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I want Bert to get out of this alive.
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Please protect him, Levi.
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Thank you for everything, Moblit.

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Please do not support cheaters.
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Lee was the judge right?

How did he not notices a bunch a mini scrolls fall from Buruto's sleeve?

Shit job as a judge man.
Lee's a noob. Also gay

Yeah. They should have used some Uchiha with sharingan as a judge. Oh wait ....

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Is Nagi going to win the Hayatebowl?
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Are you retarded?

Maria will win.
For Nagi to win the Hayatebowl, he has to fall in love with her. By definition.

We're no closer to that than we were at the beginning of the manga.

If anything, this latest bout of misunderstandings is just setting Nagi up to be the negative-emotion-burster when she finally works out the truth.

A-tan is clearly going to win you fucks


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Are we finally seeing the end of Moeko?
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>"That looks pretty good. Now all your secret admirers won't be able to resist you."
>"Like I'd have any."
>"You have to think you do. That's the secret to being pretty."
>>secret admirers
>>>secret admirers
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OP just went full Baka.
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Who was the better girl?
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Me, if I was a girl.
kill yourself

Should I read the manga or watch the anime?
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Don't forget to play the Dreamcast title too
What is dreamcast title?

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Why elves are so disgusting?
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You made exactly the same thread on /v/. Are you actually interested in this topic or do you just want to shitpost, knowing that elves attract the worst kinds of posters?
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New chapter when?
Delete this filth.

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Anime was a great idea - Hayao Miyazaki.
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Re: Zero was underrated.
Round earthers are dumb.
Akame ga Kill is by far the most liked shounen here and FMA is (deservedly) considered the worst.

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why did they destroy all the naruto waifus? Temari and Ino were sex demons what the fuck happened?
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What's that thing in the middle
I could draw better
I don't understand why the artist of the Boruto spinoff hates breasts so much.

All the female cast of the previous series that are meant to be Milfs are flatties.

Hinata has always been a titty monster but now that shit is practically concave.

Was he raped by his busty aunt as a child or something?
Do it then.

What does /a/ think of reverse harem?

Is it true that males in reverse harems aren't betafags like harem MCs who'll just suddenly have nose bleeds then eventually pass out everytime a woman became sexually aggressive towards them?

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>"beta" harem mc has his pack of girls
>"alpha" males in reverse harem are struggling to get one girl
It's not behavior or demeanur that work in anime world.
It's pheromones and hormones, I tell you.
"beta" mc just have a lot of testo, don't be mistaken by their appearence.
One is male fantasy, the other is female fantasy. The MC in reverse harem is the 'beta' surrounded by male equivalents of the girls in harem.

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Why does /a/ hate Light but love Lelouch? Aren't they similar. Both believe the ends justify the means and both were ultimately making the world a better place. People say Light was an egomaniac and murdered innocents, but Lelouch was selfish for most of the series and got far, far more innocent people killed than Light died.

Isn't it hypocritical?
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*Light did
>/a/ is one person
I love them both.
>/a/ is a unique person

Light was an egomaniac to end, Lelouch could have ruled the world but chose to redirect all hatred towards him and sacrifice himself. I also think Lelouch is a bit smarter than Light.

Also, CG has mechas and more waifu material than DN.

I like both series and characters but I prefer Lelouch I guess.

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Do you still like it?
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Season 2 is great!
I feel sorry for you guys because you can't watch it yet.
I can't wait for more.

Volume 4 sucks if I remember well so hopefully they'll fastforward it to get to 5.
>he's still watching season 2
Season 4 was pretty good but the jokes are getting a little old.

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Please describe this tree.
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If you look carefully, you'll notice that it's actually not a tree but a Japanese schoolgirl.
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>mrw digits

>They see your dick
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