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ITT: Write an Anime Plot

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Special rule: no "reincarnation"/"tensei" theme. Time travel and "another world" or subverted versions of those themes are allowed.
Alright, It is set in a apocolyptic world, a third world war destroyed nearly the whole planet.
Most of the population is either dead or about to be by radiation or starvation.
However, few days after the missles hits, demon's gate and angel portal appear.
They are going to fight each other for Earth, because Earth make a perfect trading port world and nature can be restored by angel's holy "magic" and demon can cleasen radiation by consuming them.
However, they didn't think the human could have survire. So when they see human come out of the vault, they call it a day and will try to help the human, so they would look good in front of their god and exploit the hunankind.
So the story could be about a group of demon and angel, throw in devil and elf going around the world rescure human and killing mutant. They destroyed warheads and salvage human's tech and art.
Or it could be after thousand of years, human have gain super tech and magic while their nature change as well after being rebuild by thrme angels but a war is about to start to determine who keep earth and a group of hybrid go out and stop th war
Time travel one from last thread

>year is around 2200, world is advanced but appears dystopian
>a prisoner escapes from confinement and is chased by militarized personnel
>the escaped man travels to a facility with a time travel device
>uses it to travel to the year 2080 (somewhat near future)
>an authoritarian government controls a quarter of the world (think nazi germany during its peak)
>the time travel man meets up with MC (make his characteristics whatever you like)
>tells MC he is from the future and MC only one who can stop this government
>story involves the two characters aiding and eventually leading the global war against evil government
>everything is going successful and the evil government is weakening thanks to time travel mans insight
>Eventually start fucking up
>MC presses time travel man about fuck ups, time travel man says its necessary
>evil government is nearing collapse, leader of government is killed in final battle
>instead of disbanding evil government, time travel man establishes himself as the new leader at MCs dismay
>big betrayal of allied forces internal civil war, etc.
>time travel man then reveals twist to MC
>the year 2200 isnt actually dystopian at all its actually an advanced democratic utopia
>the utopia was established because MC stopped the evil government in his timeline
>time travel man went back in time not to help fight it but to keep MC from defeating it
>MC manages to escape but allied forces are substantially weaker now
>more fighting eventually (against all odds) MC gains upper hand in the war
>at the end MC eventually does defeat time travel man and builds the future towards utopia
>time travel man is MCs grandchild (maybe) or some other time bullshit
4 cute girls doing nothing.
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>MC is 30 year old NEET virgin pedophile with serious alcohol and drug issues and owes local gangsters big time
>While under the influence of some shady pills he commits rape+murder on a 8 year old school girl and ends in prison for 15 years
>Slice of life in the prison setting with casual manlove
>Due to good behaviour MC gets into a experimental rehabilitation project with some of the other inmates
>Some fail while others succeed
>MC gets out of prison after 5 years, because he is considered to be a functional citizen now
>MC realises he can't suppress his desire even though he understands it's wrong
>goes into reclusion and finally after starving himself for 3 weeks he understands that he can never be truly cured
>Scene is shown where social workers enter his apartment later on
>MC's mummified corpse is still hanging from the roof, apparently few years have passed since he commited suicide by hanging himself
>the end

I doubt anyone would watch it because it's not fun. Maybe just stop at the prison SoL and give the MC a proper redemption arc or something
high school girl is in a dilemma, her childhood friend is acting strange

the timid and cute boy that she thought of as a little brother is now picking fights interacting with random people who were absolute strangers to him and is always declaring that he will protect her

what is the MC to do?

basically a time travel plot in the perspective of the love interest the hook being what exactly happened in the future that made the MC act like he does?
>MC-kun is a 20 year old university student
>living with his aunt and uncle he tutors at a local cram school in lieu of rent
>cram school is for 4-6 grade girls
>all of the lolis have a crush on MC-kun
>MC-kun gets into precarious situation with the lolis such as taking a bath together or going to the beach with all of them and they try way to hard to get his attention
>lots of implied sex
Loli harem anime when?
I'm going to go against your special rule just to spite you

>four heroes of legends
>the Knight, the Lancer, the Mage, and the Cleric
>All from different backgrounds, but all banded together for a noble cause of fighting the grand evil that threatens the world
>They fight the evil and manage to defeat it, but at the cost of their lives
>they are reincarnated as four high school girls in the same school

high school antics mixed with a little PTSD and reminiscing
This would sell desu.
Is this evil they defeat also reincarnated as a high school girl?
>MC is a teacher at all-girl school
>MC gets murdered
>no reincarnation rule, no another world, sorry teach, you have to remain at the school as ghost
>MC decides to investigate his case with the help of lesbian member of occult club that wants to get blackmail material on the school's hotties
I didn't think of that originally but now that you said it, yes
Okay then, would watch.
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>lots of implied sex
I can see it now.
>One of the lolis lures him into a shed at the beach
>He trips because it's dark
>He's on his back
>Loli appears and mounts him
>The way he tripped pinned him under debris, so he can't move
>We can't totally make out what she's doing, but it's clear she's pulling down his swim trunks
>She raises, says something cute/lewd, then sinks down, letting out an "AAAAAAAHHHHHN~" as the camera pulls up to the interior ceiling of the shed
>Next scene everyone's back together and it's like it never happened
A winner from the last thread
Come think of other subversions!
I'm interested in that prison SoL part. MC's miserable ending reminded me of how horrible Ningen Shikkaku's MC's life ended, though.
>pretty generic Medieval Fantasy universe
>one MC is a 19 to 20ish tough girl whose sole girl is to become a knight like her father
>her family died thirteen years prior to the story during a War where their ancestral seat weas burned to the ground by enemy forces; MC is the only one to survive
>present day, MC travels the region close to her former home and happens upon a boy who has no recollection of his past
>all he remembers is his name
>it's the name of the MC's older brother, who - despite thirteen years having passed - hasn't aged and is still a 16 year old
>he and MC try to figure out what happened, while MC has to cope with the fact that her older brother apparently is her younger brother now
>possible romance scenario for wincest bonus

