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GIve me one (1) reason to watch this shit
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It's one of the best works ever conceived.
You didn't try it yet
It marked the downfall of the mecha genre.

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They fucking did it, 10 years later and it still hurts like the very first time.
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subs where
I didn't really like the movies, but at least it did some of the scenes right.
No subs just learn japanese

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Why is she so perfect?
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Because boys make the best girls.
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Because flat is justice.

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ITT: Characters that can beat you up in a fight
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>And make you pay up

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Why does a nice butthole rarely get drawn in anime or manga? It happens rarely, even when a good opportunity arises. Sure I get that people are for the most part turned off by an asshole. But it's still part of the anatomy of a character. Is it too raunchy even in a series that would show bare breasts?

Sometimes you can see an anus get censored, even in doujin works. At what point does something like that need to happen? Or what would make an artist do so? It's not a dick or a vagina, so why do it? You can easily find examples of it being censored as well as not being censored.

Anus love needs to be shared.
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such a shame
The pussy is like right fucking next to it
You know where your goonch is? The lips reach there.
You can't show it.
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So ass thread?

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>this will trigger the Remfags
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who the hell play twister alone?
Still doing it better than Snake

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Ok I was pulling an all nighter and i thought to myself: "what would one do if someone's favorite jojo character was next to them" so what would you weebs do if ou favorite jojo character was next to you?
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Freak the fuck out. wtf is this muscular man doing in my room?
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Go kill everythining in 50 km radius.
Also I like Diavolo really much, with him I would just sit in akward silence
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I would pledge allegiance to the most fabulous villain and pose with him.

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Choose wisely
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I have never seen this show or manga being discussed here or the waifus being appreciated ;_;
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It's a shit manga that should have ended years ago.
The manga should have ended with the first ceremony. It's only saving grace now are cute girls.
What the other guys said.

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Precure Thread
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This one!
Yayoi is not fat!
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If the genders were reversed how would this series be considered?

Imagine a silver haired russian bishie constantly trying to rape a shy japanese girl while it's all played for comedy. And cumming on her cookies.

Would anyone be ok with that?
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They probably would. I mean Twilight is a thing.
People memed about SAO's near rape and Casca's rape.

It'll be fine.
Japan doesn't care about feminism so yeah they'd be ok with it baka gaijin
>the city of the west

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was ranma 1/2 good?
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It's a hilarious comedy manga with great characters.

Ranma and Akane are actually pretty unconventional leads. Ranma especially, being a sort of sly, sneaky, snarky jerk with a good heart, with Akane being far from the stereotypical "It's not like I did it for you b-b-baka" tsundere. Their back and forth never fails to make me smile.

The longer story arcs are all great and pretty creative. And the side characters all prove hilarious in their own way.

The biggest flaws are a less then conclusive ending and Takahashi sticking too close to the status quo, so it was always two steps forward and one step back.

Also, the girls are 11/10.
it's great to read in one go bit i imagine it was pretty boring if you read i along the releases considering it takes a lot of time for something to happnes

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ITT Overrated Shit
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>500th thread about overrated shows feat. Monster
Gurren Laggan, not so good.

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Seeing Guts cleave this edgy faglord in two with his greatsword is literally the only thing I want to see before I die. Is that too much to ask?
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What the fuck is your problem?
No. But, guts is going to give up his revenge once Casca latches back onto Griffith so he can live in peaceful anguish in the mountains.

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wew lad
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Missed an "e" there.
That's certainly a way to make an ass look weird and unsexy.

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