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So, this is one of those famous "Japanese neutron stars"?
How scary.
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If he were a neutron star, his gravitational forces would completely destroy her at this distance.
Being 10^14 times as dense as a human being, he'd weigh approximately 6*10^15 kg. She is approximately 1m away from him. The force pulling them together is F=G * 40kg*6 *10^15kg/1m²
G is roughly 6.7 *10^-11m³/(kg s²)
F=4*6*6.7*10^5 N = 1.6 *10^7N
But remember, this force is reversely proportional to the square of the distance between each other. She may start towards him like she's being propelled by a space rocket engine, but by the time she makes physical contact the force will have grown by about 2400%.
She will not be recognizable. At least she'll always be a part of him.
You are miscalculating here. She's the neutron star, so her mass is actually much less than what you calculated.
I have made a fool of myself. I shall pretend to be someone else.

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Who was this series aimed at?
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my dick


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How has anime changed your life /a/?
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I feel like I would have strived to be something more than a codemonkey if I didn't grow up watching anime and living on internet forums.
I'm still alive
Anime didn't change my life, it's just another source of entertainment to pass time in the suburb.

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Read the guide buyfag.moe
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all wonfes threads: >>160488593
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open .jpg
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So what's your excuse for not going to wonfes?
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Reminder that prepainted Lily never!

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Do you want to talk about Anohana?
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I didnt like it
If I wanted to talk about faeces I'd go hang out on /v/
Anohana is a member of a particular category of anime that is sort of formulaic. I can most easily illustrate this by lining it up with Your Name (though stuff like Kokoro Connect also comes to mind). Both start as boisterous romcoms and devolve into tear-jerking dramas, and both have strong fantasy elements that heighten that drama to right up around melodrama levels. Both are pretty mainstream, wide-appeal, while both still awkwardly flirt with sexual pandering. Both deal primarily with themes of star-crossed love.

It might be accurate to call this a subgenre of dramedy, but once you mix in the fantasy elements it almost seems like a fledgling mini-genre of its own. Thematically, it's just a step above soap opera, above romance porn, but not really challenging or insightful. Very mainstream, inoffensive fare that the author obviously bothered to try and put a well-appreciated bit of flair into.

Anyway, of the anime in that category, Anohana is probably my favorite. It has easily the strongest characterization, and the most nuance in its thematic exploration. I enjoyed it well enough.

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Is it okay for boys to love other boys? What if you're a pedo, does the system match you with a little girl?
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I don't have the answer to your question, but maybe they (pic related) have them.
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yes, you can trust them, they have all the answers you seek.

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Man, with how much HyperNormalisation, safe spaces, and "post truth world" get thrown around, this series seems more relevant today than ever.

So let's have a Paranoia Agent thread.
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Keep your /pol/ shit out of /a/.
Oh fuck off.
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>implying any of that is /pol/

In fact it's more anti /pol/ than anything. And it's literally what the show is fucking about, m8, about people retreating into guilt free fantasies to avoid personal responsability.

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koe no katachi.jpg
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Greatest movie of all time?
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Watch WAY more movies.
I've watched every Ghibli, every Kon, every Shinkai, every Hosada, multiple Rintaro movies. I've watched most movies that others would call masterpiece.

Nothing can match the sheer, raw emotional honesty that Koe no Katachi offered.

I firmly believe that Yamada has earned her place as the best anime director there is.
why is yamada so perfect?

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Have you praised your doggess today?
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of course
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What did he mean by this?
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Gohane looks a little weird...

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>Jay Essssssssssssssssss
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I meant

>Jay Ceeeeeeeeeeeeee
Scuffed Jays
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Is this thread what I think it is or should I go away?

Why are lolis so verboten?
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They are too sexual
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ez money.png
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Not this question again.

What does she smell like /a/?
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Can someone fill me in on why there are so many pants-wetting scenes in anime?
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japan loves toilet humor
it's not considered low-brow shit like in the west
even in non-humorous scenes though.

Like a female char that's really afraid has like a 50/50 shot of wetting herself
what's wrong with pants wetting scenes?

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Why is it so comfy bros
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Fun things are fun.
While perhaps not the absolute best anime ever, it has to be the single best adaptation of all time in comparison to the source material. Sasuga, Yamada-san.

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