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>draw a girl
>say its a robot
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Thank you for reminding me of what hell will be like
What do you mean hell? That's just real life.
But we haven't been given perfection and had it torn away from us yet

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Can you help me understand what this is?
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Perfection in snail form.
Some kind of loli snail machine
a god

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Why are boys the best girls?
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Males are better than females at everything, including being female.
Alternatively they understand what makes themselves attractive more than actual females do
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>draw a girl
>call it a boy

people will fap to this

It probably has something to do with you being a colossal faggot.

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ITT: We make up light novel titles and next post comes up with the synopsis.
I'll start:
My Half-Dragon Roommate Keeps Setting Our Appartment On Fire, But She's Such A Good Cook I Can't Bring Myself To Move Out
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MC is a half dragon and along with the other half dragon are dual raid bosses guarding a dungeon in an MMO. MC is ice element, while she is fire element, and they must be fought together. They spend their days guarding the loot and thinking up new ways to cook and eat scrubs and PUGs.

Recipes included at the end of each volume.
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That Au Ra is pretty kawaii Anon

Best race
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In Which My Girlfriend Is Actually A God, But She's Also My Little Sister, Who Doubles As A Famed Serial Killer, And When She Found Out I Was Going To Report Her, She Sent Me To Another Dimension.

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Oh, My Sweet Alien! is over
happy ending for everyone
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Not for the author.
Oh fuck, I just learned about this.
The shota really got to me though.

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Why do you guys hate the 3rd season?
I thought it was good.
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I hate the series in General
I don't care if you liked it!
Me too.
I really like the Iyashikei aspect of the third season. But it's really understandable why the original fans hate it.

It was not bad, quite excellent I admit. But...different from what it the first 2 seasons built.

Will the Blame! movie be good?
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Depends on whether you like 3DCG moeshits.

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>draw a fairy
>call it an elf
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berserk came out in 1989, you have to wonder if miura had even read lord of the rings, he was probably pretty young. as well as what exactly japanese culture considered elves back then, before "worldwide culture" became a thing.

also if you search "elf" on google images you just get green faggot santa helpers.
>draw an imaginary creature
>call it an imagined term
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Wow what a great idea.
I guess this is an elf now.
You dumbfuck

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Post something cuter.
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here i am!
Your not cute!


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>What is your opinion on tight booty shorts?
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I want to BE that ass.
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Can't argue with the booty!

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No sadpanda thread? Let's change that.

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ExVisited HTTPS compatible version

I am not the original script writer.


If you have any problems with this, let us know
what is this?
the autist from the shillpanda channel made it

>There are people on /a/ RIGHT NOW who didn't watch cardcaptor sakura

I'm watching right now and I can't believe i waited this long for this perfection. What are YOU waiting for?

Seriously, this isn't just some old classic anime. go watch it.
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You should do yourself a favor and watch the superior CLAMP series.
no, ccs still stands the test of time. magical knight reyearth looks like a boring superpower action in today's standards.

(no offanse meant)
I felt CCS was more of an archetypical MotW than MKR was of any genre. It's not really a superpower action, because it's not about the characters' superpowers any more than CCS was.

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Why does /a/ pretend Re:Zero is good?
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It's shit.
Bad taste

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Was this bitch supposed to be likeable? Because she seemed like a real cunt.
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Sorry OP, but you have assburgers. Nao is the cutest heroine in years.
She was just a moralfag who felt that she knew better than everyone else
She needed to get the shit kicked out of her a few more times in this series.
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good girl in a bad show

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Lest we forget.
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I wanted to forget, but you faggots keep sucking me back in.
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Mio thread?
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