Title should translate to something baitey like "My older brother is suddenly my toy boy?!"
>whose sole girl
fuck, meant goal obviously.
>15 years for the rape and murder of an 8 year old
>gets out in 5
What's this ? Liberal utopia simulator ?
maybe when you get killed you regenerate but you cant age any more
thats what happened to the brother

i like that; tough girl caring for her "younger" >brother who lived longer than her but doesnt know his past
>piece together his past
that would be an adventure
I had a dream yesterday, which I found very interesting. The ayyliens took over earth, but they didn't use a big force or something it just happened.

There were two big factions among humans, the first one didn't even had its name, there were just simple folk and there were some religious fanatics who would kill aliens and the first faction too if they entered their turf. The other thing I remember they had a G letter on necklace on them and the simple folk were too afraid even to ask what it means. They burn ayys and the other faction members in public.
Their leader was a sadistic women and the MC tries to rally humanity into one big force, even if he hates the other faction, and also gets closer to the G's woman leader too, which he first hates then he starts to love her.

I especially remember another scene too when there was one where the alien looked like a simple old lady and she said, becuase this way earthlings open up to her and are nice in general.
>The knight is honor-bounded to take up arms against the great evil and is the most straight-laced of the group
>becomes a happy-go-lucky genki-girl now that she is no longer restricted by chivalry

>The lancer was a mercenary that had only his intelligence to rely on all his life
>becomes a go-by-own pace lazy girl that only gets excited when money is involved

>Cleric was raised by the church and was the person who first prophesied that the great evil was coming to the world
>Still kept her discipline and faith and becomes the Tsukkomi of the group her religion makes her unpopular she still has her precognitive abilities though

>Mage was the disciple of the one that brought the great evil into the world and was originally on its side until the group guided him to the path of light
>she becomes a person obsessed with SCIENCE, doing all sorts of experiments

>POV character is an average girl that is dragged along with the group's various hi-jinx
is actually the reincarnation of the great evil but doesn't know it since the great evil is more a malevolent and world-threatening manifestation of all evil and suffering in the world then an actual living entity
It's because of good behaviour and the project he took part in. I've no idea how that shit works IRL
The setting more or less approximates the modern day, though there are signs it's actually a bit into the future. Some unclear event has weakened that which separates this world from the otherworlds around it, unleashing magic and their strange denizens onto the world. There's no focus on it being like an invasion or a conquering army, or anything like that. The narrative is more about exploring the phenomenon and the attempts to regulate it, show from the perspectives of very different characters.

There are government agents and officials, criminals of various sorts, scientists who study magic, and independent contractors who make a living using magic. You can have exorcists, monster-slayers, or people who trade in magical beings and artifacts. It's also a vital part of the security business. Sometimes you have people who have just awakened to magic, who are taken, sometimes forcibly, to specialized facilities to be studied and trained for their own safety and the safety of everyone around them. However, it's not any kind of magic battle academy highschool.

Underneath all of the regulations and security measures, magic is shown to have horrifying potential. Most people are entirely oblivious to how bad it can get and how much shit the authorities have to deal with to prevent a huge disaster. It's not even about fireballs or calling down lightning, as that would be relatively clean, it's about the things it can do to people. Possession is a serious problem. There are demons and twisted creatures who claim godhood out there. The otherworlds have their own governments and laws, and some kind of peace has to be kept with them.

One of the most prominent figures in the world is the head of the government agency that deals with supernatural affairs, who is rumored to have installed many of the world leaders and is often regarded as a practitioner of particularly dark sorcery known to deal with devils and to keep otherworldly beings as personal assistants.
>Watashitachi no Oasis-dan
With the stress of life piling around them, 4 girls decide to band together to create a club where they lay on the ground and do nothing to their hearts' content.
Not fantasy boring bullshit please.
One of the ideas for that one seems like it could be it's own plot entirely.
>The fujo girl in MC's harem is full-on Yandere for MC's friend
>Instead of gleefully shipping the boys in her class with each other, she sees them as potential threats between her and MC's friend and gets super possessive of him around other boys
>Imagining he's the star of his own homo harem, she opts to sabotage his friendships with the other guys
>All while keeping him protected in her loving arms
A magical girl show set in a post-apocalyptic world.

They got their powers from a creature that just showed up like "Yo, your world is crappy, wanna make it better?"

Turns out the mascot is part of a brigade of world restoration aliens, who wants to make sure Earth is restored to a whole new glory.

The apocalypse was caused by humanity itself, but the villain is an alien who finishes wiping off worlds and will make sure to destroy the last survivors.

It's later revealed said villain use the ravaged planet's raw resources as materials for their mega-empire.

It's also revealed that this mega-empire is constantly in a state of near-death, due to the populace's destructive tendencies.

