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Well at least they lasted for a much longer time and were able to take down some of the Z warriors.

Would've been cool if someone from U7 referenced the Ginyu force.

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why is he a girl
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Read the manga.
Or better yet, don't. This show peaks during the summer arc and it's best if you don't read anything else

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Well /a/?
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a heart of steel looking for answers in a twisted city
Hint it's a anime
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>Prison School
Is Japan turning M?
'Idol Na Kanojo To Wotaku Na Boku To' Anime adaptation when?
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Headpats for Tokiko-chan!

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SaPu and LuHan confirmed. Chapter here:
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Reminder to ignore LuNa shills.
Pudding does not affect SaNami.
Sanji is still flirting with Nami this chapter
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Dorobō Neko Nami.png
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Reminder Pudding is Viola 2.0
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Pls rescue us Wano. Maybe the Zoro vs Sanji shitposting will take over. I'll take that all day.

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New art containing movie heroines.
Choose wisely.
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>worm slut
>emo illya
Ugh, I guess I'll pick the loli.

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>no battle harem or isekai announced yet for next season

This is the future you chose.
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>you chose
But /a/'s purchasing power is minimal. Our effect on the anime industry would be exaggerated if described as marginal.
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>all those idol shows next season
The future looks bright
>battle harem
UQ Holder!

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is there a more tragic manga than this?

I don't think I've seen an ending as depressing as this one in fiction
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It's not a request for another manga to read. I just found out about Misu Misou yesterday and finished reading just about now. I wonder if more people know about it.
interesting to note that this is the same author who does high score girl. he's pretty cool.

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Is your waifu stronger than my waifu?
I don't think so, Tim.
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Good luck!
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My waifu DESTROYS your waifu
I'm pretty sure she is

One of them deserved to die and it wasn't Iok.
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Iok was too dumb to live.
Honestly, they all sorta deserved to die. Especially Rustal.

I cant believe the smarmy, smug son of a bitch got away with all his shit.
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after credits.gif
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Nothing can kill Iok.

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What would anime be without all those legs.
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cripple fetish
Some wise anon already said it once, ZR is basically the Japanese equivalent to the Burqa.
That is the most retarded shit I have ever heard.

What are the dumbest death scenes you have ever seen?
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gunshot through phone.gif
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I don't think you can top that, that's amazing.
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As stupid as that looked, it was pure fantasy symbolism and even Kirito dismissed it as impossible after playing it through in his head.

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This is Noriko!
Say something nice about her
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Whenever I see the thumbnail of this screenshot I can't help but feel of Cirno.

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Had to go out of my way around to find an alternative source after senmanga failed to update.
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[Side] The tiger and the dragon trade blows
[Above title] The underworld Sci-fi battle begins!
68: Three year punch
File: 002.jpg (356KB, 965x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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[Right side] The assassins from the west finally bare their fangs! The greatest struggle has now begun,,,!
"What do you guys want!!"


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