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why on earth are the pockets of jeans for men deep while jeans for women have things you can hardly call pockets.

girl here, buying men jeans simply because of this. i just don't get it. purses are a nuisance to carry around all the time.
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>tfw you try put your hands in your pockets
>tfw your thumb gets caught on the miniature pocket
i'm switching genders i'm done
my guess:
A) market: artificially blow up the purse market and establish purses as mandatory accessory for women
B) design: skintight sexy cuts are maybe not possible with bigger pockets? Also visible items in the pockets of skintight sexy cuts possibly takes away from the sexiness.

How did I do?

w2c jacket?
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W2c jacket?
W2c jacket
Yo that's actually dope as fuck, where'd you find these pics anon?

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Is edgy bone jewelry /fa/?
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If you sacrifice kittens to Lucifer and masturbate to interacial porn yes.
There's literally nothing wrong with sacrificing kittens to Lucifer.
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This specific piece, yes. Go with something a little more subtle.

File: 296453_main.jpg (48KB, 514x514px)Image search: [Google]
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Recently got this shirt and wanted to know what pants and shoes can go well with it?
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gonna give u inspo cos u seem nice enough

also does anyone think that ombreing your hair like this is gay, i don't want people to think i'm gay if i do it, is all
File: nudie-skinny-lin-jeans.jpg (147KB, 870x1110px)Image search: [Google]
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Black skinnies for sure. Possibly greys too in this colour. White sneakers ofc but you could probably get away with boots.
1966 dylan was the king of Polka dot shirts

File: chin-dimple-on-a-guy.jpg (40KB, 300x399px)Image search: [Google]
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I fucking hate my shitty chin. I unironically want to kill myself. I will never be effay


It's sorta like the "Will of D." from One Piece.
cleft chins are v sexy

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Are ISIS neck scarves /fa/ ?
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If you're 15 and your way oversize beanie doesn't get enough attention, yes
good goyim
They are called keffiyehs

Not really

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Most /fa/:
Business administration or economics?
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those are Sam Hyde tier
Med school every time
Both of those are complete dogshit degrees

If you want to go into business do either accounting or finance

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is there any way i can make timbs look good?
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Tying them would be a good start
A good place to start would be buying you pants in the men's section.

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Can someone identify these boots?
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Raf Oliveman Geoboostlers
Great board
clarks faulkner rises maybe?

File: 1454529151503.gif (2MB, 480x564px)Image search: [Google]
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>yfw looking at clothes online and the male clothing model is butterface
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who cares, you fucking sperg
File: help.jpg (32KB, 400x388px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw you're a butterface
he gets paid to be ugly, you do it for free

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Help me make a good decision, /fa/.

I can only buy a pair of these, but I'm not sure which ones to get. I always value comfort over aesthetics.

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Also, I'm not sure if there's any difference between Ultra Boost 3.0 and the regular Ultra Boost model.
aesthetically: ultra boost uncaged
for comfort: ultra boost uncaged

i'd wait for the new yeezys in february tho, around the same price if you can get them
where are you looking that still has ultraboost 3.0 in stock?

if you have a small ankle, uncaged is comfy as fuck. if you have big ankles then they'll choke you out

ultraboost is pretty comfy but if you have a wide midfoot, pass.

nmd's are just straight shit, a huge downgrade aesthetically and a huge downgrade comfort wise as well (the boost is less dense and sucks ass in the forefoot, ultra boost or no boost imo)

i like regular ultra boost more honestly. i'd get the 3.0's.

File: what was he thinking.png (141KB, 529x419px)Image search: [Google]
what was he thinking.png
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What was he thinking when he made this?

Is it a cry for help?
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lmao where did u found these ?
raf x adidas
File: what the fuck.png (386KB, 1840x582px)Image search: [Google]
what the fuck.png
386KB, 1840x582px

File: 101-lg-side-2.jpg (14KB, 267x202px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw ugly
>tfw brown skin but not Indian level
>tfw receding chin
>tfw normal nose but the chin makes my nose look bigger
>tfw big forehead
>tfw 5'7

A-atleast I dress ok
No i'm not going to post face
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Let me see the skin color. Take a photo.
>pale af skin
>ash brown hair brown eyes
>aboive avg bone structure
>naturally lean and great endurance

we cant have it all
want to be my bf we can be twins
I have blue eyes tho

File: irish-skinheads.jpg (128KB, 601x540px)Image search: [Google]
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Look at the meat stick on the guy on the right
Yeah, it's pretty effay. I wish I could be friends with them though, but I'm not white so that's impossible.
too bad those are sharps. But honestly, who really wants to hang out with non whites anyway. Bunch of triggered fucking drama, word policing. everything is racist, egg shell treading around, fucking shit people.

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Can someone post the basic /fa/ guide that was posted yesterday

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also semi-relevant even though I'm not OP, what's that page that lets you read on people's opinions on perfume?

like a perfume wiki, I just can't find it
File: 1483485965015.jpg (708KB, 780x1550px)Image search: [Google]
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Your welcome
ty senpai

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