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So is Emila Sattella? In the beginning she said her name was it when it seemed he knew nothing about that world.
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No, I am Satella
Nay, I am Satella.
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Better question: how good handjobs would Satella give?

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"Lailah... what took you so long?"
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Oh so they are animating the beginning of the game? They are being cheap, using Zesty's anime for this.
No shit. The entire anime is an advertisement for Tales of Berseria. Once the game is out, they'll probably use the second cour of the anime to blend Zestiria and Berseria even more.
Spoilers for episodes 5 and 6 online.


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ITT: small things that makes you pick up a show

I'll start
>MC has a little sister
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Genki girls.
The way that the series makes the narrative interesting.
>MC not afraid of boobs

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Post your favorite opening, only one.
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We're going retro right here.


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let's get down to it, lads.
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How should imouto refer to her brother?
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big bro


anything but by first name
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You posted it.

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Who is your pick for girl of the year so far /a/?
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all year every year.
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I wouldn't say not to Hotaru.
Who would?

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What the fuck, Anno?

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He's a hack, we know.
Thanks for posting a broken link
Shin Godzilla was evangelion of Godzilla

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What is the best demographic genre and why is it seinen?
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Not sure but Madoka sucks.
seinen is not a genre

also seinen is a manga term so it wouldn't apply to anime originals
that is literally a wrong opinion

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Not so much Kingdom threads.
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/a/ has shit taste.
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It's amazing
Source is some guy on mangamint comments section.
This is the rough translation of 485, based on what has been made available on the internet.

Mouten's unit has come to relief the Hishin unit. Hishin unit has been ordered off the line to take a break and reorganise themselves. Shin, however, wants to stay on the front lines because he knows zhao will be back for these hills. Mouten says resting is very important and it is noted Mouten is more capable at building fortifications than ten anyways.

Mouten drinks with shin and they drink to Shin killing Keisha and to Shin killing some of kanki's men. The accomplishment and punishment cancels each other out. They have some small talk and the topics range from the following
1) when is shin going to get married since he is already 22 (hence his reaction)? Ten and kyoukai have funny looks.
2) Shin asks when mouten isnt married. Mouten replies that he has to keep up on his playboy image that is synonymous with kids from rich families.
3) on a more serious note, Mouten says that zhao isnt the only enemy and reminds shin of the other states and their movements.
4) Mouten says the hishin unit needs to get off the front line, recover and evolve. Ten hearing this is in deep thought and summarises the weakness of the hishin unit and the need to improve. Basically she feels: A)defence and offence is still not strong enough B) If the battle lasts long the hishin unit will be in a disadvantage 3) Kyoukai and the hishin unit needs to coordinate even more 4) Archers and long range weapons need replenishing.

On the side Bihei starts talking about his wife and her boobs etc etc.

- More to come -

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Is fantasy on the rise again? Why isn't /a/ reading the story of a retired knight captain and his witch-in-training loli?
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>retired knight captain and his witch-in-training loli
We already have Berserk.
because it's crap
Cutest witch.

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Name one OP worse than Code Geass OP 2.
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Death Note opening 2 reports in
Witchblade OP 2.

The first OP of bleach.

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How do I watch this without cringing?

Just finished episode 12 and, oh boy, was it uncomfortable. I had to take a break every 2-3 minutes because it was just too much.
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13 is worse.
14 is nuclear
15 is where shit goes down
16+ is the beginning of the end

Why does he act that way. I don't get it.

I really loved the episodes until now.

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We're getting a Vomic.
Tanjiro sounds a little too girly for me, but I'm still excited.
Do you think we'll get an anime next year or one of those OVAs?
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luffy is voiced by a girl
naruto is voiced by a girl
goku is voiced by a girl
gon is voiced by a girl
kenshin is voiced by a girl
yoh is voiced by a girl
nagisa is voiced by a girl
yuma kuga is voiced by a girl

shonen jump battle manga mc is almost always voiced by a girl
Murciélago got a Vomic too.

I just forgot where.
Nagisa makes sense though

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