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Are her horns soft or hard?
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Hard, like my dick.
How the fuck can you have soft horns

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why are girls that are little better than girls that are not little?
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but why would i think about my dick? i'm more interested in tiny beings like this
Higher concentration of moe.

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Chuu2s are for:______________
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Worshiping their thighs.

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Does sakura card captor ever get good?
Like does it ever escape from its insufferable "fight a monster every episode" nature?
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Depends on how fast your taste stops being shit.
>liking power rangers tier repetitive shit
You have to be over 18 to post in this board and that implies being over 10 in particular.
There's not much progression in terms of plot (well, there's midway through but not much presence overall) but it's the character development that matters anyway in these type of shows. It's more a slice of life than anything really. Besides, the monster of the week stuff has plenty of variety to make up for that.

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You are granted the opportunity to bring your waifu to life. However, you must sell your soul to Kyubey which may or may not lead to your untimely demise. Would you do it and who would you bring to life?
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Is there hell waiting for me when I die?

I would bring pic related to life, but pretty sure she'd be disgusted with me for the most part besides looks kinda.
It would most likely be a scenario where you would be trapped in nothingness for the rest of eternity, left alone to ponder about all the mistakes and grievances you left in the mortal world. But hey, that's just a suggestion.
Yea fuck that, I'd rather just end it and be at peace then have some time with the waifu before eternal torment thank you.

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Episode 5 preview.
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Ok so this is my first time posting here and I hate weeaboos but I just bought this and I'm loving it so congrats faggots
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whatever faggot.
Good for you.
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Good Job

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>[HorribleSubs] Handa-kun - 05 [720p].mkv

Why is there no thread for the best comedy of the season?
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Can she be saved?
would you?

also, more of his mom when

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So next week's episode (and the rest of the season) is all about how he finds a new body for Yumemi so she can deliver her projections and narration and the new body is a high-end upgrade so that they can fall in love and get married and have cyborg babies and then build a rocket to fly to outer space where there is a thriving human civilization just waiting for someone to tell them about the stars...

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That one probably will go into the movie.
>next week
Dont do this to yourself anon.
I don't understand how this guy survived with a broken leg and a dozen drones on his ass.

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Is the new reboot of CCS worth my time?
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The original was shit, what makes you think this reboot's going to be any better?
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Sure. It's monthly though.

You bored or something?
Ah, by the way, it's a sequel not a reboot. Starts right after the last chapter of the original.

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3x3 thread rate / hate. I rate mine as meh.
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Haruhi should fucking die/10
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3x3 Anime.jpg
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Watching Death Note for the first time. Not a real fan of anime but this one is pretty good so far
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why do we care
also pic irrelevant because my internet sux, and ill be damned if im gonna download an image for 1 post
Check em

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Would you be Futaba's friend?
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Why is Futaba so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
Yeah. Her voice is motherfucking kawaii.
Reminds me of Ahiru, like my favourite VA role ever.

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Pic related.
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Sora no Otoshimono
Hataraku Maou-sama
>ruined by the author
>ending sucked an rushed

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More like leaked dicks!
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