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How come there isn't a thread up holy shit.
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There was a thread for it a couple days ago. And only a hand full of people gave a shit.
Just wait till it starts airing so we can laugh at anime only fags together.
There have been, for the past few days.
Man I don't want to watch this. I'm gonna motherfucking cry every 2 and a half episodes.
I don't know if i can handle the HONK HONK

Also which studio is animating this?

Iori is for ________

Note: you cannot use the letter A in your response
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worst idol
butt sex
pooper poking
pucker stuffing

also it's Lori you idiot

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Why is there so little fanart of Satella?
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Fuck off
Even japan knows not to trust an elf.
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Because Echidna is superior witch

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>Female Sensei x Female Student
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The world needs more /ll/
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>Mother x Daughter
iirc there was hentai of it but forgot its name
>onee-chan × onee-chan

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Alright /a/ give me the best Yu-Gi-Oh! memes you got
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Are hot anime girls the reason for the Japanese decline in birth rate?
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They're the reason for the death of billions of possible children of mine.
>ponytail Illya

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>Medium with limitless potential, only imagination sets the boundaries
>All we get is human waste products fresh out of Chinese sweatshops, usually targeted and marketed towards pubescent manchildren
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Please try out /co/ if you think we're doing it wrong here.
as it turns out, they like >anime with cute girls in them.
>And drawing them too.

Despite this anime showing all the girls as being kind hearted.

This is how things would go in reality:

Fat ugly enters the club room and asks:
- Huu, is this the idol club? I wanna be an idol too.

The club presidents looks and thinks how a FAT UGLY girl would actually hurt their popularity.
- Sorry, we don't have any vacant position, our group formations is already full. Try next year.
How would Honoka react if an ugly girl actually tried to be an idol with them? Would she allow and then not save her school? Or what about Sunshine MC?
I bet the most honest girl is Nico, she would say straight and loud how a fat and ugly girl is not fit to become an idol.

This is why Nico is the best girl.
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God damn anon, you're so bitter that if you drank whisky you'd turn into an old fashioned.

Japan is not Murika

Fat schoolgirls are rare. At most they're a litte chunky aka what you murrikans consider 'normal'

School idols aren't great looking girls. You might have some qt3.14s in a group but most of them are 4/10s on average and look nothing like akb.
That is Japan, FAT UGLY girl knows their limitation.

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How do you rationalize abandoning you're first waifu?
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I don't
because I never had one to begin with
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Those devoted will never forget
I haven't.

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ITT: anime where best girl won
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not Re:Zero
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This one.
mah nigga

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>yfw best girls win
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But Rem lost.
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Why is it always the blonde?
When youre right, youre right OP.

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Did they deserve each other, /a/?

Why couldn't Satou admit he loved Misaki?
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He didn't love her. Part of the point of the series was how you can't force yourself to love someone
You sure? I think Satou did love Misaki, it's just that he convinced himself he didn't.

Satou doesn't really love anyone, or, didn't love anyone. He doesn't even love his parents, he just needs them for cash to continue his lifestyle.

So when Misaki came along, he probably didn't love her at first, but by the end I think he really did. He probably started falling in love but at first didn't really understand why he felt that way.

Misaki was in a similar situation though, she never really loved anyone before. Maybe her mom, but that was when she was a young kid. She fell in love With Satou quickly and even though she didn't really understand love, she chose to pursue her feelings no matter what.

Their relationship was essentially two ways of dealing with love from people who didn't love anyone. Either ignore it and don't try to understand it, or embrace it fully even if you don't know what it is.
you should read the novel, the anime and manga were just the author shilling, they kinda cheapen the novels message. I saw the anime first btw.

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Are there other good sports manga that are not completly gay? I dont really like any kind of sport but this was really good. I just cant stand the ones where fujoshit is canon
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Does Homura really stalk Madoka? Seems more like she stalks Kyubey who just so happen to coincidentally be around Madoka.
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A lot of anime fandoms seem to do this. They take a serious story with well written characters, and degrade the entire franchise with memes. No, Homura doesn't stalk Madoka, at least not in the way your picture is portraying. Homura isn't a crazy stalker yandere, that's just a meme. The only reason she'd stalk Madoka if it was necessary for her to protect her.
Homura wants to marry Madoka, but Madoka isn't gay.

Homura is hoping she can fix that problem, but she doesn't know how. Madoka WILL get a bf and she WILL have sex with him. Homura will be forced to watch from the window she normally does while Madoka moans in pleasure. Homura will record it and edit in clips of Madoka saying her name. She'll probably listen to those tape and cry herself to sleep while masturbating.
What are these lies?

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How can one girl be so best?
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So best that she's more popular than the MC

So best that she overtook the main girl and became THE main girl
I don't think she ever beat Adult Rikuo in any popularity poll though? She was indeed best girl.
I don't remember if I ever finished reading this.

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