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Hey /fa/ I can't seem to figure out how to change the date on this here watch... Didnt come with instructuons, And I got it as a present and can't find the actual watch name. Any help?
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I'm startin to think it might be just for show, but that's sorta stupid to have the wrong date always showing
I would imagine you press one of the side buttons for each, and maybe use the setting dial
Well the top and bottom buttons don't seem to push in or pull put at all and I'm a bit scared to try to hard and end up breaking them

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are their jeans actually good or nah?
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Are their jackets good or nah?

overpriced for quality you get but pretty unique
I wouldn't
>Gets complimented that I look good always
>All tops, shirts, jackets, anything you thift it, you need to find the things that no one would use but when you put it on you know it looks good
>You need to like it from first site, never something overthought, ask a girl who knows about style (as simple as a text with a pic in the changing room, if it looks good in the pic, that's what matters)
You can thrift pants but I the only way I found a high crop jeans, was thrifting, and you fix them with a tailor (it's a very simple job, any will do)
It's important to know what fits and what doesn't, if it looks to big, it probably is, if your not sure ask one of the girls there ;)
Shoes should always accompany their style (Stan Smith with a neat pair of trousers) black jeans with any shoe idk who gives a shit
Rings are always cool
Necklaces no (debatable but mostly no)
Haircut: whatever your skull looks good with, it's not even retard science

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Where can I find ysl Clothes with the same materials but way cheaper ?
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Still to expensive
A magical place called Reondistrict

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How do I dress so people know i'm bi-racial?
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Tommy Hilfiger sweater vest on top, timbs on the bottom.
saggy pants and sweater vest
formal top casual bottoms/boots

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show me you sweet nearly hairless scalps or anyone's sweet nearly hairless scalp
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should i grow my hair out?
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would it at least look decent with this disaster hairline?

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I want to dress like a simple peasant. Any suggestions? Pic related for inspo.
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yeah wear the following brands:
>element and whatever sells in amnesia
>ecko unltd
>big bill
>shitty band tshirts
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2MB, 400x225px

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What products should I have to clean clothes, so far I have:

Herbon (Hypoallergenic Laundry Powder)
Bluo (to make shirts whiter)
Napisan (Oxiclean australian alternative)
k2r (to remove rust stains)

am I missing pretreatments? What about spray bottles?
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWER8ImcdcA worth a watch.
ya'll dirty fucks that don't wash ya clothes.
This was so informative I love her.

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How do I get this hairstyle? Asian btw, currently has undercut.
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With scissors, I'd imagine. Probably a brush and a comb too.
literally just grow out the undercut and keep parting your hair in the middle
perm bruh

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new shirt fa.jpg
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my grandma bought me this shirt for my birthday

i dont know if i should wear it in public
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can't see shit captain
Your grandma must hate you
I wouldn't use it to shine my shoes tbhfam

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> post average height of your country
> male: 5 feet 10.5 inches/178.6 cm
> only slightly taller than average :(
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178.7 cm average
189.5 cm me
If I weren't fat, then who knows
female here
> average 168cm
> measuring 173cm
> 175cm (lol)
> 187cm

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So my friend got me these for my birthday

What could I wear with these? Inspo?
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feel bad for you, wouldn't even want to be found dead with these on
Can you return or exchange
Why would I do that

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gothninja exists as a subculture only because it impresses losers that grew up watching video games and jerking off to children's anime. it looks cool and edgy to them. when gothninjas post a photo on the internet, they are in control over the lighting, composition, and content of this photo. they can emulate an aesthetic seen so many times growing up in comic books/video games/movies etc. for this reason, gothninja pictures look cool and edgy to the weak, pale geeks of the world when they come to sufu, or 4chan, or stylezeitgeist, or pinterest, or thefedoralounge. when you take them outside this frame of reference, and capture someone trying to posture as "gothninja" while walking down santa monica boulevard with a slice of pizza in their hand, it becomes very obvious how pathetic their charade is. they lose control of their aesthetic in the real world and it's sad to behold. so instead they avoid being seen eating pizza, and try to slink around in the shadows smoking cigarettes, sending their mom to buy groceries so as not to be seen with luncheon meats in their hand. they avoid going to the beach because they know it's impossible to perpetuate their carefully crafted image there. it's like a symphony of spaghetti, and it makes me cringe.
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street wear and goth ninja. cancer to /fa/
cool your jets bro fashion isn't real life

let kids have their fun and then they can progress to buying all of their clothes from LL Bean or wherever cynical dadfaggots like you get your clothes from

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fake box.png
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Do you own any fake clothes?
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File: 1483837613259-1803198322.jpg (744KB, 2048x1152px)Image search: [Google]
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Ye's fake af over here
holy christ
how long does shipping usually take when ordering from aliexpress? china to eu here. cheap item so shouldn't be stuck at customs too long. not clothing but maybe people who ordered cheap chinese stuff here know.

yo /fa/ what company's make anime style clothing like this?
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File: 7ef.jpg (29KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Four eyes clothing

Jeremy klein skateboards

Minor ones

Stray vanity


Kyc vintage

Just browse big cartel threads a bit and you might find some stuff.
fucking mint thanks anon

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>He goes on /fa/
>He doesn't go to the tailor

Explain yourself
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My clothes fit me flawlessly off the rack. Unless it's a new suit.
not all items need to be tailored though senpai
no they dont

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