It's the girls' duty to make sure they restore Earth and stop this alien race from destroying everything, including themselves. All while dealing with personal problems of their own.

It's a tale of love, peace, compassion and environmental preservation. But it's also a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed, possessiveness and violence.
Plot twist: this mega-empire is Earth from another dimension. The evil alien is Donald Trump.
So what's the twist?
Roman Empire vs. Mongol Empire IN SPACE!
A massive UFO is spotted in the sky over Japan. The entire country goes on high alert, people are hiding in bunkers, the SDF is mobilized, all in preparation for a possible alien invasion. The UFO touches down in front of the Diet building, where the prime minister and all those other important peoples are. A single alien steps out of the ship, then says in perfect Japanese:
"Could I use your bathroom?"
After using said bathroom, the alien realizes he fucked up big time because he landed on what was considered a "dark" planet, because it doesn't have space travel and whatnot, and he'll probably get slapped with a fine. After some begging from the Diet, followed by the UN, the alien calls up the big space government, who come to Earth and begin giving humanity new technology to integrate them into the galactic community.
The series is basically just a series of laid back stories of humans being introduced to space society after a really awkward first encounter.
>Earth goes on the space benefit and complains about space colonialism and space racism for the rest of history.
a battle royale with the stereotypical habitant of each country
I dunno, ask the 8-year old how liberating it was.
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>Delinquent High School full of "I wanna be the #1" retards
>Very poor discipline, fights every days in the school yard
>But most students are also weaklings who can't afford better
>MC is the weakest and despite being rich, voluntary joined
>He candidates as chief of the disciplinary Committee
>Challenged by some thugs he accepts an honorable fight
>However... MC doesn't intent to fight honorably

Anime is about how he plan every fight for his adversary to get accidentaly heavily injured in a manner that won't make him a threat anymore. With more weaklings joining the club he launch investigations to blackmail them. However he favorite method is to induce a psychological breakdown in his victims.

Did I mention he is the Police Chief's son ?

Click NEXT for more cringe as this is a script I've worked on few years ago when I was an edgy teenager
>29 year old turns 30
>Is now a JiJii
>Embraces old person culture by going to old person locations
>Community center has an old person gang
>Laundromat has a secret brothel behind it
>Feeding the pidgeons leads to feeding all sorts of animals (eventually zoo animals)
>Overall Cromartie vibe
>MC's mentor is an old woman who pretends not to hear people so she can be left alone- also is a cat burglar at night.
>MC's personality is a lot more vibrant
>Eventual love story whatever
A 30 year old MILF becomes a magical girl.
Her daughter is actually the main villain, an evil witch who wants to conquer the Earth.
>Demon kingdom's new king is power hungry
>Human's think he's the great evil the prophecy has foretold
>They summon a "Hero" thinking he would be the chosen one
>Turns out the "Hero" they summoned was actually the great evil
>The real chosen one doesn't realize he's the chosen one, and goes on an adventure making a ragtag group of people from different races and kingdoms to defeat the summoned evil
>Theme transitions from pure high fantasy to mix of high fantasy and modern
>Ends with battle on earth where the evil "Hero" came from, but no one there notices
>MC and girl who wasn't shipped get stuck on earth and credits show them being married just to blow out all the shipfags
Nuclear apocalypse occurs and civilization as we know it is wiped out. From the ashes of humanity, a race of super intelligent insects begin to emerge, hunting and enslaving what few humans remain.
24 episodes of me fucking my waifu

The twist is it was your waifu all along, Anthony.
this is actually sort of cool
What about the father
The father is a magical girl too.
He's a salaryman.
Or wait, the mascot. Every magical girl series needs one.
A master swordsman from the east gets exiled to western fantasyland because he killed his master after he refused to divulge the information that would complete his sword style.

He meets a female noble and becomes her bodyguard. then blah blah blah romance, character development, remorse for killing his master.
Magical girl show where the girls use the power of cocks for their magic, leading to awkward situations with siblings, friends, teachers, and random guys on the street.
All the girls are still pure virgins though.
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r-really ?

Oh what have you done anon ?... You just triggered my autism

So continuing >>144755732

He is slowly introduced to key characters who will become his loyals lieutenants for their unique skills.

A computer nerd neet archetype character who doesn't come to school for fear of beaing bullied but serve now as the team distant operator. He is also a total voyeur pervert and control a hundred of spy cameras in the school. He joins MC because he is bored of spying on the girl locker room and want to witness something more gore occuring in the school, MC deliver with his punitive expeditions.

A crazy psychopath girl, a lot like Ayana who despite being weak can be cruel when her prey is trapped. She definitly has some mental problem since she has been raped and beaten repeatedly over the years. However she is the moste loyal to the MC after he saved her. MC use divine punishment on the rapist male parts tho...

An A-grade student, who managed a safe life until now by offering his services to the thugs for their homeworks. He was kind of protected until MC busted his traffic to the teacher, which also endangered the daily lives of all other students who did the same. Obviously blackmailed by MC, he provides useful tips on drugs and anatomy.

There is a scene from Black Lagoon I tried to replicate
An honorable thug try to ambush the MC outside the school. But, the club already knew about this, in fact, they prepared their counter-plan while spying their preparation. And while the thugs communicate on things like whatsapp and facebook messenger, the club use military grade radio and have access to their chatroom. So, the MC drag the thugs one by one in the town, dividing them, making them fall in traps they settle before, etc...

