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Post, rant, debate, and vent about bad anime here.
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you're favorite anime
take it back
i don't talk about things i dislike

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Why does everyone like brown girls so much?
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because dark tones help evidencing reflecting angles giving better the idea of tridimenaional shapes which represent a pretty important part for the brain to determine if it's hot or not.

also it contrasts nicely with cum.
Why do females go to the beach and get tans?
To look uglier?
/a/ is full of spics, if this thread survives wait for the myriad thinking it's ok to speak their disgusting language through spoiler tags and sharing their epic memes in their image filenames.

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Season 2 never.
But hey, look this cute family.
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It sold a shit ton, there'll be a season 2. Sadly with more Fujomatsu
Is this image implying something?
Holy shit, the little bros are cute as fuck.
Plus, mami and daddy 10/10.

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I'm about to watch Lain for the first time, what am I in for?
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Some good shit.
>what am I in for?
a boring piece of shit anime

I honestly could not get through it

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Post your best of absolute territory and I will judge it. Be sure to not acknowledge anything as Grade S!
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Here's to get it started, with another great A-Grade Zettai Ryouiki.
What the fuck is with S ranks in general? Why do they need to lolgradeinflation everything past A rank? Why is "S" the chosen letter?
S = 100
A = 90-99
B = 80-89

i agree tho, things like SSS, S+ and other S-tier classifications are autistic

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Am I missing something on the healing anime department this season?
I'm watchimg relife, new game, aria v2 and fluffy loli already
My life is pure sadness and despair I need this
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That loli is looking at me funny. I've read enough Satsuki Itsuka doujins to be nervous.
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>muh healing

>Anime will never be real

how do you cope with this
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By watching anime.
It is real? Have you ever seen a fake anime?

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Boy I sure do love it when my sword sound like it's hitting a fucking garbage can all the time
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what sound is GO supposed to be?
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>imgur image

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ITT: Good animes that only you saw
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I remember this.

Poor guy
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I remember watching this as a child

God, I don't remember the art being this bad. Did the clown messed up with my childhood memories or something?
it was like Slam Dunk without basket ball.

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Let us celebrate the Japanese mastery of poetic storytelling.
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>Lori Thread.
>Posting what I have so far.
>Bonus points for gifs.
>Other Idols are welcome.

Starting a new folder
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Help! I'm obsessed with Emilia.
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I wouldn't blame you
Kill yourself, it's the only way.
Watch episode 18 it should help you

This is your stalker for tonight.
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best girl
Kiri is better

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I just finished watching Shinsekai Yori and would like to hear what /a/ thought about it.

Personally, I didn't really care for the "big twist" at the end about the ratpeople having human DNA or whatever. They should have erased the whole race nonetheless.

Also, how could any society be so stupid as to deprive itself of any defense mechanisms against other humans on a genetic level (death feedback)? They should at least have had some emergency plans in order to deal with fiends or other humans in general. Even with things being as they were, why did nobody sacrifice themselves and just kill the fiend, knowing that they would die too due to the death feedback but at least saving the rest (in a "jumping on the grenade" sense)?
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a lot of centuries without war turned them into faggots like OP
Squealer's cause was right but he was a mad tyrant not fit to stand up for a righteous cause. Kami-samas had every bit of payback coming to them. Basically nobody had the moral higher ground. Also, Squealer's punishment was undeserved.
Okay, so you clearly weren't paying enough attention. The queerats didn't just have human DNA in them, they were the remnants of the non-psychic humans that were twisted and experimented upon by the new humans.

Also, the tainted cats were explicitly created to use to kill other humans. That was their defense mechanism.



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Leaked still from Quiet Life
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jojo in the subject field baka

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