any diamond or black earing looks fine, but only do your right ear not two thats gay
thats not how earrings work
If you have to ask here you probably shouldn't

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Why they don't have size a bigger than 10?
it's a plain pair of white sneakers
They most certainly do. The sizings are all wrong.

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Post your personal style, template included.
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w2c jacket and shirt
no idea, just using the images for examples, but the shirt is the shirt from Magnum PI so should be easy to find a replica, the jacket is a bleached jean jacket, easy enough to do yourself with some bleach and a denim jacket.

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Post things you really wanna wear but you can't because it's social suicide on some level.
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Most of Rick Owen's weird stuff.

I honestly like it, but there's no way I wouldn't look retarded, especially since I live in the southern us

>social suicide

if somebody wouldn't like or associate with you because you wore a piece of cloth around your neck, is that really somebody you want in your life?

it's not like you're wearing it to a job interview. stay as normie as you need to in your work life. fine. but off the clock, why would you compromise? if you want to wear a choker, wear a damn choker. what does it matter what anyone else thinks?

i'm going to assume that you're a heterosexual male. are you worried that women won't fuck you because you wear a piece of cloth?

whatever you're into, there's someone out there who is into it too, and there are even more people who are willing to look past it. why would you want to associate with anyone else in the precious free time you have on this earth?

do you really think that you would ultimately find happiness dating some girl who would stop liking you because you wore that? someone whose mind is so closed and judgmental? i don't think you would.

here's the thing: you don't actually WANT toxic or vapid people in your life. the idea is to get people with substance in your life. if you do something unconventional, you're actually actively filtering out all of the normie trash from the start. that's a good thing.
Why would a choker be social suicide? They're pretty popular.
Unless you're guy, then, maybe

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>selling all of the clothes you were really proud of buying 6 months ago
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Yeaahh...no I don't have this issue I have been building my closet for years and never sold a single thing, because you know...some of us have taste and don't just buy /fa flavor of the weeks item...
>have some killer outfits (yohji, lemaire, etc)
>got fat from depression and psychosis
>let my little brother wear my clothes because he looks good in them.
>look like a sack of crap now in expensive clothes.
2017 is my year and I'm going to get /thinspo/
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are you loafers guy
can i see your cool lemaire stuff
get better soon

last one reached limit, post fits, make up, nails etc <3

gonna continue dumping
chyeah mayne, it me
idk, i'm gonna start making my own patches instead
yass, i have a friend and she has a wonderful hippie goth vibe with velvet and dreads. it's nice to have friends who you can be so different from yet still mesh, and appreciate tru art with. maybe be around cool activists and performers, that's what i do. B^)
it's the kowtow black figurine sweater >>12116041
>not adoring young thug in dresses
men wear kilts and have worn togas and women wear pants. it's been like this for ages, boi chill
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theres no girls on /fa/ only m2f transexuals

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2017 edition

hope my rotation will last me till 2019/20
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id on white high tops?
bruh what are those cp imitations lmao
File: edition-1-white-high-sneakers.png (269KB, 1000x800px)Image search: [Google]
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National standard edition 1 from 2014 in off white I think. Their current models have a different top section, which I like less.
Wut? My cps are real. The white lows are national standard edition 3, and are distinctively different from cps

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Proud to be Provo Edition

Last thread: >>12081488

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ

Remember to ask questions for the FAQ!
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check out this patch
File: il_570xN.1099165843_ljdj.jpg (98KB, 570x428px)Image search: [Google]
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Dumping some for the anon that wanted travel patches
I think this is the one he mentioned about a sunset

What cars are effay?
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>cars will never look like this
why live
The definitive
File: volvo-244-02.jpg (483KB, 800x599px)Image search: [Google]
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File: silvio-berlusconi-giovane.jpg (52KB, 320x384px)Image search: [Google]
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didn't see one in the catalog so here it is.
what to wear with dark grey chinos?
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Where can I find a jacket like this except in black?
File: IMG_1577.jpg (48KB, 800x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Does anyone there actually owns these? How's quality. I love the double sole and have warderobe for them, just not sure if quality is good and if I should get full black or full white.
is levi's tapered fit between skinny and a bit baggy? i'm looking for pants that won't make my shoes look small nor pants that hinder my movement when skating.

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Post inspo, progress, advice, questions, etc.
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how do i get this pretty
>Never have been able to grow hair past chin length in my life

Just fuck my shit up senpai
same, after 2 years I just gave up on this shit

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