Click NEXT for more /autism/
In a world where the hero and demon lord are fated to do battle, the hero jobs to one of the demon lord's minions.
Realising that the entire world is somehow beginning to collapse due to the lack of hero, the demon lord takes it upon himself to fill the role.
Thus the demon lord sets out on a quest to defeat himself, gathering a harem of warrior princesses, wizards and adventurers along the way.
In the last episode the big reveal happens and the demon lord battles his harem. They lose and he takes them all as his wives.
> Otaku Scientist Girl Receives a relic, that takes her back in time when activated by the touch of blood
> Meets Guy that can manipulate Water known as "Magick"
> Guy explains that all Magick users must be registered to "The Order" at a early age, and will be inscribed visible tattoo that shows registration and Guild Rank (More Exposed, the stronger the Magi)
> Girl is amazed, and meets More Magi Users down the road (Fire/Earth)
> Learns about history of world, about the "Counter Magick" (Death/Chaos/Blood)
> Gets into a major plot with "The Order"
> Girl Dies fighting the final fight, but resurrected by all three Magi at final episode (Girl finds herself awake in her room, but holding the artifact still.)

Season 1 End
>back in time
>this is the past of the modern age
Wew, hype train.

> Past is actually future
> Girl is leading scientist in Genetics
> Girl's research notes paves way to human mutation (Magick)
> Causes Apocalyptic Event
> Widespread destruction makes everyone forget what happened, but "The Order" Knows.
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Loli Demon.png
725KB, 904x1126px
Challenge Accepted.

>20 years before the start of the main story, Demons invade the Mortal world and fuck it over big time. Rape, genocide, and all that edgy stuff, the Mc entire village is wiped and they are left to wander a desolate landscape until they are found by a group of Demon Slayers from a Holy Order.
>20 years later a Paladin (The Mc) saves a random orphan loli while doing his job of hunting Demons, and delivers the girl to a nearby village once done.
>6 months after that incident the loli tracks down the Paladin and reveals herself to be an immortal Archdemon who wants have the Paladin fall from grace/fuck them. (6 months ago they got ambushed and severely weakened until the Paladin arrived)
>The loli Archdemon is yandere to the Paladin and stalks him wherever he goes to carry out holy orders and slay demons who still roam the world and is the boss of different type of monsters.
>The loli Archdemon drags the Paladin into the affairs of hell due to the invasion that occurred 20 years ago being part of a long ass coup by other Archdemons to overthrow the current system, and make a second hell on earth.
>The loli Archdemon getting the Paladin into one big keikaku to get him to eliminate the other Archdemons who performed the rebellion, get him to be the Savior of Demons and their old order before the coup, get him thrown out of the Order so he can only cling to her so she can get the D, and become the leader of Hell.
>Throughout the story you have the Paladin going through unimaginable suffering in order to stay sane and on the right path to resist the Archdemon and protect all their friends, brothers in the order, and etc.
>The Paladin also has a childhood friend who works as nurse for the order, but gets suffering just to trigger /a/.

There is demon rape in it.
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>There are Black people
>They are in highschool amongst Japanese teens
>Black people do everyday things in Japan
>It's like a Blackanese Seinfeld
That's it.

Original and comedic.
>Parallel world with a single continent.
>Due to a radiation sphere, air travel and aircraft don't exist. Otherwise technology is slightly more advanced than Earth.
>Post-Modernism, and even modernism, never afflicted this world. Nationalism is alive and well.
>The continent is mostly shared between two massive empires, a mongolesque one and a romanesque one.
>Following a border incident, war is declared.
>In this world war is fought using mecha, tanks, artillary and warships (no aircraft).
>MC is a mecha pilot who joins the army after the war begins.
>He's a country bumpkin who slowly becomes a hardened veteran as he tries to survive what is essentially WWI with mechas (a giant meatgrinder).
That's some good world building anon
Hard to have a fun mecha war if there are planes involved.
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I can't control my autism

Finally MC confronts the leader in an open space. The thug approaches him, confident in his superior physical strengh and lust for blood. During a short verbal exchange where MC apprears absolutely calm, he dares he to make a step closer and say the thug is too dangerous for his future plans. The thug try to say MC is not better, that he injured his little brother who despite being a thug was a good person. To what MC replies by telling him he is misjundging, that HE should ask for forgiveness not him and that HE should kneel.

On this single word two of his loyal lieutenants fire from a safe distance at the thug's heels, with painball sniper guns of course... But the bullets are designed to release a powerful flesh eating acid. The thug is obviously angry, then his anger turn into pain as his skin no longer protect his frail calcaneal tendon. MC explains that he won't die from this, the acid will devour his flesh util the tendon is cut off. The thug will no longer be abe to stand on his feet, is life is not in danger. However it is extremly painful... "I dedicate this moment in the memory of XXX, YYY and ZZZ" Between the scream of agony of his victim torn on the ground, he asks him "I understand you now. It is quite fun to destroy someone life"

The thing about this anime/manga is that the MC and the club are not good people. The thugs are. Well, most of them are just noisy lads who fight each other but don't harm the weaks. But a minority is born from this mess, a dangerous minority. I would like the reader to reflect on this as MC break down deeper and deeper in his "divine punishment/I am the Law/Batman" obsession. The ultimate goal would be to have his lieutenant getting remorse even if they are truly evil and realizing their captain his the worst human being ever.
-African-American goes to Japan to teach English at an expensive high school.
-Upon doing so he finds the school is under the control of the Student Council who plans on world domination.
-The teacher refuses this order of things and goes to war against the Student Council facing off against things both Fantasy and Sci-Fi made by the Student Council to take over the world with their students, while teaching English.
-Its all episodic and borrows inspiration from English (Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, Macbeth etc) written stories and what not.

