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ITT: Characters that deserved a better fate
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I don't know, he turned out to be right handy in the end.
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Why did Kubo forget about the original band?

At the end even fucking Ichigo was forgotten.
his fate was to die early on in Bleach, but he managed to live past his youth and become captain by becoming a vessel for part of the Soul King
I say he had it pretty damn good

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Are you ready for the new season in form of 8 ova?
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Pfft no.

The anime was top 5 garbage shows
Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
Bear please.

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Is the devil may cry anime worth watching?

Where does it take place in the timeline?
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After 3, before 1. It's shit though so don't bother
The thing about the DMC anime is that it's not for the "modern" DMC fanbase that only cares about totally epic combos and wacky one liners

It's very heavily based on DMC1 in tone when dante was more like a noir detective based very heavily on cobra instead of the ninja turtle with magic powers that itsuno turned him into

If you wanted to see totally awesome fight scenes like the cutscenes of dmc3/4 you'll be disappointed because most of the fight scenes are skipped over in some visually clever way.

For a fan of the series it offers an interesting perspective on dante's life is like when he's not fighting big world ending threats. I thought it was pretty good, and way way better then the bayonetta anime that was just constant shitty fight scenes.

for the love of god watch the dub

>kyoanusfags will defend this QUALITY

How do they live themselves, having to choke down such shit animation?
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How about the actual size of the eye?

>Sidemout is QUALITY
>Lol anus

>sidemouth not QUALITY

Did you just time travel from 1933?

Here's some plastic explosives to put under Hitler's car; now before you go back remember to eat your vegetables you can live long enough to kill Osama bin Laden and tell Miyu Matsuki's parents to get her vaccinated.

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Can we get another one of these going?

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Which countries will win if Tokyo Olympic make the Senshadou as the Athletics sports?
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America obviously.
There is that yearly tank a thon in russia, last I heard the chinese won it.
Yeah but they don't fight each other, they just shoot at targets and dodge some obstacles.

Say your worst about Saber. Why does she job so hard everytime?
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Her only real Jobbing losses are against Diarmuid (she was utterly retarded in that fight), her debate/emotional losses in Zero (cause Butcher cant write), and Hassan (really shouldve noticed that swirling black mass on the floor). The rest have some degree of reason and overall her win ratio is higher.
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Saber thread?
Saber thread
Shirou should have summoned Gawain instead of her. Would have been infinitely more enjoyable.

No gyoza party with Yagi and Shinobu. Ever.

Why even cook?
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I like that couple, is it canon?
They're siblings. They just don't know it yet.
>They're siblings
That makes it better.

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What does /a/ think of the Pokemon XYZ anime and the fact that Ash will actually win a fucking regional league (ignoring the Orange islands).
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At this point I don't know how I should feel
This is Guts getting off the boat level of 'It's finally happening'
I want Pikachu to steamroll Alain. I want Alain's super edgy tough mons to go toe-to-toe with Ash's Kalos mons and barely come out on top and then get utterly annihilated by Pikachu because they are so utterly outclassed. And I'm not even saying that because they'd go through the wringer with the Kalos mons, but because I want it to be apparent how utterly powerful Pikachu really is and how Ash turns it up to 20 during the League. I want there to be a cut-away to Paul and Tobias watching this on tv somewhere and nodding their heads and smirking because they know exactly how fucked Alain the Edgelord is for not just severely underestimating Pikachu, but for sheerly and utterly neglecting to account for it at all. I want Alain to shit his pants at how this fucking NFE electric rat with shitty type coverage is pantsing him on public television while he is forced, FORCED, to use his ace to KO this NFE rat and then, when Pikachu is finally done with its reign of terror towards Alain, I want Alain to breathe a sigh of relief.
And in that moment, I want Ash to turn his hat and send out Greninja and just anally devastate Alain.

I want this to be the Super Bowl 48 of the Pokemon Leagues where everyone expects a close match but Ash makes it not even close.

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Mine is best girl
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it's shit, mine is shit, akame is literally the only possible conceivably justifiable element of this shitpile
Trash anime, trash girl.
Shitty show.
>Mine is best girl
This is true.

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>tfw this scene will never be animated.
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Mayoiga was shit; I wouldn't want more of it to be animated.
>Everybody say it was shit, so I must say it too.
Fuck off to MAL or kill yorself

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How are these kind of girls called?
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who is the green hair ?
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Phos from Houseki No Kuni. Its not an anime (just manga) but it has an animated trailer.

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>A faceless, old, bald, nipple-less, fat man searching for love in a world of rape

When will SHAFT or KyoAni make this anime real?
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I'd even settle for DEEN or Madhouse one-season.
>He fights to protect women against his own kind
No, anon. He fights women to protect his own kind from them.

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I've been reading Kuzu no Honkai. Everyone is such a horrible person, so why do I still find Hanabi so cute?
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The only real horrible person there is bitch sensei. Too bad Mugi is too addicted to drop the bitch.
Because she is. And damn it, it should be a crime a cute girl like her and she can't get the D.
Because she is cute. Great mango though, one of my favorites. Too bad the anime won't do that well.

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This can't possibly be true.
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A bit of meat is nice, but that's about it.
Chubby girls aren't attractive.
Check the /fit/ out, they are all chubby chasers.
She's right, I prefer her type.

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