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>it all happened because a gay man refused to come out
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Does Japan even have a problem with gays
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Yes, so nice.
Munakata>>>>> World
Maybe if you ever felt love you'd understand, savage.

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How do you feel about creatively and morally bankrupt producers and writers shoehorning a generic female character and then making them a guaranteed fan favorite simply because they're canonically male despite their appearance and mannerisms?
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feels good man
I want an anime to explore the concept of a trap more deeply.
Like, have the character be a super feminine boy who's also a nymphomaniac and was forced to cross dress as a young child by his abusive aunt.
Now as a teen, he dresses and acts like a girl, but hates it and it feels wrong, but that only triggers his nymphomania and masochism.
Why do people get so assmad about this shit? It's funny at best, arousing at worst. People who get mad about it are always typical right-wing blowhards desperate to try and police everyone's sexuality because they can't stand that some people aren't 100% straight. It's like talking to the shariah police or something, except they always claim to be "christians". God said you are to love everyone, not just straight people.

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my friend can burp this song

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Fuck this stupid fucking idiotic fucking cunt
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You okay there buddy? You want to talk about it?
Awful taste OP

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Nah, it's really gone downhill atm. Aside from certain adcs like Twitch or Vayne, I wouldn't build a bork - and even then, it's optional on Vayne.
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Shut up

So where do you guys actually get your subs from? The only people I know who do a decent job is Doki for New Game.

But holy hell is it hard to find good subs for anything else.
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>Doki for New Game
They seem to be misspelling half the names.
I want to tickle the soles of those feet.
they are going by the official merch I guess.
It's a little weird, since they go by the "correct" spellings in their manga translations

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She's not in my bed.
She won't get out of my bed.
no boobs

敵か?見方か? 新たな戦士、鄙奈野に現る!
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Are they magical girls yet?
>OP has a narrator now
This show hits all the right spots.

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How do you feel about this kind of taste in anime?
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entry level normalfag . code geass is greattho
same here
Its not that bad, Angel Beats is the only thing atrocious there

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Will they get another colorspread? Like last poll with just the top 10
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Reminder to ignore LuNa shills.
Pudding does not affect SaNami.
Sanji is still flirting with Nami this chapter
What's wrong with you today? So many threads.

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People might like this ending but no matter how you look at it, it is destined to fail.
Unifying the world through hatred won't work. It is not a solution.
Also everyone would hate the Brit dynasty so badly. And there is no way people would let Nunnally who is a sister to Lelouch, Schneizel, Euphy and a daughter to Charles, to rule their country.
What do you think that would happen to Nunnally in our world? She would be exiled, at the very best. It wouldn't be surprising if she were to be beheaded considering she cried hard for her brother.

The zero requiem might seem ideal but it is not realistic. Why is it so popular?
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>And there is no way people would let Nunnally who is a sister to Lelouch, Schneizel, Euphy and a daughter to Charles, to rule their country.
you do realize she stood against him when he pretended to be a villain right ?
Yes op this ending was always stupid
You do realize people who lived under occupation are less forgiving right
well if he have season 3, it´s because it did not work.

Do you prefer TV series and EoE or Rebuilds?
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the series and EoE.

i answered for /a/
Only retards and plebs like the rebuilds
Rebuilds are pretty much the ultimate pleb-filter, retard.

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ANN was able to get an interview with Gatoh.

Gatoh confirmed the anime will start with LN 6. DVMC will be animated it seems so no worries that it was only going to be an audio drama.

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ohh, interesting.
I'll post the interview, greentext is interviewer.

>ANN: So it's been fifteen years since Full Metal Panic! originally aired as an anime. How did Invisible Victory come about, and can you share with us how many light novels it is intended to adapt?

SHOUJI GATOU: So, we're going to be starting--the anime is going to take place from volume 6 and move onwards, and that's about all I can say at the moment.

>How much research into military technology and protocol do you do to write the Full Metal Panic! novels? How much did you have to do originally and how much do you do now?

So there's a lot of documentation pertaining to that in Japan as well and the US military is really open about a lot of their protocol and what they let the public access. There are a lot of resources out there if you just know where to look. They go into more detail than the Japan Self-Defense Force.


Yeah, in terms of what they'll show you.

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Persona 5 anime announced

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Kinda cool, I guess.

Posting best girl
Gonna be shit just like the P4 adaptation.
>inb4 Seiji Kishi is the director

>the most iconic moment in anime - no - the most iconic moment in all of animated media
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>Literally just someone dying and another gets pissed.

Yeah, let's over wank that.
>muh nakama
>rage boost
wow that has never happened before or since then

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