The final episode ends with the English Teacher defeating the Student Council President after massive boss-rush and them teaching the Council President English.

After the epilogue where its told the student pursuing their careers and returning to a normal life the English Teacher is found tied to a dungeon wall. English has banned in Japan and no more English Teachers are allowed.

Mysterious students stand in front of the MC, and the Mc saying "English. Do you speak it?"

Season 2 Coming S2 Never Ever
File: 234567897654.jpg (98KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 1280x720px
>tfw I've started writing at least 5 different stories.
>No motivation to continue any of them.
you lack autism comrade
It's the parts between the cool stuff that gets me. I have certain scenes that I want to write, but they require a bricktonne of build-up, which is where I lose motivation. Longest one I have at the moment is ~40,000 words and I have writer's block.
Inspired by the cafe episode of Flying Witch. Could say it "spiritual spin-off"

Story name : Tomorrow will certainly come at the mystic cafe.

Genre: Super Natural, Slice-of-Life, Coming of Age, Tragedy

> A small and frail girl want to do a part time job.
> Got a job at a rundown cafe owned by a middle age Woman.
> She think that almost no customer come to the cafe. Yet, there are so many work to do everyday.
> One day, she start to see another waitress in the cafe. She think that it's new waitress.
> She ask the owner her "kohai", the owner tell her that it's in fact her "senpai".
> Turn out, this cafe serve mostly super natural being, ghost, deity, animal, you name it.
>Her senpai is infact a ghost herself.
>Story change the tone to slice of life with many subplot such as local guardian found the secret invasion of Alien and fight to protect the World, love story about 2 season harbinger, Trainee music deity try to get debut, etc.
>All of the subplot are told in the form of conversation on coffee table.
> The last subplot is the revelation that lead girl have terminal disease and talk to the ghost.
> The series end with how her deal with her impending dead. The question about life and death.
That's where short stories come along and help.
>the parts between the cool stuff

get a beginning and an end, then try to get from one point to the other

I have more than LotR books in number of words as notes, but can't get my shit together because no end and no beginning
Pretty much. The 40k word one has a setting where the MC goes and explores the world as a cartographer after spending 5 years at an academy training. Originally I intended 5 years at the academy to take up ~20k words. After 40k I only just finished the first year.
Welcome to the Bowels of Vice, adventurer.

You're in a thriving black market which travels the world as it resides on the back of a Scraper, a lumbering behemoth whose size is unrivaled. Pay no heed to its humongous girth, this solemn giant whimsically migrates to where it wants. As you can see, on its back, beyond the overgrowth and the lumps of rock lies our humble network of establishments. Once a month for about a week or two, the Scraper tends to doze off for unknown reasons and stops in its tracks as it lays to rest in the guise of a mountain.

But enough of him. Let's talk about the Bowel. A vast community of misfits and dysfunctional merchants, a lush cesspool of vagrants and blasphemers, but most importantly, an oasis of the taboo and the outlawed. Don't fret though, despite its crude inhabitants, you can feel the welcoming atmosphere that exudes from this fantastical place... that or somebody is gnawing at your soul.

Oh but what's that, you say? Starved for employment? Just plain starved? Here, let me check on who's in need of a slav--- I mean, a young and enthusiastic addition for the work force. I recommend you don't check the black fliers; you'll lose more than just an arm and leg if you try those.

Let's see. Ah. Here we go. Voliters' Trinkets, that old senile warlock, is in need of an errand boy, Tripatis Inquiries is in need of an adventurer to do quests for them, Scraper's Scrapers are looking for another brave soul to clean the Bowels with and the last one... hmmm. A new business called the Quintessence just popped up near the edge of the market. They say anybody is fine.

Here's a map of the area. I suggest you go where you want to and never stray too far into the darkness. Remember adventurer, residency here is a gamble in itself. The Bowels eat at your very being --- tearing apart your insides to lay out your bloodied vices for all the world to see.

Enjoy your stay.

Episodic black comedy SoL.
A young man wakes up and finds his dick is missing. He hears a noise in the kitchen and goes to investigate, only to find his penis has become a cute girl who is making him a lunch for school. He's forced to choose between combining with Penis-chan and regaining his dick, or letting her live on her own, and forever being dickless.
That was... an interesting twist. Didn't see that coming.
Setting is a fantasy world with two distinctive nation blocks. The nations of the East hire adventurers through the Heroes Guild and the nations of the West hire them through the Adventurers Guild.
Holding allegiance to neither guild are mercenaries, who will do any job for money. Even hunting down adventurers.
The MC and his buddies are a group of Mercenaries who specialize in assassinating adventurers, often taking jobs from the Heroes and Adventurers Guilds.
Maybe change that he becomes a girl and then has a yuri relationship.
That's not the twist. The twist is if they combine, they'll merge into a futanari.
In a particularly generic and boring low fantasy world, our main character is a timid wizard apprentice.
He is a failure with offensive elemental magic, but is very talented with conjuration. Upon finding out about the existence of worlds other than his own boring one, he makes it his life goal to explore and visit these worlds.

