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Kunimifags, 2m-kunfags, this one's for you guys.
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So japan made a Möwe jet can fly.
What's next?
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Not anime.
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Why doesn't /a/ like Handa?
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Prequels always ruin it.
but Handa-kun is great

the biggest mistake they made was making the first half of the first episode about those other faggots instead of about Handa-kun.
I agree, but /a/ hates Handa.

she's autistic right?
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She had too much fun. I always warned people about having fun.
It never dawned on me until now how much I fucking hate Yui's design. Jesus fucking christ that is ugly.

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How lewd are half elves?
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not enough
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remfags can fuck right off and jump off a cliff

emilia is the only one for me
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about 1/2 lewd, I think

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Can you do it?
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Why is Yuno so angry?

So is this the most NTR-packed manga currently running?
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Did she get fucked by the vampires though?

It looks like she just became the leader of the bad guys
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So MCs childhood friend is race traitor taking vampire fangs daily and his partner still wants his dad? This guy can't catch a break.
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She got fucked by them in the first arc pay attention.

Was Granblue anime cancelled or something?

There's been silence for months now.
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Production hell, maybe. Not sure with what tone they're going for. Or A-1 just isn't satisfied with the quality and begged for a re-do.

Just having a giggle with that last one.

I'm pretty sure they are going with their own studio instead of A-1.
They just have to add a code for a ssr girl and it will sell like hot cakes

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Is Berzerk the most normalfag manga of them all?
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No Dragon Ball
One piece, Hunter x hunter, Bleach, Alll shonen jump manga + Fairy tail etc

Here is a better question: Is OP the greatest Retard you have met so far?
It's like Naruto doesn't even exist.

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how old is this guy again?
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how many months passed in this series anyway?
he cant be young forever

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Im currently watching it and its GOAT.
Did you watch it? Your opinion about it? Is it popular?
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It was mediocre.
Its my favourite atm
Lurk more and it'll answer your question

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Please say something nice about Sakura Chiyo /a/
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I wanna rub my dick on her bows
She is too good for Nozaki, he's an asshole for not accepting her feelings.
I love her!

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Aikatsu, Love Live, Show by Rock, BanG_Dream

Are CGI Animated Music Videos the future of anime?
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The only reason they use CGI is because it looks better than rotoscoping and is far cheaper than high frame rate animation.

It will be like that until they find a better way to capture dancing.
>CGI Animated Music Videos the future of anime
I don't want to live in that dark future.
I prefer low frame rate dancing
Cgi dancing is just damn lazy

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Intial D is a good anime.
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You mean a DAMN good anime?
project D is shit though
I agree here.

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Reminder that one of attractions of new game is "kawai fusion" between mother and daughter.
Even latest trailer confirmed that:
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>fusion between mother and daughter

I know exactly why I have this boner.
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>Even in fusion focused game
>Still no best girl.
You had one job.
This little doujin is probably everything that we will ever get:

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