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Which language is the most /fa/?
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We just had this fucking thread
Mexican Spanish

What's up you /fa/nny grabbers - need some help on IDing these particular jeans, been looking to upgrade on my 511s for a little while.

Also wanted to get some info on higher rise trousers/jeans in general... Is there a particular body type that does/does not suit them? And what brands specialise/offer higher rises - havent really seen any nudie jeans, acne, APC in such a style.

I am 5ft 11 and have longer legs (cyclist) with a slim build, are high rises generally reserved for 6'2 + or not? My proportions are almost identical to pic rel but scale that to 5'11

thanks 4 ur help xox
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those are slp my dude. i dont know if they're very high rise tho, it may be the models sick legs giving the ilussion.
nice one buddy. thought it might be some phototrickery involved, do you have any other high rise recommendations?
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those are DEFINITELY not high waisted, not even close

if you're looking for a truly high rise you want something closer to pic related

Would I look like a fool wearing one of these casually, outside of running?
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You would look like the biggest piece of shit and it's not unlikely that normies would lynch you
Wew that was a close one

Thanks anon

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Hey /fa/!

I've never been to this board but I think you guys can help me out... I'm looking for a hair product that I can slick my hair back with decent hold that doesn't make my hair look wet. Any tips?
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Sorry, newfriend. This board's been dead for months now.
I'm the only one left!
Just buzz it

Ehh, I did that 2 years ago. It's pretty overrated.

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Show me yours..
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File: OrganMasterShoesUnisexandMens.jpg (76KB, 786x773px)Image search: [Google]
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Mine. And I even use them:

here are mine
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I'll cop me mini grails once I've saved up.

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Eden nurgadiivan46.jpg
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Does this look feminine to you?
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I'm not the biggest fan of the corner sofas to begin with, but the colour looks fine. Also, leather on sofas is overrated so this is refreshing. I think it all comes down to the room though. Depending on the space/lighting/wall colour etc...
Sectionals a shit.
I can't fit a dining table into my small studio apartment, so might as well go for the extra sofa space.

What are /fa/'s thoughts on Jack Purcells? How do they compare to Chuck Taylors?
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I have black leather ones and I like them a lot. People keep asking why I have fake all stars though.
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I spray painted mine after 4 hard years of service
w2c sweater?

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I always wear a kilt.jpg
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What's effay's thoughts on kilts?

Can anyone pull it off or just celtic people? (pic related)
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Blatant cultural appropriation

What's next, are hood rats going to start wearing bunads?
Name one thing that's wrong with cultural appropriation. I know this is probably bait, but fuck you if it's not.
This is bait

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is otoplasty worth it? i have one ear close to my head and the other sticks out like pic related. i feel like its really noticeable but the only ones to have ever noticed were two of my friends and its even more noticeable if i cut the sides. otoplasty is at least $2000
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Have a friend who had ears that stuck out like dumbo's, and of course we roasted him for it. After one summer I noticed his ears were normal and asked him if I was retarded or he had something done. He had them surgically pinned back and lets just say me and my friends still put him on suicide watch to this day because of that.
why was he still unhappy or something?
Maybe you can grow your hair to cover it up if it's really bothering you too much. No plastic surgery is worth it, in my opinion.

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Could a kind anon please post the list of watches in order of which ones are good to buy. It's got Breguet as the very tip top and fossil etc at the very bottom .
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There's already a watch thread in the catalogue.

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Advice for a lil boy.
5'7 sometimes things don't sit right with my proportions.

Pic is me, now.
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height is a non issue in life. insecure people will tell you otherwise.
Become twink/trap, 4chan loves that shit
1. Main thing you have to do if you're short is get in shape and girls won't care at all. Most would rather choose a short and fit guy, than a tall regular dude.

2. Don't buy any long tops/jumpers, have everything you wear on your torso stop just below the button of your jeans, apart from open coats & jackets etc. This will make your legs look longer.

3. Maintain good posture, slouching is only gonna make you look shorter.

4. Every morning, stand up and touch the top of your doorway, close your eyes and whisper "grow grow grow!". The fashy god will grant your wish if you appease him.

Source: Am 5'8"

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Techwear is basically wannabe clothing anime. It looks like shit.
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Yes ACRNM looks like shit.
Yes it's partly because their models look like shit.

There is still good techwear though.
Post example?
lmao THIS! So much this!
What's wrong with some skinnies, a tee and a nice leather with jodpuhrs? It's a classic look but nooooo some little teen autists want to dress up like Assassin's Creed haha

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is bladee /ourguy/
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yes he's done it all. modeled (runway and lookbooks), art, music, fashion, design. bladee is definitely our guy.
Dang, I didn't realize he was so handsome.
>buttoning the top button

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Hey /fa/,

I was recently gifted a coat from a friend, seems to be a long H&M Modern Essentials coat. I've never quite worn coats like these before, especially since I don't pay attention to fashion much, but wanting to match things with this has me thinking about becoming more /fa/.

What should I wear with this? I feel like a shirt + tie + vest is usually worn with things like this, maybe a scarf, right? Really lost on how to navigate using it
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a pink or lime green shirt/tie combo would really add some 'pop' to this piece
wear it with a noose you fucking cretin. asking about some H&M coat isn't a fashion related question, so au revoir.
Sweatshirt or longsleeve tee

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This kind of mustache will become the man bun of 2017; Out of nowhere it becomes a meme, but it's popularity dies after summer ends but a few guys who think it works for them will keep it.
You know it will happen.
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I'll be glad because this is the only kind of facial hair I can grow :(
We'll get started then, buddy.
File: IMG_3724.jpg (229KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Are mustaches going to overtake beards in "manosphere" culture? I would like to grow something out like in pic related but I don't want skinny faggots in plaid shirts asking me what Whole Foods I shop at.

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