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is this the face of a villain?
I didn't even watch or read Death Note, but I know the answer is no and that he is best boy. Get real.
What are you doing with your life?

Kishmoto is the worst hack of a writer I have ever seen, so much build up for this ship just for it to go to fucking Hinata.

Go fuck yourself Kishmoto.
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Stay mad Sakura-fag.
Cry some more bitch
>NaruSaku cucks are still mad after 2 years

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>The character's dub has a Brooklyn accent
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Well I certainly see these dubs.
>Dub has honorifics
>Words like arigatou haven't been translated
>dub goes unchecked
>dub has the main VA's voice the one time show side characters

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Guts and Alucard are badass but the fact that they both had sex with other men kind of makes them less manly.
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That is the manliest thing you can do though.
>had sex with other men

raped by Turks as a child

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What does Rem have to do to get Subaru to love her?
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Not die for starters.
Live longer.
Suck his dick then slice his throatas he cums. Repeat.

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Which anime do you think has the best OST?
For me it has to be Berserk 1997. The music is so inmersive that it feels as if you were in the story.
Guts theme is specially good, but my favorite has to be Forces. It makes my body all pumped up.

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Zetsuen no Tempest has the best OST out of any animu.
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I am thinking about getting a waifu pillow. however I am not sure if it is a good Idea. I live with family that doesn't exactly respect my privacy. And I don't plan on getting a pg rated one if you know what I mean...
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>"Waifu Pillow"
>Lives with Family
Dear God how can so much be wrong with a single Post.
And don't forget the
Tell me this is bait.

nice one

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I think I miss something, why didn't Silva/ Zeno teach Killua any nen abilities?
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>let them be
>they are kids
>they will return one day to be assassins for the family name. Except that thing that we closed in a room, shit is insane
They don't care that much. They allow them to do shit for now to a point one is a fat anon, one became a daughter, one was closed in a room, another was tortured by older brother for shit and giggles until "fuck this crazy family I am off for shota adventures", older brother is full crazy that tags along with a crazy clown.
What the fuck is up with that other grandgrandpa? Isn't that guy over the 100s with almost no background at all other than "he fought Netero"?
I think their plan was for Killua to get 'Baptized' on the 200th floor of Heavens Arena when he was sent there as a child and then go from there.
He needed to learn the assissin basics first, while being protected by Illumi and his needle (made him avoid danger).

It was because they loved him ofcourse.

What you guys think of the new Naruto episode?

I fucking loved it.

I especially loved the end where Sasuke was holding Sakura. That seriously made my fucking week.

What did you guys think!?

>Inb4 all the Naruto haters shit up the thread with their shit tier anime
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Fuck off homo

That's not very nice you cunt.

I bet you're one if those fags that likes One Piece.
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sage goes in all fields

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Is flat justice?
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It's a disease
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Is Oreimo a dishonest series?

On one hand it acts like exploration of otaku culture, but then ends up banal and bound by it.
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Stop posting your shit.
OreImo suffers from what most harem shows suffer nowadays. The first 4 volumes/season tries to be a commentary on the generic harem genre and ironically shits on all its silly tropes, while the rest of the series turns into a generic harem and unironically showcases all its silly tropes.

Is OP a dishonest poster?

On one hand he acts like he has something meaningful to say, but then ends up retarded and a gayniggerfaggot.

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Say something mean about this girl
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She's a washboard.
meme girl diagnosed with chuunibyou
something something her name is stupid

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Why would they tease us like this? I would watch the shit out of movie like this.
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Especially if it has yuri.
It would cost a lot of money and not sell as well.
>cute girls doing badass things
Why the fuck wouldn't it sell well?

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This is your gothic lolita for tonight
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Sorry, I'm taken
Post more umbrellas.

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What does /a/ think of Vagabond?
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Should have continued Slam Dunk instead of drawing samurai farming.
It would great if it came out at a decent clip. But being so slow-paced in story on top of being so slow-paced in real life just kills it.
>Should have continued REAL instead of drawing samurai farming
fixed this for you

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