As soon as he completes his apprenticeship, he prepares for his extra-planar journey by putting his conjuration skills to use and summons a party of creatures from other worlds including a slaad, a genie and the obligatory succubus.

He then goes on wacky episodic adventures in all sorts of bizarre worlds, including Hell, The Shadow Realm, Asgard and Earth, making friends and enemies of all sorts.
It's called reality, thanks to tax cuts and the private-prison movement leading to obscenely overcrowded prisons, overworked, underpaid guards, and murderers and rapists being released early to make room for the pot smokers.
A dragon awakens after sleeping for 800 years.
I don't have a plot yet, but she's a loli who speaks archaic English (or Japanese, I suppose).
>tfw I started writing 1 story.
>I'm on the alpha rough draft of it.
>Half way through Chapter 1 of it.
The outline I've made to work off of:

>small American town
>soon to be a large American crater due to bomb testing gone horribly "wrong"
>the main survivors/character are a young blind girl (she loses her sight thanks to the bottom) and a middle aged-ish Japanese tourist
>they develop a friendship not just because their helpful to each others survival but they're both main fanatics
>in one of the least surprising twists ever, the bomb being tested on the town was deliberate

And I've already gotten way ahead of myself as ideas for a sequel series that takes place in the 80s are popping in my head
Ganbatte, anon!
>main fanatics
wtf I meant to say main fanatics
Does k-a-i-j-u filter to main?
A man is tasked with cooking dinner. Unable to decide on what he wants to cook, he decides to go on a journey.
Along the way he meets many different people and gathers a group of trustworthy comrades, ending his journey in a massive battle against the nefarious underwater cult that is planning to drown the world. However little did he know, that the cult was holding back a greater evil, and now he and his party must uncover a global plot by the world elite to offer humanity's souls to the evil space warlord Glozerub.
After a hard-fought battle, he manages to narrowly defeat them, and using his great mecha he faces Glozerub in an epic final showdown, where he expels the alien from the Milky Way.
He decides to cook curry in the end.
Should post it so people will read it and want more thus forcing you to finish it.
The twist? There are many different stories, though there are common elements which connect them, which would each have their own twists. I suppose the only main twist would be hiding the true scale of events until the characters get way too deep into them.
So my Android's autocorrect is really weird then. Alright.
And thanks!
Make it a vidya and I'm sold.
In the year 1453, Sultan Mehmed II conquers the Byzantine Capital of Constantinople.
After the siege, he allows his soldiers to run free through the city for 3 days and 3 nights, raping and pillaging as they will.
Narrowly escaping them, a young Byzantine child manages to sneak out of the city, fleeing to Austria.
From there on out, the story follows the boy and his ancestors on their endless quest to remove kebab throughout the ages.
Anon I never wrote a story before, and I'm only half way through the first chapter. Which I need to go way over when I finish it.

I can post that.
How long is a chapter for you?
A remake of The Warriors but every gang is a different archetype. Baseball Furies are now all lolis, the titular gang is now all generic MCs for example.
>This is a common condition
>MC has crushed hard on a couple of schoolchums' Penis-chans several times without him realizing it
>Penis-chans look different based on the penis they came from (Average size with healthy balls results in a teenager with ample chest, small dick results in a loli, magnum dong results in an amazon with fat tats, etc.)
>There's a niche fetish among people in his town that involves watching gay porn about Penis-chans rubbing each other all over
Maybe it doesn't affect the capitalized version?
The initial plot of Wilfred except it happens in Japan and it is his neighbor's cat. Looks like a catgirl to him.
On a business trip with the Earth Defense Club.
New Idea: Think of some crazy superpowers, along the lines of HxH or JJBA.
Crazy superpowers are only cool in context.
This is a thread about writing stories, isn't it?
The power to summon the common crab.
>ctrl-f keit-ai
>0 results
fuck you all
MC is accused of being the biggest lolicon in the world. Although he has not committed any sexual acts...yet. However, there's overwhelming evidence found in his home full of loli materials and logs of internet activities related to lolicon. He was sentenced to life in prison, confined in a cryogenic freezing underground chamber. Now 500 years later, he was suddenly released and sent straight to the Allied HQ. Not knowing the reasons behind this until he realized that the whole world is at war against a dominating super-power with the most advanced military mecha technology in the world, all ruled by lolis. The situation is getting desperate for the allies, so desperate that its unbecoming of them to receive a letter, from the loli rulers, of unconditional surrender or be crushed. It's time for MC to take advantage, by being commissioned to the allied supreme command as military advisor/diplomat so that he can use his field of expertise to help the allies win the war and restore world peace.
Will it involve implicit sex scenes?
Imagine Ben-to except people fight over karaoke booths instead. When you sing the karaoke booths produce a virtual version of yourself and the better you sing and depending on the type of song you're singing that's how powerful the virtual version is. Gangs dedicated to a certain genre of music have massive turf wars over these karaoke booths and their duels comprise of them singing their hearts out so that they can beat their opponent's karaoke persona.

Old ass salary men singing dated nip music from the 60s.
DMC-tier wackjobs.
Highschool girls singing whatever popular casual shit is up.
Otaku singing anime songs.
Westaboo singing obscure western songs in hilarious engrish.
Rappers, opera singers, choirs, idolshitters, etc.

