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>Goku is an alien but he forgot

Am I the only one that thinks Goku's origin is fucking stupid?
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Almost everything in Dragon Ball is stupid as fuck.
Anime was a mistake.
He's a baby how would he remember

There's lots of weird mutant creatures on earth it's easy to just ignore the tail as a sign

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't really like it.
But I love you all.
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I am indifferent to it.
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I messed up

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Seven deadly sins.png
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>Manga about seven deadly sins
>The only one who matchs his sin his greed
>The only one who has the power to match his sin is greed
Why is this ok?
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They're named after sins because of the crime they committed, not because of their personality.

Regardless, most of them fit their sin. King is fat and eats when he's not in his fairy form. Escanor's hubris is off the charts when he's in his true form. Meliodas destroyed an entire kingdom with his rage. Gowther lusted after Guila. Ban is Ban. Diane can't stand Elizabeth sometimes. Merlin's probably has to do with her desire to experiment?

Overall, their personality is usually the exact opposite of their sin and if something pushes them over the edge, they became the incarnation of it, see Meliodas, Escanor, and Gowther. King and Diane don't really fit outside of comical moments, a couple parts of the story, and their sins. Ban is Ban. Merlin is a mystery until she gets her story arc.

I can understand getting upset about their powers though. Meliodas, King, and Gowther all kind of fit though. Ban is Ban, of course. The rest is eh.
>King is fat and eats when he's not in his fairy form.
King does not fit sloth in any fucking way. and how does full counter fit someone whose suppose to use his anger?
Isn't King sloth because he abandoned his post as fairy king?

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Why's a retard allowed to have a butt this fat?
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Comes with being a baka.
How can he control his raging erection?

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>February 2008
Don't doubt the starfish.

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Is the Ghost in the Shell franchise the most well written and philosophical anime ever? Ignoring Arise of course.
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Yes. I find a new kickass piece of analysis each time I rewatch the original and SAC is just one of the most enjoyable shows I have seen. I still find myself comparing things I watch in a similar genre, like Ergo Proxy, to Stand Alone Complex and finding that they fall short of that mark. Ergo Proxy wasn't bad though.
Psycho-pass is better.
Arise was medicore but still decent overall

People were just upset there won't be SAC 3rd made by the same staff who did previous series

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Why is Tanaka so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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Why is this meme so shit? It ruined the whole 4chan.
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Name one thing Tanaka did wrong

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Flat as a board with no curves. What's appealing about Saber?
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appeal of lawful stupid moralfaggotry to braindead morans
A S S, sir. Ass.

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Why aren't there more explosions in anime?
Why does everything revolve around fighting with swords?
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What about exploding swords?
Not enough sustained DPS.

Because not every studio can hire animators like Yoh Yoshinari amd similar.

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Guys, hold me. Please.

I don't know how to feel.
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Cry senpai... You might feel something then.
Saddest boner ever
To this day I don't know why I read this stupid fetishistic ecchi manga, and why I felt so much along the way. It wasn't even that good.

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Ha Mai boi Saitama is the best shonen anime hero. He's better than Luffy cuz he's not an idiot. Goku is too much of a good guy and Saitama doesn't care about anything except fighting so he's more complex. The Bleach character is too emo and Naruto is an annoying kid. Case in short Saitama could kick all their asses and he's also more interesting to watch.
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Why do you sound like a black person when everyone knows that you are probably a white faggot?
it's a seinen
His show will never get a second season.

This is a princess with a bow. Are you scared?
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No she left the safety on
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I'm more afraid of her fiery death stare
Season 2 and the Yellow Dragon when?

Have you forgotten her /a/?
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No, but she's forgotten me
yeah and rightfully so.
fockewolf sure hasn't, he made like 6 doujins of this series

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I haven't read or watched Higurashi since 2010. Why did the Dam Project cause so much chaos and bloodshed, again? It's just a dam.
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File: 1277181321708.png (117KB, 400x480px)Image search: [Google]
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A dam what?
Because they'll literally go insane and die if they move from Hinamizawa.

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This is the picture that Wikipedia uses to explain anime in its article about the topic.

Is this a good representation of "modern anime"? (the filename I posted is the same as it appears on wikipedia) Would you suggest different frames?

How does it feel to know this is the first thing normies see when trying to research anime?
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That's good. I haven't seen Flag. That's Flag, right?

Everything on that list is good.
You should watch Flag.
>simon and kamina
>not gurren lagann itself

>gurren lagann
>not macross
>not gundam
>not mazinger

also lacking super crazy transformations, something like tetsuo would be welcomed.

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