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>The MC from the last anime you watched is replaced with Nagito Komaeda.

How much fucked up is the plot now?
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but he's already the main character
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>Fafner Exodus
Oh no.
Oh no this is exactly the kind of series where he shouldn't be.

Where he shouldn't be allowed access to one of the strongest robots on the planet. Where the entire plot is about HOPE.
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I think he'll fit right in.
And probably improve things.

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Dark Straggler.jpg
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What makes a character in anime edgy?

Also, edgy character thread:
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who knows
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I'll bite
*tip fedora*

>the face a slut makes when she gets BTFO

Never a slut. Always a pure pure.
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I'm not quiet sure what you're getting at?
>kisses a boy
>sees another boy and insta falls in love

S L U T. She was right about to be my waifu too. Glad I'm sticking with superior girl: HomuHomu

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Why did anime start looking like cartoons?

the new JOJO and dragon ball super look like faggot butthole because they don't have any good shading. The shitty shading just makes them look like dinky flash cartoons from adult swim and shit, it's awful.
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this pic is complaining about 2000's anime having less shading, but 2010s anime has even LESS. When I watch dragon ball super or JOJO it looks like flash cartoons from newgrounds its awful.
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Astro Boy.jpg
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It started in 1963.
astroboy is gay and overrated. i bet you watch that faggot show with all the twins too huh? If there are no titties, or robots, or guns, or swords, or cars, or titties, or blood, or dragons, or fighting, or dystopia, or titties, or cigarettes, or laser beams etc etc it's not anime.

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Can we agree that

Berserk 1997 > Berserk movies
FMA 2003 > FMA BH
HxH 1999 > HxH 2011
Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 > Yu-Gi-Oh! DM
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>FMA 2003 > FMA BH
>HxH 1999 > HxH 2011
The Yu-Gi-Oh manga was improved by the card game, which was improved by Duel Monsters. So no.
Yu-Gi-Oh! was shit from the start, I'm mainly talking about the mood

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Is there any SoL character that can defeat Chinatsu?
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She's a middle schooler, what do you think?
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Yuru Yuri Power Chart.png
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She's not even the strongest in her own series

Maihime demands you to venerate her /a/!
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gangbanged by the guys of all 3 cities when?

Hey Maihime your show fucking sucks.

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Back to Imouto and Petit tan.

Hopefully TS and edit anon show up today.
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Starting with some Imouto



"This idol's getting married"

"But see, it's a shotgun marriage"
It's gonna mess with her reputation
"Even if she gets married I'd like her to do it a little more systematically"

"But see"

"You also cum into idols haphazardly in your delusions, right?"
"Well if they're delusions, I can be as haphazard as I like"
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Comic 1
A woman's aphorism


"I broke my sandal"
I took such good care of it too

"Aki-san, anything that has form will break one day"

"As someone who has membranes, you too will be torn one day, Aki-san"
"I see you have zero intent to comfort me"

Comic 2
Siren and dog

"It's the ambulance siren"
Weewoo weewoo

"Oh yeah, when the siren rings"
"The dogs are gonna howl for a while like this...."

"I just... by reflex..."
"You still have time to go back to normal at this point!"
File: 妹は思春期_07_035.jpg (205KB, 820x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Comic 1
Unnecessary thing

"I'll give this to you"
"Is that okay? That's some expensive perfume"

"I tried buying it, but yeah it doesn't suit me"
"I don't need fashionable things like that"

"Like how idols don't go to the bathroom?"

"Yeah yeah"
"Kanami-chan, prepare the scat videos"
"I'll check if Onii-chan has some!!"

Comic 2
Pet and girlfriend

Golden Chinchilla + Tama = Kintama

Lick lick

"So don't say something like 'I like licking Kintama' at school or something like that"
"I got warned!?"

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What kind of hairstyle is this called?
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The Handlebars
Rape Handles
Cockroach antennae

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Why don't harem lead ever pic the obvious perfect mate choice? Also is the LN for Inou Bato still going?
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She didn't understand.
Hatoko best girl.

Tomoyo a SHIT.
This guy understand

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Who is the most powerfull jobber ?
and why it is Gilgamesh ?
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Because of plot. End of thread. Yes I kek. Please stop op asking. Here prof
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Could a jobber kick the shit out of a little girl?

Jobbers Cup when?!

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ITT edgy characters whose introduction ruined perfectly good manga/anime
Pic related
Also that weasel from Hateful Cat to some extent.
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I'll give it the benefit of a doubt still and some good things actually did come from his presence but he really wasn't needed
File: 3977480-femto.jpg (146KB, 677x674px)Image search: [Google]
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sounds pretty neat what manga is he from

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Who can defeat Madara?
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fuck off narutards
Which Madara are we talking about?
Please name your threads appropriately so that I can filter them.

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What are you looking at, anon?
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A monitor.

Your tits you dumb cunt.
best girl, who i would love tenderly for eternity

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Don't remind me, I'm still pissed about her relationship with Tomoya leading to him getting a brain injury and then dying in the surgery to treat it.

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