Our MC is mute. He uses a Vocaloid-esque program to sing. Along the way he's going to be joined by an equally dysfunctional cast of fuckwits with their own weird way of conquering the karaoke booths.
>How long is a chapter for you.
I have no fucking idea, 12-24 pages?

In total I got 6 pages done.
A boy falls in love with a girl. Unable to confess he is gifted by deus ex machina with her number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl suffers from short term memory loss, as a result of a traumatic brain injury from being brutally beaten and raped a year earlier. Because of this, she's unable to remember anything that happened since the attack for more than a few hours. Can the MC's love for this girl overcome her condition.

I typed this out, then remembered there was a show like this. EF or something.
It's a battle harem but the MC actually bangs the girls.
And don't come out shouting "HxH! DxD! Maou!" Those are lewd but there's no actual sex.

Just teasing would be enough, otherwise he would be executed the next time he is accused again for any funny businesses.

I'm already sold on the first line.
Tenchi. He fucks them all. Yes, even the spaceship. Especially the spaceship.
MC is a slaver who hunts elves for a living.
Our MC's food/drink is being drugged with estrogen by a big boobied megane fujoshi with a trap fetish.

PLOT TWIST: MC is sneaking testosterone injections into a different girl due to his reverse trap fetish
>sneaking testosterone injections
4 girls lewdly bully a cute boy, but secretly they all want his dick.
The girls in an extremely deep sleep?
Even if she doesn't wake up, she'd probably move in reaction to the injection, causing the needle to snap, or cause enough pain to wake her. Maybe if he gave her something to keep her asleep.
File: 1461809155708.jpg (53KB, 482x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nigga you need a bullet in your head
I'm inspired by this.

Title: Elf Slayer.

Elves are portrayed as a cunning race that hides under the facade of civilization and their appealing looks; they discriminate against other races and play victim to get what they want.

The MC is a human and a realist; he hunts elves to avenge weak people from other races and also to get money. He meets a half-human half-orc girl who is cute but was bullied all her life and being used as a slave by a mafia elf leader and saves her; she accompanies him on his journey later after he agrees reluctantly.

And then the MC's past is revealed...
Try and tell me you couldn't imagine that shit in a hard ecchi series.
>And then the MC's past is revealed...
He's a half elf, isn't he?
Here in Russia it's like 15 years for stealing, 10 years for rape and 5 for murder, so don't forget to kill your victim and you will be ok xD
After a magic spell goes wrong, a highschool girl ends up fusing herself with a tentacle monster. As a side-effect, she must now molest at least one girl a day or else she'll starve.
I'm rooting for the musicalfags.
This show can be great without political correctness issues.
File: 1459743601833.png (1MB, 1024x696px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1024x696px
>an overaged ara-ara christmas cake is summoned into a medieval fantasy world
>everyone thinks it's a mistake and won't take her seriously
>she wrecks everyone by applying modern day martial arts, physics and video game logic in a world where everyone else is mostly self-taught and people think she's a monster
>just wants to do some quests
>each story arc spends 80% of the time to establish an elaborate local conspiracy, a power struggle, or a cultural conflict, which then comes to an abrupt end when the locals manage to get the MC mixed in and piss her off
>she ends up unwittingly gathering a lesbian harem party along the side, including a knight princess, a goddess, an imperial general, and an elven queen

I'm working on it
>Another Isekai shit
MC is a 40 y/o engineer who begins his world conquest by reinventing electricity, gasoline refinery/engines and modern weaponry.
A painting and a TV fall in love. Drama.
MC is a fresh HS graduate, living alone in a stinky small apartment. Up until his last year of HS he was a fairly ordinary guy, with average intelligence and no special trait to speak of. Every day was the same for him, so he lost his will to live, slowly became a junkie and barely finished school. Now he's unemployed with his only money supply being drug dealing.

One day, his 'business' phone rings and he goes to do the deal. It's a girl, roughly the same age as him. He does what he came to do and goes back home. Once or twice in a week the girl calls and the deal is repeated, while MC is still drowning in his broken mind.

After a few months, they slowly get to know each other, starting with just a regular conversation ending with them going out with each other. And that's where I would end it.

I'm thinking, like, trippy art, a lot of inner philosophical dialogs about becoming adult and stuff, MC fighting with his urges, general melancholic feels and a ton of calm romance.

Can't really sort all of the thoughts I have about this. And don't really know if it's suitable for anime, didn't see much serious series like this.
I like this. Let's see where this goes.

In some mob character's living room, a painting hangs on one side, while a TV sits on its stand on the other. The painting is a portrait of a young woman in her late 20's.

Being permanantly at Christmas Cake age, the girl in the painting is jealous of the TV since it can change its contents whenever it wants to keep fresh.

The TV likes the fact that the painting can stay in one place, unlike its owner. It's happy being able to see and talk to the painting every day, and finds the girl in it beautiful.The TV can't talk, so it communicates through rapidly changing channels.

Every episode is about them trying to figure out how to up their relationship. Examples include:
>Cake-painting trying to remove herself from the wall to get closer to TV-kun
>TV-kun turning different channels to simulate what they might do on a date and fucking up the timing
>Owner waking up at 2 in the morning to find the TV on a porn channel and the painting on the floor covered in glaze
File: 2.15343.jpg (22KB, 425x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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a show about cute fungi decomposing cute things
The Mc is a 4th year college student about to graduate with a retail job and girlfriend. The Mc has been dating his girlfriend for awhile now (3 years+), and is rather indecisive if he want to keep being with her (As she's rather pushy and controls him/making him whipped and beta as fuck) or try to seeing new people and do new things on his own.

