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ITT: only winners allowed
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>marrying a gook
The world certainly lost.

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>"the people of Camelot could never accept a woman as their king, thus I must disguise myself as a (very petite and feminine) man"
>"oh, Gareth-chan, you want to be a Knight of the Round Table just like Gawain? Go right on ahead, Uncle Arthur is rooting for you!"
Why does Saber have such retarded logic?
A girl knight is fine but not a girl king of knights?
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It's okay to have a girl knight so long as there's a man in command making sure she doesn't fuck everything up.

They lost at camlann because of a little girl being in charge
If Saber wasn't such a fucking pig she wouldn't have to cannibalize an entire village for food every time there's a war

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>気持ち悪い/kimochi warui
>Means "I feel sickened/disgusted/uncomfortable"
>Anno told the voice actress to deliver this line as if she was feeling morning sickness

What did she mean by this?
Did she somehow get pregnant? Or does she now Shinji nutted to her? Or is she taken back by the fact that she's finding herself connecting to Shinji on a deeper level due to instrumentality?
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>Or does she now
Or does she know*
She's pregnant with Kaji's child
So am I

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Just watched the three Berserk movies. I've also watched the six episodes released in this year's series.

Seems to me like there's a big gap between the ending of the third movie and the beginning of episode one. Am I missing something?

I thought they were doing the full story properly this time, was that incorrect?
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Everything is completely reliant on and supplemental to the manga.
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stay on my tentacles.jpg
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I'm sorry to hear that. What manga chapters should I download to get the story between the movie and the series? Can you help me out?
Start by reading chapters 1-345

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za crasha
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Why don't anime studios just lure weebs off the street with merch to voice English-speaking characters?

For every Japanese VA that can speak passable English there are 10 more that sound like they're choking on their own tongues.
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>japan hiring gaijin
Yeah, sure.
Yeah dude, while they're at it they should stop using expensive Japanese VAs and just hire random otaku to speak into a microphone.

Wow, why am I so smart.
Because it doesn't matter how the English sounds?

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What went wrong?

What should have been done?
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I thought it was OK, maybe 1 cour would've been best.
They should've just used the money to port the second and third games to PC
Only one tank go in the operation and unorganized squadron.

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so uhh, when does this show git gud?
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Who told you it got good?

Didn't you just answer your own question, then?

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First 4 min streamed. AND IT'S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

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Niggah kinda looks like Harry Potter
Wit better not manage to screw this one up too.
based WIT never screws up anything unless you are a contrarian fedora tipper trying to be relevant

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Rem is the obvious choice
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For rape and torture maybe
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Rem is superior girl
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You have 6 seconds to name a slice of life show without cherry blossoms.
Hardmode: No cicadas.
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I don't think ARIA had them?
Where is this show supposed to be set anyway?

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What's the worst arc you've ever seen in animu & mango? Pic related for me
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This shit was actually great though ? Especially Shark dude's motives for hating human filfth.
>Baby's first anime
No OP arc breaks even the top 100 of worst arcs of any anime of all time. FI isn't even the worst arc in OP. Lurk more, faggot.
he had no motivations. the whole point was that he was just evil, like doflamingo. speedreader detected

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
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Traps are a real man's fetish
it's not a trap if they have zero male traits at all
Traps are the thinking woman's fetish.

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Is Claymore good?
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I liked it. Although around halfway it gets really out of hand and changes gears. Still a fun ride though
Yes. Jumps sharks at one point but never becomes bad.

Begins to suffer from sameface when the cast expands during the final arc.
It starts very good. It received praises while it was ongoing and some even compared it to Berserk, up to the North Expedition (a shit-goes-down story arc which prompted a timeskip), after which it drags along forever with no plot or character development and then it abruptly ends with no answers. It's worth checking out but don't get emotionally invested.

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Hol up
Why this panty so smug?
I don't understand why randomly putting Alberto Barbossa's face in images make it funny.

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