One day when his girlfriend tries to confront him on their relationship and if they should continue pursuing it. Before the Mc can say what he wants to do his, however his girlfriend is Isekai'd through a portal by a mysterious entity and kidnapped. The Mc follows her and ends up a in a high fantasy world, where he runs into a girl who is basically a fantasy version of his girlfriend who is involved with a conspiracy going in the world.

The power the Mc receives from traveling to that world is that he has the ability to create and use 3 check points. (Almost like save slot in a video game)


He sets Checkpoint A in his bed in the fantasy world.
He sets Checkpoint B in his living room in the fantasy world.

Mc can load Checkpoint A or Checkpoint B whenever he wants.His power does have some limits. If he died on any Checkpoints he loses his saves and is forced to go back to Checkpoint A no matter what. He can only save on A for the next 3 days as well. If he dies again he will die for real.

The main problem for the Mc is he doesn't know when to set a checkpoint up so he doesn't shit over his progress. There is also a problem as there does exist others the fantasy world that can alter what occurred in his checkpoints without his knowledge or even delete them.

The plot of the story focuses on the Mc trying to locate his girlfriend that got kidnapped. While doing that he spends time with other people, and fantasy version of his girlfriend that makes him evaluate himself, as a person, and what he wants to do with his life. He becomes an alpha during the course of the story.
A cute shota attends high school and just wants to be around his bros and play basketball.

4 girls bully him:
-One is tall, built, and sporty who's looking for someone to match her/use as practice dummy/childhood friend like.
-Another is the rich girl who is full of pride and controlling who thinks the Mc is a cute accessory.
-Another is the delusional yandere type who thinks the Mc and her are destined to be, and drags him around her all the time and tells other bitches to fuck off. She's smart and runs the Student Council.
-The final type is the delinquent tomboy who thinks the Mc needs to grow some balls and makes him her lackey.

All secretly want the dick, but to get it they need to eliminate each other and gain a monopoly over him starting things in the school with its various factions.
Interesting premise.

I ran out of room for it. The fantasy version of his girlfriend isn't like his original girlfriend. The fantasy version is more submissive and supportive through a cheering/encouraging way than commanding and directing him. She relies on him more than he does her.
Why would the fujo want him to be as trap? That's probably the most heterosexual version of Yaoi there is.

You know, the elaborate checkpoint explanation fails to change the reality that it's just a rebranded re:zero.
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How about a boy who is in love with a girl from his school.

However the male MC is too scared to confess until one day he receives a text which has a random and weird looking phone number on it. Once he calls the number a female voice answers the phone. To his surprise its the girl he has a crush on. He finally gets the courage to confess his feelings and to his surprise she feels the same way about him. Overjoyed they decide they should meet up at school on the following day.

The next day when the MC talks to the girl about's yesterday confession the girl looks confused and doesn't recall any call from yesterday. Confused the MC apologizes and leaves leaving the girl perplexed. After some investigation the MC realizes that girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all. She is the girl’s alternate universe (AU) counterpart coming from some parallel universe, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is unaware of her crush.

Determined by this knowledge he calls the girl again and asks to make a deal. They decide to give each other their darkest, most private secrets so they can conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question what true love really is.

What do you guys think?
Mc is a history nut, and while still a history nut, he is also up to date with latest trends, news and interest of his peers.
He is also a member of thee stuco, being the vice president
While he is in the library, he spots a book in one of the shelves in the most inner parts.
Since it is one of the few books he has yet to read he picks it up
After getting through the pile of books he got, its finally the book's turn.
After opening it and finding that it is just empty pages, he is assaulted by heavy drowsiness.
In truth, the book allows mc to visit most famous historical events, both tragic and happy ones. (ie, burning of london, witch hunt, ww1, magellans voyage around the world, nazi rise to power, building of the pyramids, moon landing mission, atomic bomb creation and detonation and cruxifixion of christ)
Each time he time travels to the events due to the books power, he takes over the conciousness of a person in the event. (Ie, one of magellans crew that survived, a victim of the atomic bomb, one of the witches, etc)
He doesnt actually slips right into the events but around 1-10 years earlier for some world building. During the events, mc tries to figure out where and what event he gets involved in with the advance time he gets.
Sometimes mc's beliefs in history are overturned because he gets involved firsthand in betrayals and plot twists that never get to see the light of day.
After he completes an event a chapter gets added into the book.

Thats it for my ideas
Show starts with a flashback to an American high school. MC is a 15 year old fat weeaboo getting picked on because he's a fat weeaboo. He curses everyone saying he's gonna live his dream of living in Japan, only fuelling everyone's laughter. Jump to present day, MC is starting his first day as an English teacher at a Japanese high school. He is triumphant, he's /fit/, shaken off any social awkwardness from his teen years, and is living his dream. There's one problem.

His dream sucks. The hours sucks, the pay sucks the students don't respect him, the other teachers tolerate him, and he experiences racism daily. The show is a SOL about MC making his life less shitty and the differences in Western and Japanese life. Imagine Galko-chan, but instead of the cute girls talking about periods, it's Sensei-kun dispelling the myths about Japanese life instilled by anime.
I think you're about to get banned.
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